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Looking for English Dubbed Anime to Watch.

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I'm trying to find an English dubbed anime to watch. Just don't feel up for subs right now. I'll start with what I've watched and liked.

Bleach(but went on WAY to long)

Naruto(same thing)

Karin(also known as Chibi Vampire)

Munto movies(So awesome)

Ouran High School Host Club(so Cute but manga was better cause there was more)

Kaichou wa Maid-sama(cute and perverted)

Gurren Lagann(just awesome~)

Toradora(short and cute)

Dragon Ball & Z(my childhood)

Deathnote(very interesting)

Slayers(Love magic)

I prefer shorter animes, I like romance but still have interests in action.

So yeah any suggestions?

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uhh.. cant remember any good animes. Kanokon is funny but perverted but if you wiki kanokon it doesnt say ecchi on the genre, so I didnt expect for it to be perverted. so yeah..:happy:

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Durarara is only 24 episodes and it has romance and all sort of crazy stuff going on. its also my favorite anime right now.

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yeah, tsubasa is good, as is xxxholic (which are slightly linked). If you liked ouran then watch wallflower. Dnangel and fruit basket are also very good. Ones i would recommend is outlaw star (quite action/adventure based) full metal panic and fmp fumofu. the first season is action and then fumofu is more romance and comdey. good romance oones include please teacher and please twins, and midori days. Negima (both seasons) are very good, romance and comedy with action (more in season 2). season 1 and 2 are not realated.

kuroshitsuji/ black butler is another good action one however having seen both subs and dubs i prefer the subs since i think that they suit the characters more, but feel free to watch the dub. I might feel that way because i saw the sub version first.

his and her circumstances, happy lesson, green green, shuffle, air and kanon are all good romance ones- however all are recommended by a friend, but i have not seen them. Air and kanon sound too sad for me. Love hina is another comedy romance. this ugly yet beautiful world is another good action romance.

i hope this helps although i've jumped arround abit. I would recommend watching wall flower first tho its just as good, if not better than ohshc.

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Shorter animes I'd suggest - Fruits Basket (romance/psychological), Wolf's Rain (adventure/apocalyptic), Samurai Champloo (action), Baccano! (not really sure how to classify but there's action and comedy in it I thoroughly enjoyed it), Black Cat (action/adventure~ish), Cowboy Bebop (romance/action)

Longer animes - Inuyasha (romance/action/adventure), Yu Yu Hakusho (action with romantic elements), Rurouni Kenshin (action with romanic elements), Kyo Kara Maoh! aka Kyou Kara Maou (comedy/adventure/action~y)

I'm sure there are others but I can't think of them right now. :)

*And my classifications are just my opinion, some might classify them differently.

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has a english dub for 11 eyes been completed ?

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im watching the English dub of strike witches

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check out chrome shelled i think there is an english dub

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I liked Eden of the East. No overt romance, but definite some feelings by the female lead towards the male lead. Interesting bits of action.

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(This may have been posted twice, but I'm not sure)

Mushi-shi has a good dub. It's very calm and soothing to watch, and the visuals are gorgeous especially when it comes to the landscapes and plants. It's only 26 episodes, all of which past the first episode stand on their own and can be watched out of order, with the only constant things being the main protagonist (Ginko) and the concept of what a mushi is (essentially the closest things to the origin of life). It's a rather interesting show.

If you prefer horror, I would also recommend Ayakashi- Samurai Horror Tales. It's only 11 episodes long, however it contains three completely separate stories, the first two of which are 4 episodes long while the last is 3. In my personal opinion, the first two are not quite forgettable, though not exactly memorable either. The first story can be summarized as the Japanese version of Romeo and Juliet... with Gods and spirits fighting (It's actually an adaptation of a play called "Goddess of the Dark Tower," but it still has similar themes). The second story can be summarized as a Japanese Macbeth (Another adaptation for a classic ghost story known as Yotsuya Ghost Story). The story which truly shines and the main reason why I would even recommend this series is the last one and the only original idea of the anime. It has a completely different art style and feel to it then the other two stories, or even to anime in general. It's about a Medicine Seller who comes to a grand estate where the lady in the house is to be married. However while he is there the lady dies and he is the main suspect... I won't give away anymore as it has many plot twists that can be given away very easily. This story got so popular that they made a spin-off series called Mononoke chronically the events that happen to the Medicine Seller. However after the company that dubbed Ayakashi went under, the rights to Mononoke were thrown in the air and so it has not been dubbed.

A third series I recommend is Soul Eater which can simply be described as "Like a shorter version of Bleach... on crack."

I know more, but those are the first three that popped into my head that had not already been added to the list.

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