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DragonBall SD to Continue in Saikyou Jump

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It was announced last November that Shueisha would be releasing a new quarterly magazine entitled Saikyou Jump (Super Strong Jump), which would feature spin-off manga chapters of popular Jump series. The first issue, released last December, contained a new special DragonBall manga spin-off, DragonBall SD, by Ooishi Naho (オオイシナホ). The chapter was a retelling of Son Goku and Krillin adventures as they trained with Kame-sennin. No additional chapters were so much as hinted at in the debut issue, making us assume it was simply a one-shot chapter... until now!



The April issue of V-Jump, released in late February, first featured an advertisement for Saikyou Jump which showcased a second chapter of DragonBall SD. Since then, the Weekly Jump website has also updated with such, noting that it will again be printed in full color, and the next issue's cover has been posted on the V-Jump staff blog. Like the previous chapter, this will be a retelling of a specific event in DragonBall's history - Goku's battle with Freeza!

The second issue of Saikyou Jump was originally scheduled to be release this Friday (4/1), but due to the recent earthquakes and tsunami, its release has been pushed back to 11 April 2011. As with the last issue, this one will come with an exclusive DragonBall Heroes card, but will also include an exclusive "Strongest Hero Grand Collection DVD". The DVD will include "movie manga" versions of the twelve stories from the first issue.

Source: http://www.kanzentai.com/

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