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Suggestions on what manga to read next?

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Greetings everyone:byebye:

As the title says, im looking for a new manga to read and would like some suggestions from the Kametsu community :D

I have only read + finished these two Manga's so far:

Love Hina

Ichigo 100%

I really liked Love Hina, but Ichigo on the other hand I had to quit at 80 or so chapters in because it felt like it was repeating, but once i started reading again I started to like it again and eventually finished it.

As you may be able to tell im into Comedy, Romance, School-life, ecchi and Fantasy

:haha: Oh yeah I heard I's is pretty good, but it apparently has a pretty bad ending (and i don't like those types of endings because I tend to get more emotionally drawn to the characters than others) so can anyone clarify this? should I still read it?

I have started to read Sekirei (just finished the first volume) but want something to read while im also reading this so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.:dhh:

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Mahou sensei negima was one that I really enjoyed. It's still ongoing, but seems to be coming to an end.

It's about a 10 year old magic student who's sent on assignment to teach a load of high school girls- hense the ecchi- but it goes slightly action as well. AND is done by the same author as love hina.

I quite enjoyed the Love Hina anime although I've never read the manga.

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girls saurus, to love ru, sekirei, freezing , umisho, Goshuushousama Ninomiya kun, Hayate x Blade, oretama is a riot :) all can be found on most online manga readering sites

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