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Kinara Uzumaki

PROPHECY (working title).........

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Hey guys! I decided to finally write this story which has been in my head for a long time. I got the inspiration for it after I read a book called 'Acheron' by Sherrilyn Kenyon and if anyone has read it, then you'd find that this story is almost like a spin-off or a fan-fic, I've taken names and ideas from them but altered the main plot-line slightly. Anyways, do tell me what you think about it. Without further ado, I'm posting the Prologue right here...........


It was a cloudy day in Kinowu Arazorn and the overcast sky loomed over the mystical world as if impending doom was on the horizon. Empress Kairiya had just given birth to a lovely daughter and she, along with her husband, the Emperor Kuroen, were anxiously awaiting a very important person. With a sudden mist and spark, that person appeared in the room and walked straight to where the baby was lying in her mother's arms.

'So this is the cause of all the alarm,' thought the mysterious guest, staring at the newborn for a long moment.

This was none other than one of the most powerful beings alive in the kingdom and she was the Oracle Airen. Her words were unbreakable and she made laws that could never be altered by any other person except for herself and her only son.

'Why did you want to see us, Lady Airen?' asked Kuroen.

Airen threw him a glance before turning her attention back to his daughter.

'I felt that something would happen when your little one is born........AH!' exclaimed the lady and her eyes glowed emerald fire.

She took the baby in her arms and placed one finger on its tiny forehead. In a few seconds, she began to speak in an ethereal but powerful tone.

'This child is the Harbinger of Kinowu Arazorn's fate and future existence! Many a tragedy will befall this prosperous kingdom and many a life will be ruined! Catera will be the destruction of this peace and her daughter Chimera will follow in her footsteps! This world will be plunged into anarchy and be ravaged by war! Only this little one has the power to save the mystical world and defeat its enemies once and for all! In her hands lie Kinowu Arazorn's destiny!'

The Emperor and Empress gasped simultaneously. Airen's eyes stopped glowing and her words had silenced the room, in which her son Alexon and Xiamara the Enchantress bore witness to this shocking prophecy. Kairiya held her baby close and began to cry, Xiamara trying to comfort her. Kuroen was astounded at the thought of his beloved kingdom being destroyed by his arch-enemy, the evil sorceress Catera.

Suddenly the doors of the room exploded into pieces and Catera herself entered, followed by Chimera. Xiamara immediately engaged in battling them while Alexon teleported the others to the outside of the Palace. The Emperor clung to his wife and child, desperately trying to think of a way to face the situation.

'What can we do, Lady Airen? How do we keep our daughter away from Catera?' asked Kairiya, burning with desire to protect her child at any cost.

Catera appeared close to the group and headed directly for the baby but Airen placed a barrier around them and whispered hurriedly to the Empress.

'Take her to the human world, it's the safest place for her. Remove all her powers and hand her over to a human family to be brought up until the age of twenty. The two of you must return to Kinowu Arazorn without her. That is the only course,' Airen gave her advice and the Empress nodded.

Kairiya and Kuroen transformed into plain human figures and entered the human world. The first thing they did was to deactivate every single power of their daughter's. Then, they walked along the cold streets, in the heavily falling snow, hoping to find a good family for their baby girl. One particular house with a large garden around it, which was shining brightly with little lights all over its walls and soft music coming from a well-played piano, caught their attention. They peeped through a window and saw a young couple inside; the wife sitting in an armchair near the fire place and the husband who had been playing the piano giving a big sigh.

'Five years and the doctor tells us that we'll never have children. Oh, how can this happen to us?' said that unlucky man to his wife.

'There is nothing we can do about it, Ikari. If we cannot have any of our own, we'll just have to adopt some. That way, we'll be doing a great service to everyone,' replied Yumi serenely, with a gentle expression on her patient face.

The secretly spying couple outside exchanged one mutual look of consent and then knocked on the door. It swung open at once and Yumi stood there, staring half-curiously, half-suspicously at the two strangers, one of them holding a tiny bundle.

'Yes, what can I do for you?' asked the lady.

'May we please come in? We would like to talk to you,' replied Kairiya.


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Kairiya and Kuroen transformed into plain human figures and entered the human world. The first thing they did was to deactivate every single power of their daughter's.

You are a very good writer Kinara, I like the character variety and how we didn't have to wait long for action, gloom, and doom to arrive. I am trying to picture the physical characteristics of your main characters. How do they differ from humans in their original form? And can you tell me more about your mystical world?

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You are a very good writer Kinara, I like the character variety and how we didn't have to wait long for action, gloom, and doom to arrive. I am trying to picture the physical characteristics of your main characters. How do they differ from humans in their original form? And can you tell me more about your mystical world?

