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How do You watch your anime?

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plug the computer to my projector and if the anime has 5.1 channel audio, hook it up to the home theater, and in some cases encode it for my iPod for late night watching or traveling…

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I use my laptop and my iPod Touch to download episodes and watch them on YouTube (if someone has already uploaded them). Never touch the TV; I don't like having to conform to a specific schedule of when they come on and I loathe the commercials.:dhh:

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hey are there any good sites to watch shows like naruto bleach an yugioh that you can watch the vids on a android phone cause so far none of the ones i have found will work on an android phone and i would really love to watch my anime while i workout

iphoneanime.net is your site man. you can stream, and i think even download too. i believe they only have subbed though.

can't wait til the HTC Edge comes out so i can watch movies on their parent site though.

But yeah for the OP, i have recently started watching them on my new computer I bought home built.

was watching them on my storm but i hate the time it takes to convert and then put on and sd card.

since three weeks ago i have watched and completed:

Baka and Test

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Jungle De Ikou(remember seeing it a few years ago on funimation on deman)

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Chrome Shelled Regios

High School of the Dead


some movie i cant recall

Chaos: Head

watched but not finished

20 episodes of Bleach dubbed(trying to catch back up)

last 32 episodes of Naruto Shippuden dubbed(same)

first 14 episodes of Durarara!!

first 2 episodes of Eden of the East

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There's barely any anime on Australian TV anymore so I DL anime to my PC then watch them there or plug my PC into the TV for the 720p ones. Since its an older TV and our network is down, it's a lot of work to watch something on the TV.

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