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how do you choose a good anime?

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I get suggestions from my friends and most of them i loved that they told me about. Other times if im not sure about a anime i would watch the first episode of the anime and see how i like and i usually look for anime with genres that i like if they have 3-4 of them i end up loving the anime

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#1 Genre. What genre do you like? there are many genre out there, you could easily pick

#2 You have to look at the drawings. Is it good? did it catch your attention in the 1st place?

#3 Try to take a look at the most seen anime. Probably you'll end up liking it too

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What I tend to do is read a short description, look at the art style, see who the director and the animation company(ies) are, see if there is a review of it by JesuOtaku (since we tend to have the same preferences) and after all of that, watch it on Youtube or another anime site before buying.

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When I choose a good anime, there are several factors I look into: genre, artwork, and setting.

I use the genre to see if the anime will fit my interests. That isn't to say that I won't like an anime if it doesn't fit certain genres, however I do tend to find that my favorite animes often fall into certain genres. I tend to prefer animes that have a lot of action and adventure, but do not skimp on character developments and relationships. This is probably one of the reasons why I love FMA Brotherhood and Rurouni Kenshin so much. I also tend to enjoy comedy, but only in the proper situations. I also enjoy shoujo, but to a lesser extent if the action adventure element is missing. Ouran High School Host Club is an acception to this rule, because it falls more into the genre of shoujo making fun of itself. As an individual, I tend to like anime with a good balance of romance, characterization, and action.

The artwork is probably the least important part for me, however, I do find that it is more important for certain kinds of animes than others. For example, in an action packed anime like Samurai Champloo where sword-fighting is a key part of the plot, the artwork is critical. But for a shoujo anime based on high school life, I find the artwork to be less important. That said, I am less likely to enjoy an anime if the artwork is poor, and I find that most animes that are good also have good artwork. However, one must also take into account the era of the anime when judging the artwork, as one cannot expect an anime from the 1980s or 1990s to have the same flawless artwork of an anime released in the last five years simply because the technology to produce anime of that quality either did not exist or was extremely hard to come by.

Finally, the setting plays a huge role in my choice of an anime. Again, this is not completely black and white. For the most part I tend to stay away from high school romance animes (save things like Ouran and certain others) because I find them to be too superficial for me and to not have enough interest. If the only thing the anime is based on is the love between two shy and unexperienced high school students, I usually get bored. I am 23 and have already gone through high school. If it's a manga, this is totally different, but as far as anime go, this is usually a standard. This standard, however, definitely excludes animes like Escaflowne or Blood+ where the characters are in high school, but it does not revolve solely around their high school experiences. From the opposite perspective, I find that if an anime is in some sort of historical setting, I usually like it.

There are always other factors that come into play when I choose an anime. If one of my favorite music groups like Kalafina sang an opening or an ending for the anime, I am more likely to try it out just because I watched the opening or ending and had my curiousity peeked.

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Art and characterization for me. The plot can be a drag as long as the visuals are appealing and the characters and lovable. Some people also have preferred genres.

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Step 1: see what's available.

I first go for the ones with familiar-sounding names, then for the ones with names that sound like they belong to a genre I like.

From there I read a short description and look at its poster (judging an anime by its cover)

I check its availability and source, its filesize (if applicable), its language (only dubs will do). The type of download also matters. Torrents are usually slow and often seedless. Streams usually have aweful quality. Hosted files usually have broken links. Buying the DVD is usualy the best option.

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first look for the genre you like, then read the description. just because it fits the style you like doesn't mean it flows the way you want.

for example, i found an anime that had a genre right up my alley and then boom! i saw some pretty wierd things that scared me:beat_plaster: and once i read what it was about i got a little grossed out.

so, before you see something you really shouldnt look at on anime, you should do your research or youll regret it big time(or get scarred for life:too_sad:)

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For me I choose by:

1.) Story - The plot has to be interesting.

2.) Animation - It has to be satisfactory to my liking or I won't give it the attention it deserves unless it's plot or my friend keep nagging me on its epicness.

That's pretty much it since I am flexible genre wise although my favourites would have to be Psychological, Action, Comedy, Romance-Comedy (Eg. Hayate the Combat Butler, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama), Romance-Action (Samurai X). Mixes of any of these are usually the best since they are usually the key elements in the majority of anime, if not all.

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Most better animes are by popularity u should chose the must popular one 2 watch, at least that is my option.

But the best animes comes with the best stories...

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genre, then art, then plot, and then recommendations. though sometimes recommendations come first. i like sites that say "if you liked THIS anime then watch THIS one" etc.

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