Thank you very much! I love writing and I've always been a scribbler :) As for your question, the descriptions of the characters come later on. I'm afraid it's going to take a lot of patience to stick to the story because the explanations come at different times and not in order. That's my style of writing.

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'Kinara Kiminori!' called out the head coach of Tyronova University's basketball teams. 'Play a one-on-one match with Alexon Tanzo for ten minutes. The others clear the court please!'

A tall, slim girl with her hair in a plait, took the ball into her hands at the whistle and began playing against the Uni's best basketball player. For the past three years she had played tennis and hockey, collecting a lot of honours for herself and her teams. This year she wanted to try basketball since she had always loved the sport but only recently found the courage to actually aim for the team. Still, she was determined to score more points than the boy and didn't let herself be intimidated in the least. The ball bounced to and fro across the court as Kinara and Alexon contested hotly for points. The rest of the players cheered both of them on for Kinara was a newcomer to the team, who had worked hard to turn her raw talent into skill, while Alexon was a born genius at the game, who didn't need much practice at all.

At the end of ten minutes the coach blew his whistle. Kinara, who was in the middle of a tackle, lost her balance and stumbled. She had lost to Alexon by seven points and she felt her chance of playing in the upcoming tournament slipping away. Suddenly, someone extended their hand to her.

'Are you okay?' asked Alexon, smiling down at the girl.

Kinara smiled back and took his hand, pulling herself to her feet.

'Yeah! I'm a little disappointed with the way I played. I'm never going to get to play next week's matches,' she replied, trying to act nonchalant as she packed up her stuff.

'Oh! You're definitely going to play with us from next week. No worries about that!' responded the boy, dumping his books into his bag.

'What?' Kinara was shocked. 'How do you know that? It can't be, I lost to you and by seven points. No, you must be wrong.'

'Of course not, child! I saw the team line-ups and besides, I get to choose from the newly joined players. So what if you lost to me by seven points? No other player has managed to score even half of my points in one-one-one games but you, you came so close to beating me. Obviously I put you on the team,' returned Alexon, laughing at the girl's expression.

Kinara sat down on the bench. Her head was swimming with thoughts of joy but she forced herself to calm down.

'Thank you, Alexon. Thank you so very much!' she said softly.

The boy watched her with an amused look.

'Oh, don't worry about it. You'll be in for a pleasant surprise tomorrow, Kiminori!' answered Alexon and left the court, leaving behind a puzzled girl.

The next day, Kinara was late and missed checking out the notice board reserved for sports. As soon as her morning lecture was over, she rushed off and hunted for her name in the Girls' basketball team and like Alexon had said, her name was in. Glancing at the other two lists, she realised what the pleasant surprise was. She was included in the Mixed Team as well!

'Happy?' said a voice just behind the girl.

Kinara jumped and turned round to see Alexon's smiling face. She shook her head in disbelief. Had she really made it into both teams?

'Was it your doing, Alexon?' she had to know the reason behind her selection. 'I'm new and not that good, so how is it that I play in two teams?'

The boy laughed out loud at her question. He liked this girl very much and he had always wanted to make friends with her, but she was one, very busy student who rarely crosses paths with him. Their social circles were different.

'You may be new but you're one heck of a player. Your attack especially is marvellous and your defence is great. You'll have to work a bit on your shots but that's it. Besides, this is the first time we participate as a mixed team as well. We might just be able to take that title,' replied Alexon.

Kinara stared at him for a long moment. She was feeling so happy that she wanted to hug the boy who had made this dream possible.

'I owe you one, Alexon. When I began playing basketball, my mind was set on getting into the team and I did, thanks to you.'

'The more one-on-one games you play with me, the more you'll improve. I can help you increase your shot percentage, if you like,' he offered, as the pair walked towards the cafeteria.

'Oh, I'd be grateful if you did. You are, after all, Tyronova's star basketball player and it was you who made it possible to win the Boys' Championships thrice in a row,' complimented Kinara, very much humbled and pleased.

'That's nothing! I love basketball and it was that love that drove me to win for Tyronova,' Alxeon waved away her thanks. 'I have a feeling we're going to be good friends.'


Alexon kept his word and he certainly enabled his new friend play at her full potential The head coach himself was very pleased at their dedication and felt that there was a chance of winning all three titles this year.

A week later, Kinara Kiminori turned 20 and her friends gave her a surprise party at the basketball court. She had finished her part-time job in the evening at a radio station and had arrived at the court, thinking that she was being called for a practice session. Instead, she had one of the best days of her life. She had many friends at the Uni, being a very friendly person, but she didn't think that they would go to all this trouble just for her as she wasn't very close to any of them, not even Alexon.

