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What gaming system do you have?

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Most of them are in storage right now. Currently I have the Wii U, Switch, and 3DS ready to use (as well as my PC, of course). I'll probably dig out my 360 and PS2 soon, though, since I do use those a fair bit.


I own:


Nintendo 64



Wii U


Game Boy Advance SP

Nintendo DS Lite (mainly for Guitar Hero)

Nintendo 3DS

Sega Genesis


PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4


Xbox 360

Xbox One

Windows XP Desktop (upgraded from a Win 98, keep it around specifically for old PC games)

Windows 8.1 Desktop (my main computer. I'm slowly upgrading it with pieces which I'll eventually use to build a Win 10 machine instead.)


I don't really use a phone for games, although I do want to try that new Nintendo RPG. Actually, there's a fair number of mobile games I'd like to play, I just wish they were ported over to Steam.


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