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anyone into K-pop or 2ne1?

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If you like electro-pop this is cool. i like electro and pop, and my sister would not stop playing them. they are making a tv show for america and they are really cute. here's what i found about it.

2NE1, the biggest band in K-Pop right now is finally breaking out into America. The TV show, 2NE1 Worldwide comes out on Sunday, July 17 on MNET US. There’s lots of behind the scenes of them in the studio, on tour and just fooling around.

There’s over 20 eps, and you can watch the creation of their NEW album releasing

this summ3r and their next hit single with Will.I.Am!! Watch these girls party and see

why they’re now THE fame of K-PoP.

Check ‘em out and like them on Fac3book



To be honest, I'm not interested in K-Pop unless you can understand what they're saying. I'm more interested in 80's music and stuff :D That's when music meant something to me.

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Lately I've been really into VIXX and Mamamoo, and I still love Miss A and 2PM. I like other groups too, but those four are the ones I mainly pay attention to.


Let's talk biases!!! Here are mine for my four favorite groups:


Miss A - Jia

2PM - Chansung

Mamamoo - Hwasa

VIXX - Ken

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