At the end of the party, the girl went to the locker room to fetch her tracksuit jacket. The time was exactly twelve midnight when she noticed something creeping over her right arm. She watched in horror as the pattern in black slowly showed the outline of a twisted serpent. It took Kinara a full five minutes to come to her senses. Quickly, she stepped into her jacket as she heard footsteps.

Alexon put his head through the door and stared quizzically.

'What's taking you so long, Kinara? Come on, it's getting late and your parents will get worried,' he remarked, noting that the girl was wearing her jacket but made no comment. 'It has begun,' he thought.

Kinara fretted till she got home, and locked herself up her bedroom. She took a quick shower and sat on her bed, carefully examining the tattoo. She had tried everything possible to remove it but no amount of scrubbing, soaps, detergents, bleaching agents and even concealer would work. It simply absorbed the concealer and rejected all the other products, not fading or discolouring the slightest bit.

Finally, the resigned girl fell back on her pillow and began wondering why the tattoo had appeared so suddenly. She could find no rational explanation for this extremely curious incident and still thinking, she drifted off into a restless sleep.


The next day onwards Kinara had to wear long-sleeved shirt and t-shirts to hide the strange tattoo from everyone at her University for how she explain getting a tattoo done so soon. Her friends at last night's party would vouch for it not being on her arm before, and she had morning lectures so early there wasn't time for her to drop into town to get it done. Two days later, she realised that a second tattoo had appeared on her left arm. This time, it was a majestic dragon and she was in the middle of the street, waiting for a bus.

'God, what's happening to me? Two tattoos already and how many more to appear?'

A day after that, she had finished her evening basketball practices and was passing the athletic track when she spotted a boy, sitting with her back to her to her but she was close enough to see the tattoo of a sword slowly reveal itself on his right arm. He was a typical athlete, muscular and heavily tanned due to long hours in the sun, with light brown messy hair. Kinara heard voices of two other boys from the shower rooms nearby, apparently getting ready to come out and collect their bags.

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I love how your not just focusing on one thing that's happening or just leading the story in one direction, but you have more then a few things happening all around the main character and it meshes together very well. I can't wait to read more:)

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The panicked expression on the first boy’s face pushed her into action. His bags and tracksuit were too far away. Kinara pulled out her denim jacket from her bag and throwing it over his shoulders, she gave him urgent directions.

‘Get out of here right away! I’ll fetch your stuff for you. Wait for me at the shed at the woods!’

The boy nodded and wearing the girl’s jacket, he rushed off while Kinara sprinted towards his things. As she raced back to the track, the other two boys stared suspiciously at her and the contents in her hands.

‘What are you doing with Saiku’s stuff? You’re not stealing them, by any chance, are you?’ one of them asked her as she approached them.

‘No, no, I’m not. He asked me to bring them for him because he was in a hurry to leave,’ explained the girl and ran out of the gate before they wanted to know more.

Saiku was leaning on the door of the shed with his arms folded. Seeing his unknown saviour arrive, he let out a breath of relief.

‘Here you go! I was nearly caught by your friends but I managed to escape them. They thought that I was stealing!’ Kinara let out a small laugh as she handed over the boy’s belongings.

‘Thanks a lot! I owe you one even though I don’t know you. But why did you help me? Do you know what’s happening to me?’ enquired Saiku, sensing that this girl might know something of the tattoo’s appearance.

In reply, Kinara took off her basketball jacket and pulled up the sleeves to show the serpent and dragon on her arms.

‘The same thing’s happening to me but I don’t know why,’ said the girl.

Saiku shook his head and stared at his own tattoo for a while. ‘Well, let’s hope we get an explanation soon. By the way, my name is Saiku Tashima. What’s yours?’

‘Kinara Kiminori! Well, I should be getting home. You can return my jacket later. I won’t be needing it today.’

‘Where do you live? I could return it to you at your house, if you like,’ suggested the boy as they began walking though the University’s large woods.

‘Well, I’m at ........ Street. What about you?’ asked Kinara.

‘I live one block away and so I can come by easily, no prob,’ Saiku said smiling. ‘I was wondering at the strange way we had to meet. What a way to make friends!’ he remarked and both of them laughed.

The pair came across a little clearing in the middle of the woods and out of nowhere, a group of weird creatures flew down and surrounded them, while Saiku and Kinara were dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do.

‘What on earth are these things? Why are they here? Where did they come from? What do they want from us?’ a stream of questions burst from a frightened Saiku.

Kinara however kept calm and her eyes roamed round for a sturdy branch of some sort to defend herself should the creatures attack. Two of them crept upto the girl and she held her bag in front of her like a shield. ‘Won’t some one please save us?’ she prayed silently.

