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Any anime suggestions?

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I recently started getting into anime and have no idea what is good and what isn't. I've watched some and out of them my favorites were: Bleach, FMA & Brotherhood, Samurai Champloo, and Naruto (although I found some of the episodes a bit on the boring side). I just recently started Soul Eater which so far is pretty good, even though im only like 8 episodes in. I was just looking for some other animes that I could really get into.

btw, I do like Black Star so far but I wish they could do a little better of a job hiding the fact that he is voiced by a women. I mean come on his voice is so high its ridiculous, honestly I think it's higher then Tsubaki's! At least with Bart Simpson you can't really tell.

Thanks for any help.

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I agree about Black Star's English voice. Before it was dubbed by FUNimation... the majority of people who originally watched it subtitled, including myself, foresaw him with a voice similar to Naruto's... and was extremely disgusted at what we ended up with. Anyhow, we can only hope they'll eventually remake Soul Eater like they did with FMA when they made Brotherhood... so we'll get a better ending than that terribly pathetic filler ending the current series has.


Eureka Seven

Black Lagoon

Death Note

Hunter x Hunter


Darker than Black


Gurren Lagann

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