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Kametsu Island [Mae and Shazi Collab]

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A collab between Myself and Mae. short little snippets of life on an island called Kametsu.


There was an island, with a population of 16,520. This island was called Kametsu and many of the people that lived there were sort of strange.

There was a man named Koby, the mayor, who was often referred to affectionately by his townsfolk and “God.” The judge Renzourin, held much of the power over the people, was fair to everyone who came through his court.

The chiefs of police: Mae, Shazi and Raz, kept people in order with the help of their police force.

Shazi was on patrol down Main street when she spied a man limping away from his car. Being one of the police force it was her duty to investigate.

“Hello, are you alright?” She asked the man.

“Kro is fine, but his car isn’t,” The man responded. Puzzled by Kro referring to himself in the third person she glanced at the car. It indeed, did not look alright

“Stay here and try not to hurt yourself more,” Shazi told him. She went to investigate the car.

“Kro thinks that you should stay away from that” Kro called behind him, just as the car become alight on fire.

“Oh dear” Shazi said, and quickly pulled out her phone to call the fire brigade.

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The fire brigade responded quickly, as expected of them in the small island population, they had the fire out and everything under control before it could become a major problem. The man known as Kro was taken to the hospital and put under guard, Poe and Pollo were assigned to watch over his checkup as Shazi searched the site of the accident.

"There are no tire marks on the ground here..." She mumbled to herself bending down closer to the ground "Not even faint ones."

"Careful" Came a male voice from behind her "Someone like me might take that as an invitation"

"Dart!" Shazi jumped up "Don't do that, you scared the hell out of me!"

Dart said nothing but as he walked away Shazi could hear a soft chuckle.

"You really should not get so distracted sis," Talena smiled as Shazi spun nearly losing her ballance "Cause someone like me can come up behind you and do what I just did."

"Mae! That was evil." Shazi held a hand to her heart between her breasts. "Has God been told?"

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“Not yet,” Talena said with a smile. “Shall I, or do you wish to?” she asked.

“I’ll do it,” Shazi said quickly, for everyone knew that God must be told of things. And best they be told by the one who saw it first.

She took her leave from the site and headed to the mayor’s office. Koga was sitting quietly at the desk, getting on with secretary things.

“Oh hello Shazi,” He said plesently “off to see God?” he asked.

“I am” Shazi said. “I have something he needs to be told of” she smiled.

“He’s not busy, go right on through” Koga waved her in. Shazi nodded and marched her way up to the office that had a plaque on it which said “KOBY” in big bold letters

Carefully she knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a voice rang out to her in reply.

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Even sitting at his desk Koby was an imposing fugure, his broad shoulders fit perfectly in his tailored suit. Koby had dark red hair that the sun highlighted though the open window, his face was rounded and his eyes would light up when he was happy.

Shazi bowed low to him and keeping her eyes to the ground spoke, "Sir I-"

"There was a car accident, the man named 'Kro' is currently under guard in hospital, you and Talena are investigating the incident and thought you should report to me." Koby cut her off

Shazi raised her eyes to his "You know? how could you..." Koby gave her 'the look' causing Shazi to bite off the words. Soundlessly he pointed over her shoulder a sly smile on his face. Shazi turned to look, and mounted above the door was a flat screen LCD television showing views of the wrecked car, herself and shots of Talena taking photos. "Oh, that's how."

"Keep me informed." Koby stated turning back to his paperwork.

"No wonder people call you God" She mumbled on the way out.

"What was that?" Koby called

"Nothing sir!" Shazi said quickly making her exit.

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“Sooooo. How did it go?” Talena asked when Shazi arrived at the station for her break.

“He knew” Shazi replied simply.

“He always knows” Talena agreed “and Kro?”

“I haven’t been to check on him yet.” Shazi said, staring out the window of the police office.

“After work then, when you go back home to Dart” Talena teased and poked Shazi’s belly. Which caused Shazi to giggle.

“Yes Mae” she composed herself. “back home to Dart,” she grinned. “back to work I guess, we got a whole other half of the day to go.” she stood up and waited for Talena to follow her back to the streets.

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***** Later that night; Mae's House******

"Honey, I'm home!" Talena called out.

"Who are you calling 'honey'?" yelled a voice from the kitchen "You know I am just helping you out because I feel sorry for you!"

"Aww Eve don't be like that, you know I love you!" Talena hung up her coat and wondered into the kitchen only to be rapped over the head with a soup spoon. "Ow, what the frick was that for?"

"Out of my kitchen!" Eve yelled her blue wig hiding a stock of brown hair. "Out out out!"

"Geez, you don't-" Talena Quickly rushed out of the room laughing as Eve went to hit her again but missed. "Ok ok! I will set the table calm down sis!"

"Bitch" Eve grumbled

"Love you too sis!"

"fuck off." Eve said coming out of the kitchen with two bowls of soup and a huge smile. "What would you do if I were not here?"

"Die of hunger..." Talena smiled back

"Yeah yeah." Eve placed the bowl before Talena "Eat before it gets cold. How was work?"

"Someone called Kro had an accident, Shazi said she will look in on him in the morning." Talena swallowed a spoon full of the soup smiling again. "As the shift drew to a close Dart decided to streak down Kametsu Drive, I had never seen Shazi move so fast. I'm sure he will be sorry later tonight."