A most remarkable thing occurred just then. A blue serpent and a red dragon appeared in front of the girl and they bowed their heads to her before attacking the creatures. The two youths had barely absorbed the shock when Saiku more of the creatures approach them. ‘If only we had a weapon, a knife or a gun, something, anything!’ he thought desperately and then gasped.

A sword appeared in front of him, exactly like the one in his recent tattoo and hovering in the air for a few seconds, it planted itself in the earth right at Kinara’s feet, hilt upwards. She grasped it cautiously and tried to swing it, but it was too heavy for her and she had to use all her strength just to hold it. The creatures stepped back a little when they saw the sword and one or two of them took off. Sensing that they were afraid, Kinara kept the blade pointed outwards and she spotted Archeron etched on one face if it.

A cry from Saiku and a horrible screeching from above made the girl look up quickly and she saw the menacing creature swooping down from the sky, aiming at her head. She let go of the sword and dropping to her knees, she covered her head with her arms, expecting sharp claws to sink into her body. However, all she saw was a flash of blinding white light and a young man slay the animal with one stroke of his sword. The dead creature disintegrated and the man knelt down.

‘The pretty damsel is in need of our aid, I see. Fear not Princess! Not one of those devils will lay a hand on you as long as I’m here!’ declared the mysterious person and springing to his feet, he began his killing relentlessly while the girl was left to wonder.

‘Princess? Did he actually call me Princess?’ the words spun round and round her brains. ‘Maybe he was just using it as an expression, just like damsel.’

The battle came to an end after half an hour and Kinara was roused out of her reverie by the youth helping her to her feet. She saw a young lady with a huge scythe talking to Saiku and then her eyes fell upon a third person.

‘Alexon? What are you doing here?’ cried out the girl.

Alexon came over to her and put his hand on her shoulder; he was holding a staff.

‘You’re not hurt, are you Kinara? Thank God we were in time,’ he said anxiously.

‘I’m fine but you didn’t answer my question, Alexon! What the hell is going on? What are these creatures that attacked us and why? Who are these two people and what are you doing with a staff in your hand? Answer me!’ demanded Kinara, trying not to lose her cool.

Alexon exchanged a look with the two unknowns who had saved the girl and her friend and sighed. Saiku listened with interest.

‘I guess it’s time to tell you and Saiku the truth about yourselves, but first, ask your demons to return, Kinara,’ he ordered.

‘My what?’

‘Your demons, my dear. They are your Guardian Demons and they follow your command and your command only,’ explained Alexon, gesturing towards the serpent and dragon waiting patiently behind the girl.

She turned around and took in every detail of the two demons carefully. She pulled up her sleeves once more and saw that the tattoos had vanished. ‘So they came out of the tattoos. Or rather, they are the tattoos.’

‘Why should I do that? Since my arms are back to normal and I want them to stay that way, I’m not asking them to return,’ she said defiantly, sticking out her chin.

Alexon was astonished at her stubborn attitude but the other two guys chuckled. ‘I have to persuade her somehow,’ thought the senior-most boy.

‘I hardly think you have a choice. These demons are bound to you and no one can unbind that connection. If you don’t make them return they’ll follow you wherever you go and how are you going to explain them to the people you meet on the street? Alexon finally found the right words and smiled slyly.

Kinara glared at him fiercely before doing what he had told her to. The demons faded out rapidly and the tattoos reappeared on her arms, the serpent now wrapped around her sword. Saiku was free of any markings at the moment but Alexon cut short his joy when he warned the boy that he would get his share of tattoos later. Striking his staff on his ground and the group vanished from the woods, appearing inside the startled Kiminoris’ living room. The couple stared at the visitors with fear in their eyes while Alexon motioned everyone to sit.

‘It’s time for the truth to be told, Mr and Mrs Kiminori,’ stated Alexon and began his story.........

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And so the plot thickens... nice job on the chapter.... might I make on very small suggestion. It's a bit awkward to put a time on a fight (like saying 30min's later) in a story... and actually 30 min's for a fight is very long. Saying something like "the battle came to an end after the creatures were quickly slain by the mysterious fighters that had come to our aid" Just using that as an example. When having action sequences it's important not to jump from that to a sudden halt, a smooth transition with just a few different words can make all the difference in the flow of a story. The rest of the chapter was splendid. I really like not just characters and how they come together but also their depth and there's more to them then meets the eye. Keep up the awesome work!

