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Naruto Live-Action Film

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This is actually a decent Naruto Live-Aciton Film in my opinion {9001 times better then DragonBall: Evolution}...

My only complaint is that Naruto's character is too old and looks to white...


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Oh men this is on a whole other level of awesomeness, when I started it I though it was going to be shit but as I continued it got more awesomer by the second and I liked it in the end. The only problems were they looked a bit too old. When does the next one come out cause this was just too epic.

The music played right along with the action sure it's not one of those big budget movies but it's certainly better than the DBZ and Last Air Bender movie.

*edit, is this from the movie it's self or what? cause if it is this will be worth betraying my code of conduct and to watch it in subbed.

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