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This Week's Wallpaper

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I have a habit of goofing off, and so I made a new iPad wallpaper this week. Everything in here was made over 2 hours. As you can see, it has quite a variety of effects and clipping masks. The background lighting is original(not like my previous wallpaper). It seems blurry but the process to make it was like this. Got a line of abstract flowers. Duplicated(Thrice) and then Filter>Pixelate>Mosaic, then Smart Sharpen(all the way) and distribute it all over the background. Filter>Blur>Motion Blur, then I clip masked a gradient map over it. The lines were gray so there's some left in there.

For the design itself, I went with a Treble Clef, and I added a clipping mask with a grunge bokeh texture and modified the color. I also added abstract flowers as clipping masks and several splatters are there as well. Oh, several lines are added as a touch of.....color?. Samsung reference much?

Like my previous wallpaper, this is pretty big so I'll put it in a spoiler tag and resize it and what not(again?).


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