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And so the plot thickens... nice job on the chapter.... might I make on very small suggestion. It's a bit awkward to put a time on a fight (like saying 30min's later) in a story... and actually 30 min's for a fight is very long. Saying something like "the battle came to an end after the creatures were quickly slain by the mysterious fighters that had come to our aid" Just using that as an example. When having action sequences it's important not to jump from that to a sudden halt, a smooth transition with just a few different words can make all the difference in the flow of a story. The rest of the chapter was splendid. I really like not just characters and how they come together but also their depth and there's more to them then meets the eye. Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks for the suggestion and yes, you're right. Fights don't have a fixed time, I mean, its not like someone keeps a watch and records how long a fight takes.

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‘The tale goes back to the day you were born, Kinara, in the mystical world named Kinowu Arazorn. Yes, you weren’t born here in the human world. Your parents are the Emperor Kuroen and Empress Kairiya and you are their only offspring. Twenty years ago, my mother the Oracle Lady Airen saw a vision of your birth and the destruction of the mystical world. She went to the Palace to seek the truth by holding you and then she made a Prophecy. The two greatest enemies of the Kingdom were going to destroy Kinowu Arazorn but you would be the only one with the ability to defeat them,’ Alexon paused and striking his staff, conjured up the historical scene.

‘Who are the enemies?’ asked Saiku.

‘Catera and her daughter Chimera, two evil Sorceresses of the worst kind. Seconds after the Prophecy, Catera and Chimera came to kill you, for they had overheard everything, but they were unable to achieve their goal. I teleported your parents and you to the Palace’s gates and my mother advised them to place you in the hands of a human family till you reached the age of twenty.’

At this point, Kinara turned her attention to the Kiminori couple. ‘That means you’re not my parents? Then where are my real parents? Why haven’t they come back for me? I turned twenty, four days ago!’ questioned a pained girl thinking that she had been abandoned.

‘As soon as they returned to their Kingdom, they were placed in an imprisonment spell cast by Chimera, who had done the same to my mother since she refused to reveal your whereabouts. Catera had been killed by Xiamara, the Queen of the Order of Paladins but unfortunately Chimera took revenge for her mother’s death by slaying poor Xiamara. But she forgot two more people responsible for protecting the Palace and they were your parents, Saiku. Sukiro, your father is the Guard and his job was outside the Palace while your mother Soteria is the Keeper, looking after the insides. Together they cast Chimera out of the Palace walls and then placed an imprisonment spell upon themselves so that no one save for their son could release them, and the Palace, along with the people inside were protected. Chimera caused a lot of devastation and suffering in several parts of the mystical world and only a handful of them managed to escape. Since you turned twenty and your demons began appearing, Chimera must have felt your presence and tracked you down. She decided to send an army of gargoyles to take you two prisoners.’

‘How did I end up here?’ asked Saiku, scratching his head. He was a year older than Kinara but on having joined University late, he was still a Junior.

‘Your parents had a tough job so they thought that you ought to experience the human world before becoming a Guard yourself,’ replied Alexon.

‘So what am I really?’ cried out Kinara, clutching her head. As much as she tried to convince herself that this whole thing was a hoax, she knew every word was true.

The youth who had saved her, slowly took both her hands. ‘You are the Crown Princess Kinara, christened after the Kingdom of which you are the sole heir, and you are an Immortal like many beings of the mystical world,’ he answered in a gentle voice and for the first time, Kinara examined him closely.

He was much younger than she had previously thought. Possibly close to her age, she thought. Also he was very handsome with his spiked jet-black hair streaked in electric blue and every feature on his face chiselled to perfection. She felt as if she could stare at him forever. ‘Who are you?’ she asked, highly curious of this intriguing individual.

‘My name is Xendrix and I am the Enchanter Crown Prince of the Order of Paladins. That’s my older sister Enchantress Xirena, who is the present Queen,’ was the reply.

Mr and Mrs Kiminori got up, distress written all over their faces. They had been silent the entire time; they knew the day would come when the truth had to be told but they were afraid that their daughter would no longer care for them as her parents. ‘Please excuse us,’ said Ikari and lead his wife into the kitchen.

Kinara sat quietly, her mind rewinding the tale over and over. There was one thing she didn’t understand and she turned to Alexon with her query.

‘The Prophecy said something about Kinowu Arazorn’s destiny resting in my hands. What does that have to with me?’

‘Ah that!’ recalled Alexon just as Ikari and Yumi returned to their seats. ‘You have a huge task ahead of you, I’m afraid. You must defeat Chimera and free your parents, without destroying either the human or mystical world!’

‘WHAT?’ Kinara automatically jumped to her feet. ‘Defeat Chimera? Free my parents? I’m not a warrior, I’m just a normal girl. I.....can’t.....do.....it!’ her voice rose several pitches.

