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What Games would make good Movies?

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Not very many, to be honest. Games are really unique in the way that they tell stories, and attempting to adapt the story of a video game to a different medium almost always hurts the story overall. I think studios would find more success in making an original story using the established characters and world of a video game than to "adapt a game," and at that point you can't really say which would be better, because most of them have potential.


I was always disappointed that they never made a Kingdom Hearts anime, though.

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There are many games that could be adapted into films and some even have the blue print layed out.


God of War - Could take some tips from Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans and 300.

Uncharted - Could take some tips from Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider.

Heavy Rain - Pretty much a film in itself though can take some ideas from the movie Kidnap

Jade Cocoon - This could work well into a story  if they can get the creatures right.

Dynasty Warriors - I know Dynasty Warriors is based off Romance of the three Kingdoms novel, and that there are many Movies, TV series, Cartoons and Animes based on the Three kingdoms era. But I would like to see something based off Dynasty Warriors the game where the characters have the same models from the games with the unique weapons, armour, horse, fighting style, stages and elements rather than your generic sword, spear and bow like it originally was in that era.


I also think Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry could be great if executed properly but Im sure these 2 will get done in the future given their popularity.

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I haven't played much but..

AoE - A series of movies


Witcher (oh but not netflix, please)

Assassin's Creed (yes, we already have one)

Plague Inc (maybe? can be a comedy or a dark gritty one)

Dream Chronicles (it's an abandoned casual game series, not a great game, but I was so absorbed in due to the story)

Bioshock Series (just don't spoil it..., just don't even think about doing this one unless you are going to do a good job, I say give it to James Cameron, Ripley Scott, Christopher Nolan, or someone of similar caliber)

The Path (I didn't play the whole game, rather, was not able to gather the courage to, so not sure)

Batman/Arkham Series (not sure if it counts, also, it's originally a comic, so)




However, seeing how most adaptions are, they probably shouldn't make any.

The only 2 Game based movie adaptions I have liked are WoW and somewhat Assassin's Creed

oh, and silent hill was also good.

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