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Windows 7

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Seems Microsoft is already "canning" Vista and working on a better, improved Operating System known as "Windows 7".

The beta version of Windows 7, Microsoft’s next-generation PC operating system, can be downloaded today by MSDN, TechBeta and TechNet customers. Consumers who want to test-drive the beta will be able to download it beginning Jan. 9 at http://www.microsoft.com/windows7.

Windows 7 Consumer Features Showcased

Microsoft demonstrated new features and key improvement in Windows 7 based on listening to the needs of customers. Windows 7 is designed to do the following:

Work the way consumers want.
With Windows 7, Microsoft paid special attention to performance, reliability, security, compatibility and battery life. The company is on track to deliver a great experience that will allow customers to spend more time doing the things they want to do, without the operating system getting in the way.

Make everyday tasks faster and easier.
The more streamlined and intuitive design of Windows 7 is intended to simplify the things people do every day on their PCs. Desktop improvements make using the PC easier and provide immediate access to the applications and files people use most often through features such as Jumplists, Previews and the new Taskbar. The new Home Group feature makes it easier for consumers to connect multiple home PCs together to share printers and access files, music, photos and videos. Device Stage makes connecting and working with devices easier than ever with a single interface to manage devices and run common tasks. New multitouch technology in Windows 7 will enable people with touch-screen monitors to use multiple fingers to interact with their PC screens in a more intuitive way.

Offer a better entertainment experience.
Consumers today have access to more digital media and are increasingly using the PC as the hub of their electronic experiences. The “Play-to” feature in Windows 7 allows easier streaming of music, video and photos to devices in a home network. Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center in Windows 7 have built-in support for more media formats so people can use their PC to play more media content and sync it to a broader range of devices. As an alternative to monthly digital video recording (DVR) fees, Windows Media Center, available in some editions of Windows 7, with a TV tuner and improved user interface, makes recording TV free and easy.

Some comments from friends who have tried the Beta of Windows 7:

It is Vista based with some new features. The sidebar gadgets can now be placed wherever you want them. A new thicker taskbar that bunches same program pages on top of each other. You can choose to not do this in the properties. It has a cool new log on and now wordpad and paint have the ribbon menu. Windows explorer is a bit different. So far I don't care for that. Also the control panel is opened up to include all kinds of utilities plus the regular control panel items.

i hear this is light, faster in basically everything, and less resource hungry, when put through 3rd party testing.

Really 7 is what vista shouldve been all along.

So has anyone tried the Beta? What do you think of Windows 7?

Personally I'm not going to try it, but if it's better than Vista, I'll eventually upgrade. Till then I'm sticking with my good old Windows XP. ^_^

Anyone know how they will do the upgrade? Will people with Vista get a free upgrade since it was such crap, or will everyone have to pay like $200 for the disc to upgrade?

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You'll probably have to pay to upgrade to Windows 7 (obviously). MSoft is a coporation at first. No way they're gonna lose 70% of sales because of giving free upgrades to Vista people.

Regarding Windows 7, it was built ground up unlike Vista which was literally an upgrade from XP. IE; it has a totally new kernel, and hence is faster than what vista is whilst looks almost the same. Windows 7 is going to be one of the better products MS has released in a long time.

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ive taken a look at the open beta and it looks pretty nice. my friend is currently running it on his laptop and so far from what ive seen/heard its pretty nice. they got rid of a lot of compatibility issues (he bitched forever about diablo 2 not being compatible and not being able to find the proper drivers...or something like that i dont speak computer nerd i just kind of let him babel)

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