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Nero D. Ace

The Revival Jutsu [SPOILERS]

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What are your views on the Revival Jutsu's used by Pain and Kabuto to bring people back from the dead?

Personally, I don't like it at all. One of the first crucial deaths in Part 2 of the series was when Asuma was killed by Hidan and that drove Shikamaru to become stronger and avenge him and also led to some character development for Team 10.

Move forwards a few chapters. Enter Kabuto with a jutsu to bring the souls of people back into their bodies. All i have to say is - W ... T ... F ...?

We finally had a killing spree started and the author started bringing people BACK TO LIFE.

Up until then, most of the major character decelopment had been for Naruto, Sasuke and Shikarmaru and had involved the deaths of Jiraiya, Itachi and Asuma, respectively. Now, granted that I was relieved when Kakashi was brought back by Pain but it begs the question why the guy didn't take some Chakra pill or rest for half an hour or so before bringing the dead guys back and avoid his own death?

I've started to lose interest in the manga these days because I was really satisfied with how most of the Akatsuki went out - Deidara, Sasori, Itachi ...

And now they've all been brought back and have become target practice ... which is just humiliating. I mean, come on - Sasori got beat up by Kankuro! The same guy that he defeated in the beginning of the series with his Hiruku puppet!

Anyways, enough ranting. What do you think about this Jutsu? Is it good because you get to see old characters again or is it just a 'drag'?

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I do agree that its a bad plot decision by the author to bring everybody back. Especially with how we're supposed to believe that Kabuto was somehow able to get his hands on DNA from all these famous ninja. I mean come on Masashi...Kabuto was undercover as a Genin in the Leaf Village, and then spent 2-3 years working for Orochimaru. I think that Orochimaru would have noticed Kabuto going on "vacation" one too many times.

As for Pain, his jutsu required his sacrifice, so a pill or resting wouldn't have made a difference. It's pretty much a golden rule in fiction - when magic can bring someone back to life, you have to sacrifice another life to do it.

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