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Suggest Me a Anime for my Taste

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Help me Guys i want to watch a anime please Suggest Me a good one for my Taste

first i'll tell you what I've watched

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden :i'm still watching it and i like this anime very much and it's number one in my list

Bleach:i like this to it's kinda like Naruto

Death Note:it's good but i didn't like it after L died

Inuyasha: It's Good But not very interesting

still Watching is

Code Geass ,Yugioh ,One Piece,

so guys i like anime Where the Character gets anger and turn into beast Like in Naruto

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If you don't mind dated series than Hunter X Hunter might be your taste, not the 2011 version thats currently airing mind, the 1999 version is in my opinion much better. The main protagonist Gon is a fairly headstrong character that has his quirks and peculiarities, but is faithful to what he believes is right and connect with people easily.

Although not as old, D. Gray Man is also really good, the series features many people called Exorcists that make use of a substance called innocence as their weapon to combat Akuma. The weapons people use vary a lot from mutating arm/claw to katanas, time control and a bunch of other weapons and abilities.

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Gurren Lagann is sci-fi, but means serious power up. Soul Eater would also be a good one, fantasy reaper thing. And Claymore is another where people power up, story isnt the best but good fight scenes

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the stuff you listed is kinda heavy with drama and some small amount of comedy, cept OP which is like all action.

if you look around here there are some gungrave and devil may cry that could fit your taste, or maybe darker then black... if it interests you watch some .//HACK or some Gundam series.

or Fairy Tail subs.

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Thank you very Much guys

OK then I'll watch Hunter X,Soul Eater,Gurren Lagann,devil may cry, darker then black, //HACK and full metal alchemist brotherhood All the Animes you guys Suggested sounds great i'll try them all

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      I remember watching this anime but I cant remember its title nor find it in my lists

      Here some details that I remember:

      - it was supernatural theme with demons and monsters that were born from the contracts  

      - at some point main character got invited out to a forest or a school camp(maybe) in the forest.

      - one of girlfriends of the main character was demon while ?other(s)? were human

      - main character with ?friends? met with student president(who was a demon) in the forest at night to fight a monster and a monster was school presidents 'child' born from the contract (I think that president was on the bike)

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      Its been bugging me as hell two days in the row! I can remember that scene and thats all, so frustrating........

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      p.s. its my memories, so if I didn't remember it properly do correct me.

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