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Just to try to start a thread that might get some responses; What are your favorite KH pairings. As in, the characters in doujins/fanfics being in a relationship, or having an "encounter" with each other? Do you prefer Straight, Gay, or Bi pairings more? Do you like one pairing for the tame love stories, and a completely different pairing if it is less suitable for an audience below the age of 18? Do you like a pairing only if it is in writing, or do you like a pairing even more if there is good artwork to go with the story, or do you only like a pairing if it is art with no story behind it?

Express your opinion(s) on the matter(s) here, maybe share a link or two to some good fanfics/doujins (Unless that is against the rules.. I gotta go check them quick now...). Share pictures of your favorite couples, and maybe explain why you like that pairing. (Keep the pictures PG-13, I think much more is against the rules.)

Of course, one of my favorite pairing is one of the pairing that most would expect to be a favorite, RikuXSora. RoxasXSora is also great. One of my more favored straight pairings would have to be RoxasXNamine.

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I have quite a few favorites, and I'm more for the yaoi (Means gay). I will warn you that I pair everyone with at least two different people, depending on the fandoms I've come across.

Let's start with Sora, shall we? First we have the ever popular SoraxRiku, better known as SoRiku, then there's SoraxRoxas, and even SoraxAxel. These are my favorites, just because it's very cute (Or hot in Riku's case) and I'm quite fond of things like that.

Now it's Riku's turn. Hold your hats, this'll get crazy. As I said, SoRiku, and then RikuxRoxas (It's strange, and the reasons for liking it vary), and even RikuxAxel. Though I don't think they've met, it's hot.

Now since I don't feel like listing everyone separately, let's just sum this next section up into one long listing. The Organization.

In order of rank, because I'm OCD like that, we have... XemSai, XigXal, XigDem, Zemyx, ZekuRoku, ZexLex, AkuRoku, AkuDemy, AkuZeku, AkuMarly, LuxDem, and MarVex.

Now, since I'm nice, I'll translate each pairing name. XemnasxSaix, XigbarxXaldin, XigbarxDemyx, ZexionxDemyx, ZexionxRoxas, ZexionxLexaeus, AxelxRoxas, AxelxDemyx, AxelxZexion, AxelxMarluxia, LuxordxDemyx, and MarluxiaxVexen. Yes, I did cover most known Organization pairings, since I like almost all of the pairings known.

But that's why I'm known as the Yaoi freak.

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Well.. all the couples I want to see in KH are straight.. lol.. no offense.

Leon + Yuffie

Sora + Kairi

Roxas + Namine

Cid + Aerith

Cloud + Tifa

Okay so I take back what I said.. I think Axel and Roxas would be good together.

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Remember at the end of the intro of Kingdom Hearts 2, when Sora, Riku, and Kairi are laying down on the sand, hand in hand in hand. Well, isn't it funny that it's Riku holding Sora's hand who's holding hands with both Kairi and Riku? My brother and I figure that this proves our theory that Kairi is straight, Sora's bi, and Riku is very much gay.

But on a more serious note...

I don't really like Kairi at all. She annoys me, so I don't like her with anyone. So I guess I like Sora with Riku. AxelxRoxas is obvious and pretty cute. I guess Roxas and Namine are good, too. Zexion is so cute, I'd like him with any non-ugly character, girl or guy (but most likely a guy, in my opinion). Then again, just like Larxene, he's kind of a bitch, so I'm not sure if he's relationship material.

I don't know, it's hard to put couples together in Kingdom Hearts. There are barely any girls if you think about it (if you take out the FF characters, there are only like three or four), so most of my pairings are guyxguy, especially for Organization 13. I mean, there's only one girl (well, that we knew of...now we know of two) and to top it off, she's obviously a lesbian. Even if Larxene was straight, she's too much of a bitch to be with anyone anyway.

It's much easier to make pairings for other games.

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I like the more...strange couplings XD Roxas/Namine and Riku/Sora get boring fast.

I'd say my favorite straight coupling is Vanitas/Fuu or Riku/Xion.

As for boy/boy definitely Cloud/Leon or Zexion/Sora.

Girl/girl- Xion/Kairi hands down

XD and of course crossover is Vincent V/Riku

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