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“Oh I can see the look on her face now” Eve started laughed and pulled a face,

“Nah, it was more like this.” Talena responded with her own silly face and they both started giggling uncontrollably.

“you said the guys name was Kro right?” Eve asked.

“Yeah, he reffered to himself in the third person. Poe and Pollo were watching him, though I think their shift has ended now. Irish is probably watching him if he needs it” Mae replied “Why?”

“I know that guy,” Eve mumbled, “and I’m not surprised he was in an accident.”

“No?” Mae was curious

“Lets just say, Kro and vehicles are a bad mix,” Eve shrugged.

**elsewhere, the hospital or something like that***

“POE” Kro yelled from his room

“WHAT?” Poe yelled back,

“Nothing,” Kro cackled, Poe growled to herself.

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"Poe?" He yelled again.

"WHAT?" She called back.

"Just checking." Came his reply, Poe gripped her baton tighly making to pull it out but Apollo gripped her wrist

"I know it is annoying, but but try to ignore him-"

"Pollo!" Kro called

"He is doing it to get attention-"

"POLLO!" Kro called again

"So if we ignore him he will-"


"Shut up and go to sleep!" Apollo said a little louder then he intended.

"POE, POLLO, POE, POLLO, POE, POLLO!" Krog chanted.

"Hey you! What's your name?" Poe asked a passing doctor as Kro continued to chant their names.

"I'm Rune, what's the trouble?"

"Can you do something about him?" Poe asked poking her thumb towards the door. Rune tilted his head a smile on his face as he listened to the continuing chants of "Poe" and "Pollo"

"Sure." Rune unlocked the door and walked into the room. After some banging and crashing, Rune walked out rubbing his knuckles. "All done, I doubt you will hear from him again before morning."

"Thanks!" Poe beamed at him.

"Anything for a pretty lady." Rune bowed to Poe before winking and walking off down the hall whisteling to himself.

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Rune wondered into his patients room, apparently there had been an epidemic of food poisoning from Oby’s soup kitchen. The third one this week.

“Hello there Fumi, how are you feeling now?” he asked with a cheeky grin.

“much better thank you doctor, but um.... why do I have a room to myself?” she asked softly

“because my dear, nothing but the best for my patients” he winked, “I’ll be back to check on you later” he left Fumi’s room and wondered into Mute’s

“Mutey, how are we?” Rune asked

“She’s fine,” Mal replied for her “Can we go home now?” she asked

“Let me see,” he went over Mute’s chart “everything seems to be in order, just let me go and get the release forms” He smiled and took his leave.

“You better hurry, I want to get a good meal into her!” Mal called behind him.

Rune whistled his merry tune and nodded to Empathy as she walked past him. He quickly glanced behind him to get a look at her behind before continuing to the office.

“Man I love nurses” he said under his breath.

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****Oby's Kitchen that same time*****

"I said hurry up and make that damn soup!" Oby towered over the chefs soup ladle in hand ready to hit anyone who was falling behind. "You! Yes you, Randy wasn't it? Make sure you don't put anything in there that is not on my list!"

"Yes ma'am" Randy replied, however as soon as Oby's back was turned he added something extra to the soup he was looking after.


"Look Poe, our replacements are here." Pollo pointed down the hall, Poe saw Irish walking towards them a limp in his step. "What happened?"

*****Hospital, Rune******

"Come on Rinoa, no one will come in..." Rune said touching her face lightly. "Let's play 'doctor'."

"Rune, I don't know about this..." Rinoa stated "Maybe later..."

"I will take you at your word." Rune quickly grabbed her face giving her a kiss before walking out of the supply closet winking at another nurse as he continued into another room.

****Shazi's Apartment******

"Oh god! I said sorry!" Screamed Dart as Shazi bought the whip down again. His wrists were tied to the headboard so he was unable to move. "I was just playing around!"

"I....don't....care!" Shazi panted and unable to continue she sat down next to Dart seeing his smile she felt her lips twitch in responce. "What?"

"You are cute when you are jealous..."

****Mae's House****

"Alright, I'm off sis." Eve called opening the door.

"Thanks alot Eve." Talena hugged her.

"I know you love and miss him, but it will work out in the end..." Eve gave her a quick hug back and with one last wave left.

Talena closed the door and with a sigh started her normal evening routine...

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“Lets just say some people on this island are nuts” Irish replied

“You can still take over guarding this guy right?” Poe asked anxiously.

“Yeah, why so eager to go Poe? Got a date with someone?” Irish teased.

“POE!” Kro yelled from the room.

“Far from it,” Poe growled, gripping her baton so tightly her knuckles were white.

“POE!” Kro yelled louder

“You gonna answer him?” Irish asked.

“Nope,” Poe said simply and left Irish to watch Kro, Pollo tagging along behind her.


“She’s not here” Irish replied

“Pollo?” Kro asked

“Nope, just Irish” Irish replied

“oh...” Kro said sadly “IRISH!” he irked up

“What?” Irish asked

“Nothing” Kro cackled and Irish immediately regretted telling Kro his name.

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