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Tenchi Universe/Muyo

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I just watched the first two Tenchi anime series and Muyo was ok and Universe was much better. although I prefer a deep story like Code Geous or FullMetal it was enjoyable to say the least. Watch it if you haven't.

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This was a great show back in the day. Tenchi Muyo defined heram animes. The first one was Tenchi Muyo. It got cut short and wasn't initialy finished. Eventually they realised Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Oki the manga then series. If you watch, read then watch in this order you can get a full grasp of this part of the show. Then Tenchi Universe, a spacey drama that also spawned several movies. Then Tenchi in Tokyo witch fed off of the comedy styles of the show. Theres also two series based off of Sasami called Pretty Sammy and Pretty Sammy girls club. Or something like that, and two manga called Shin Tenchi Muyo and saint knights tale. Then we can't forget about GXP. Heres also a fun secret, another anime witch was initially meant to contribute to the original Tenchi Muyo anime was Dual trouble in a parallel universe, but due to budget problems it to was cut short. It was the origin story for Jinbu the large mecha found at the end of GXP.

I really liked this series, its one of my first faves. Despite being originally a romance spoof it can be surprisingly deep.

As for links this sight has most of the series already.





Tenchi universe


Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Oki + Mihoshi ova shpecial




Thats all I could find on Kametsu so if there is anything else you are intrested in just ask and I'll find it. It would give me an excuse to upload something.

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