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Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

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these are my fav there are more but i like those really :D

1. the strongest monster with 1 tribute


2.this trap is 1 of my fav :D


3.i love this card so much makes my opponent cry :P


4.this 1 fks all :P


5.lastly i use this monster to troll my opponent :D


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I cant really pick my favorite, I have too many strategies and different decks where they depend on all cards, not just one above all. If I had to pick I might just go with this one. I like how it has the same strength of blu eyes white dragon and I like even more the fact that it can attack twice in one turn or remove a monster from play that my opponent has out. And last but not least is a fairly easy summon and I dont have to tribute my monsters on the field.


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I run a spellcastor deck, and I have to say that my top five favorite cards (I run them all in my deck) are:

  1. Dark Paladin (Fusion/Effect Monster)
  2. Chaos Sorcerer (Effect Monster)
  3. Sorcerer of Dark Magic (Effect Monster)
  4. Mage Power (Magic)
  5. United We Stand (Magic)

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favorite monster in game, silver fang, nothing quite like beating the crap out of my opponent with a monster that has 1200 original attack. actually have an entire deck built around it.

favorite trap has got to be attack of the cornered rat, it is very much my play style.

favorite magic card... sword of the soul eater, just amazing art.

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If there is 1 or more monster(s) on the field of the controller of this card, his/her opponent cannot place a monster on the field if his/her number of monsters would exceed the number of monsters that are on the field of this card's controller. The cards that are already on the field before this card's activation are unaffected by this effect."

Essentially, it's very useful as a form of anti-swarm/anti-meta, and very splashable.

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Harpies Lady would be the best since it can be easily multiplied by using elegant egoist and also numerous other cards such as Harpies feather duster. and cyber shield.

Harpies Lady

Harpies feather duster

cyber shield


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Black Rose Dragon, for its amazing destructive power, and easy to call into other powerful monsters with it as a catalyst. Plus, best artwork of the signer cards.

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My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh cards areee...


1. Morphing Jar - I love discarding cards from another play lol

2. Dark Bribe - Counter and making another player draw a card (which I see as an advantage in my personal deck)

3. Book of Eclipse - Could make Morphing Jar activate again, stops attack, and makes oppent draw more cards

4. Crush Card Virus - I know it's a forbidden card in-game, but I still use it. Great with all of the above cards. lol

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Have to agree summoning a blue eyes is a pretty good feeling but I prefer some other cards like EarthBound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca!


What about Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning? That is a card that you feel good when it's summoned.

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