‘My dear, we don’t expect you to perform miracles. There’s so much to be done before you’re ready. Calm down!’ Alexon was sympathetic but firm.

The poor girl sank back onto her chair. ‘Why did it have to be me? Oh! Why me?’ she despaired in her heart, overwhelmed by the impossible task she had to carry out. ‘I feel so alone and far away from everyone. I don’t know my real parents and I’m an Immortal? Nothing makes sense anymore. I shall go crazy pretty soon!’

‘You’re not alone,’ said a voice in her head and Kinara was jolted. She was sure that it was Xendrix’s but how was that possible? Her hazel eyes met his black ones and a flow of thoughts began transmitting between them.

‘Yes, it’s me talking to you. Haven’t you heard of “Telepathy”?’

‘I never knew it existed. There’s so many things I’ve seen and heard today that I thought didn’t exist. Oh, how I wish it were all a dream!’

‘Unfortunately it is real and however much you detest your duty, you cannot escape your destiny. Would you rather prefer to see the human and mystical worlds be destroyed?’

‘No! God, no! It’s just that.......it’s a little hard to absorb everything in one night. I do not want any world to be destroyed because I turned cowardly. I’ll try my best but don’t blame me if I fail!’

‘You won’t fail! I have faith in you, Princess.’

Xendrix smiled kindly at Kinara and all at once, she felt better. Having at least one person in you can be a great confidence-booster. Alexon and Xirena guessed that a conversation had taken place but they could find out nothing because Xendrix had cleverly blocked out everyone else. Saiku, meanwhile, didn’t seem much affected by the story for he didn’t have a big role to play in it. In any case, he was busy staring dreamily at the beautiful Xirena.

‘Mr and Mrs Kiminori, you must leave this town tomorrow. It’s not safe for you to be here, Chimera would kill anything and everything is her path. I recommend flying out to your Austrian relatives. Tell them that Kinara is currently living at the University and you decided to take a holiday,’ instructed Alexon, who was apparently in charge of the whole operation.

‘Yes but what will to happen to our daughter?’ Kinara noted how they still thought of her as their own child and she was feeling deeply grateful for their love and dedication.

‘Don’t worry about that! We’ll take care of her. I mean, that’s our job now,’ assured Alexon, patting the girl’s head head in an older brotherly fashion.

That night, the group of Immortals slept there. Kinara didn’t sleep at all, tossing and turning in bed, reliving the amazing events of the evening, longing to see her real mother and father, and the mysterious world she had been born in.

The next morning, they all went to the airport. The Kiminoris clung to Kinara and the three cried a lot, but finally they let go. The girl was heart-broken to see the two people who had loved her so much and taken care of her, leave her alone with a bunch of strangers and the long separation. In her heart she knew it was the right thing to do; they would be safe, far away from her, until everything was sorted out. ‘I love you, mum and dad!’ she whispered as they went through the gate and out of her sight.

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‘I take the Princess!’ interjected Xendrix, who had been silent all morning.

The group of Immortals had returned to Kinara’s house to discuss what plans had to be carried out in the next few days.

As Kinara looked at him uncomprehendingly, Xendrix studied her intensely, with his head cocked to one side. ‘Yes, I choose her so that leaves the boy to you, Xirena,’ he said this time to Alexon, who stared back in shock.

‘But you can’t.......,’ Alexon began protesting but Xendrix cut him off immediately.

‘Don’t you dare tell me what I can or can’t do! It’s my right who I choose and from this moment, I will be Princess Kinara’s Protector, that’s that!’ he sounded incredibly stubborn.

‘Will someone please explain what’s going on?’ asked a puzzled Kinara.

‘Alright! said Xendrix and sat down next to her. ‘In the mystical world, the Order of Paladins maintain harmony amongst the citizens and many of them are assigned to guard certain important people. My mother, Xiamara was the Shielder of your mother and my father, Xora was your father’s Protector. Since both of them are dead and Xirena is the oldest child, she is the present Queen. The Paladin Council ordered the two of us to guards you and Saiku, and it was upto us to choose who we wanted to protect. From my first glimpse of you, I knew what my decision would be. I hope you won’t object to it, Princess,’ pleaded the boy with a dazzling smile that knocked Kinara off her feet.

She was used to reactions like these specially since she resolutely stayed away from dating and having crushes, but this one person had changed her entire perspective on the subject. She knew what would happen if she agreed to let Xendrix be her Protector but she wanted to have him close by at all times.

‘Thank you, Xendrix! I accept your decision but I severely advise you to stop calling me Princess! Call me Kinara like everyone else please,’ declared the girl and at her words, Xirena rose to her feet in anger.

‘You foolish girl! You will regret your choice before long. Saiku, I’m going to stay at your house. Let’s go!’ she said in contempt, at which Xendrix too grew enraged.

