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    • By KillThad
      Does anybody remember this lost show called "Doodle"? This was an educational show that used to air in 1999 on northeastern PBS stations. I ask because I was trying to find some footage for a video, only to find out this show seems to have fallen completely off the face of the earth. All I could find was a handful of screenshots and the website (which is still up!) No-one I know seems to remember it except for my mother, who was the one who brought it up in the first place. There's not even an article on the LMW, that's how obscure it is.
      If anyone knows anything about this, let me know. Is this lost or am I just not looking deep enough?
      Website: http://www.doodlestudio.com/
    • By Jenny Wola
      Hello Friends, I've watched recently a new cartoon super heroes series,  A sneak peek into the upcoming adventures of three friends who, armed with superhuman strengths and Sumo + Samurai training, fight off the villains from this world and beyond. Watch and share if you like...
      Watch A New Super Heroes Cartoon Series
    • By kuulaznguy
      was watching adventure time, and it got me drawing
      so here's my take on adventure time

    • By idl12
      Well since this is becoming so popular might as well post my amateur attempts at art*just refering to myself by the way)

      that's all for now, don't know when I'll update though.

      I don't think this is fanart since it isn't really based of off anything
    • By Nero D. Ace
      this is one of my drawings. i'm gonna upload more later when i finish up on the detailing.
      it's not much right now, but i'm gonna try to make my style better with every attempt.

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