‘You will show the respect that the Princess deserves or you will have to answer to me!’ Xendrix’s eyes flashed dangerously at his sister.

Xirena glared at him before storming out of the house, Saiku following her in the manner of the slave. Kinara didn’t understand why the Queen hated her so much. ‘What did I do to her? Why does she hate me?’ she thought. ‘She’s a crazy bitch; don’t worry your pretty little head about her. She’s not worth losing your sleep over,’ Xendrix’s thoughts came to the girl and she was shocked at the word he had used to describe Xirena.

‘Still the same jealous drama queen that she was as a kid. I’m glad she’s outta here,’ said Alexon with a sign of relief. At any rate Kinara, I’m glad that you took Xendrix. He’s a good guy and you can trust him to protect you with his life,’ he approved for he and Xendrix were best friends from a long time ago.

Kinara shrugged her shoulders and got up. She had remembered that they didn’t have any breakfast and she probably had to do the cooking from now on. So she went to the kitchen and began frying some eggs and toasting slices of bread. The girl was so intent in her work that she failed to notice Xendrix enter the kitchen and observe her movements. Until she turned around from the stove to lay the table. Kinara almost dropped the plate of toast but Xendrix caught her hands just in time.

‘Don’t go dropping that delicious food! It would be such a waste of time and effort,’ said the boy, still holding her hands and Kinara blushed red. She pulled away shyly and placing the plate on the table, she turned back to her work.

‘Do you think you could let me cook? It wouldn’t be fair to let you do all of it every single day. Besides, I’m a quick learner,’ requested Xendrix so eagerly that Kinara would’ve laughed had he not sounded serious.

‘Do you really want to take over the cooking, Xendrix?’

‘Of course! I don’t have anything to do while you’re at your lectures so I might as well make myself useful. I know that you have a busy schedule for the next few weeks,’ replied the boy, sitting down on a chair.

‘Okay, the job’s all yours. Thank you very much for offering to help out. I truly appreciate it and I never thanked you for saving me yesterday,’ she said softly, recalling the scene of the attack.

‘Don’t start thanking me every single time I do something for you. I am your Protector after all, it’s my duty and anyways, your mind is so in tune with mine that it’s amazing. I haven’t met anyone like you, Kini,’ responded the boy and Kinara loved the endearing shortened form of her name.


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I'm sorry but I will either be suspending this story or re-uploading it because it's a mess and I can't figure out what I've done.........forgive me.........I really put my heart into this story but things don't always go according to plan :(

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    • By Emotional Outlet
      Michael stared at the woman in the mirror. He supposed averaging four hours of sleep over the past two weeks wasn't ideal, but hallucinations seemed excessive.


      She seemed to blink when he did, mimicking his other movements perfectly. Even the number of teeth seemed to match as he ran his tongue over each one.


      When he reached for the long dark hair that flowed over her shoulders in the reflection and grabbed an unexpected handful of hair, he took in a slow, controlled breath. The reflection smiled, the corners of her eyes crinkling and drawing attention to the faint bags that formed beneath.


      He felt his lips part. “That’s enough for now.” The voice was feminine, static faint beneath the lilting sounds. “Rest your eyes, won’t you?”


      Michael went to sleep.




      Something stank.


      Corben tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but was met with utmost resistance from his body. He groaned and took a mental step back, focusing his energy into opening his eyes.


      It was painful, like soap rubbed under his eyelids. His arms wouldn’t cooperate long enough to let him rub the pain out, so he squeezed his eyes shut, forcing out the pooled tears. They tumbled over his cheeks hotly and still his eyes burned.


      After a few orchestrated blinks, he managed to stabilise his vision long enough to examine his surroundings—or, at least, realise he was staring at the open predawn sky sandwiched between towering grey brick.


      The smell hadn’t left either.


      He tried to move again. It felt like he was lying on garbage bags, but he couldn’t get past how much his eyes hurt. Whether the bags were filled with pizza boxes or rotten fruit didn’t make much difference—he needed to get up. Corben grit his teeth and tried to launch his upper body forward.


      When his back seized with pain instead of lifting, he swore he could crack a tooth. He clumsily groped the bags beneath him, trying to force some feeling into his limbs long enough to figure out what he was lying on. What little he could feel through the plastic was immediately recognisable.


      Bottles. Broken bottles.


      Corben laughed.

    • By Emotional Outlet
      Tangential Notes:





      Chapter One [Part One]


      The bedroom was cosy, bordering on spartan with its limited personal touches. A glass vase with two sun-faded paper flowers attached to bits of wire. An errant comb, a few strands of hair woven into its teeth, next to a small stack of dogeared magazines long since out of date. Windows curtained and shut, the bright sunlight outside was barred entry. The walls were blank, a faded beige that might have been white at some point.


      Blank, save for the wall behind the bed. A mirror, wall to wall and floor to ceiling, reflected the room in its entirety. Its surface was clean and unbroken, not a single scratch or speck of dust to be found despite the headboard pushed directly against it, the sheets and comforter on the mattress in disarray.


      Felicia’s voice came through the closed door from the hallway, words dampened to murmurs. The door was pushed open, marked by a slight pop as it moved past the frame. She pressed her phone to her ear with her shoulder, a bowl of cereal in her hands. Shadows had formed beneath her eyes, her dark brown hair pulled back into a messy ponytail.


      She set the bowl on the nightstand and pushed the blankets aside. “No, I just got back from the lab. What’s up?” She sat down on the bed, perching her feet on the edge of the bed frame.


      “Tim.” She let out a breath. “Tim, stop. I don’t think she hates you. Your sister just turned, what, thirty? Thirty-one. She’s been in the spotlight since she was your age—that’s an entire decade in front of the camera, of her name being plastered everywhere in magazines. She’s not as young as she used to be.”


      Felicia switched the phone to her other ear and picked up the bowl. She popped a few spoonfuls of cereal into her mouth. The flakes were beginning to get soggy. “Much as I love to hear you suffer,” she said, putting the bowl down, “I don’t think that’s why you called me this early on a Sunday. Early for you, anyway. What’s going on?”


      There was a pause as she listened, a grin spreading across her face as she snickered. “Are you kidding me? Come on, isn’t Steve going? Aren’t you guys—” Another pause. The smile on her face immediately disappeared. “Oh. Oh. Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t… I hope they work it out. Have you asked Amy to go with you? Not my sister, Le—Bev’s daughter. She’s in town for a few weeks, isn’t she?”


      Another pause. Felicia rubbed her forehead. “Figures she’d already have plans. All right, all right. I’ll go with you. It’s tomorrow night? Okay. I’ll see you at seven.” She hung up the phone and sighed, staring at the blank screen for a while.


      Her eyes flicked to her reflection in the mirror. She put a hand to the glass and, for a moment, she thought that it began to ripple beneath her fingers. Something in her stomach seized and excitement crept up on her. She closed her eyes.


      All she felt was its surface, solid as ever. She scolded herself silently for getting worked up and turned on her phone.


      The background was somewhat distorted, just a touch too wide for the phone’s resolution. It was a picture of her as a teenager, with a ridiculous head of multi-coloured streaks she absolutely insisted was vital to her personality. Leon was carrying her on his back, a goofy grin on his face.


      She frowned.


      Here she found herself, sitting on a bed that had seen more people than she would like to admit, a mostly full bowl of cereal waiting for her on the nightstand, staring at an old picture…


      And all she could think about was what she was going to wear tomorrow. A welcome distraction to be sure; it would be nice to be able to get away from the house. Felicia cast a sidelong glance at the mirror. Among other things.


      She couldn’t shake what had happened. The mirror moved—she was convinced of that much. She dropped the phone on the bed and stood up, taking the bowl.


      What more was there for her to do? Wait in front of the mirror for days like she used to? She was years away from sixteen—talking with Tim reminded her of that much. Of course, she was also years away from thirty. A small smile touched her lips.


      She left the room, closing the door behind her, pulling it roughly to get it to stay shut.

    • By Breathless
      So I had sudden inspiration to write a short story. I decided to do it in third person which is a bit out of my comfort zone. (Normally I do first person POVs) Anyway, here it is, enjoy.

    • By Emotional Outlet
      These are the gifts I made for people in the Homestuck Secret Santa. They're all varying lengths, ratings, and quality (mostly closer to "sucks" than "good"). I haven't written fan fiction in, like, forever, so I have no idea how to write characters that aren't out of character, whoops.

      I'll split these into two separate posts once the time limit goes by and leave it at four and four each, unless anyone would rather them all in their own post.

      And if you think any of my ratings or summaries are bunk after reading, let me know and I'll adjust accordingly.


      Summary: Kanaya waits for Rose to show up.
      Rating: K


      Summary: Kanaya makes a dress for Rose while Porrim tries to pry information from her.
      Rating: T
      Warnings: Hints at ectoincest.

      Game Night

      Summary: Board games always seem more fun in retrospect than in reality. Dave, Karkat, and Rose try to pass the time on the meteor.
      Rating: T

      A Moment

      Summary: Dave and Jade are out hunting for frogs and take a break.
      Rating: M
      Warnings: Non-explicit sexual encounter.

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