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The Organisation [finished collection]

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This is all of the chaps put together, just in case you ever feeling like reading it ;)


Chapter 1

The rain was pouring down. Thunder rumbled in the distance. The dull and dreary sky cast the whole city of Kametsu in gloom. The weather was perfect for a quiet night in- or a murder.

" I am downtown, outside the scene of a brutal homicide. The police are keeping quiet about this but the windows to the building are smashed in and the body has already been taken away," reported Punner to the camera. Vesh frowned at the reporter.

"Excuse me, this is a crime scene please could you leave?" he said to Punner frostily. The charismatic reporter took it in his stride.

"Joining us now is Inspector Vesh, the legendary officer and Kametsu City hero. Inspector, what exactly happened here?" asked Punner cheekily. Vesh grinned.

"I'm sorry Pun this is a confidential matter, please leave,"

"what's the identity of the victim?" asked the determined reporter.

"Look, like I said-" CRASH! His voice was cut off by a loud bang.

"Inspector! It's Oblivia!" said a police officer, his eyes wide with fear.

"Shit!" cursed Vesh as Punner and his cameraman rushed for cover.

"Call Mae! Some serious shits about to go down!"

Meanwhile, on the otherside of Kametsu a tall muscular man was watching the news when his cellphone rang.

"Yeah it's Koby" he said.

"Sir the man on the news who died, is it him?"

Koby sighed.

"Yeah we have to assume so"

"G-goodbye sir!"

"yes goodbye" Koby stroked his chin thoughtfully. Kametsu was changing. Someone was disrupting his town and that someone was going to pay!

Chapter 2


Mae slowly rose from her sleep. She yawned loudly. RIIIING!

"Huh?" she gazed at her phone blankly. She wiped away drool from her mouth.

"Damn i drank way too much" she muttered as she answered her cell.

"What?" she asked irritably.

"Mae we need you! Hurry, come quick, its a bad situation, theres been a death and Oblivias here and every ones being killed, Chaos is with her and-"

" God slow down you freaking dumbass!" Mae shouted, exasperated. The officer at the other end immediately shut up.

"Now tell me slowly, what's this about Oby?"

"Oby?" the officer sounded confused.

"Oblivia you idiot!" Mae was seriously pissed.

"Oh right, sorry Miss. We found the body of an agent belonging to the Organisation and were authorised to take it in but now the Organisations top agents, Chaos and Oblivia are here to retrieve the body and we are under heavy fire"

"Where" asked Mae.

" Downtown by Kametsu Stadium" replied the officer.

" Who's on site from Special Ops?"

"Just Vesh and Scott's on his way but he won't get here for another hour"


"Yeah she's here"

"Send 3 of your top men to ward 4 to guard Ronin. I'm on my way"

"Yes Sir!" Mae hung up. She was fully alert,all trace of weariness gone and the prospect of taking part in a fight where she'd most likely get killed really excited her. She undressed and put on her battle gear, a black, full body suit that was tight against her skin and a mask that covered her whole face except her eyes. She picked up her twin blades,went to the window and opened it. she was seven stories up.

"Time for some fun" she grinned. She climbed onto the ledge and saw the driving rain and gloomy sky. The whole of Kametsu was shrouded in a unnatural darkness that threatened to overcome the electric lights of the city. Mae took a deep breath and jumped into the abyss of the night.

"Inspector what should we do?" asked an officer. All was quiet, too quiet. Vesh, the medics and four officers were huddled by the ambulance that contained the dead body. He was a mastermind, famed for his ability to make 'miracles' but he knew he couldn't get out of this. Not with Chaos blocking their way out and Oblivia slowly advancing towards them.

"We have to sit tight and wait for Mae" he stated though the words struck a vicious blow to his pride. He clenched his fists.

"Dammit" he cursed under his breath. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Its alright Mae's gonna be here soon and i know you can servive till then" said Empathy to Vesh.

"Thanks Em i just wish i could do something i feel powerless" he said, frustrated. Empathy was about to reply but was cut off by a shout.

"Sir i..its Oblivia!" Vesh drew his gun.

"Put it away Vesh. Everyone knows your no fighter" cackled Oblivia. She cut down all four officers in the blink of an eye. She than swang the blade with great speed towards Vesh. He dodged but dropped the gun. She then stabbed him in the stomach.

"Vesh"screamed Empathy,horrified.

"Hey Em didn't see you there. Your dead girl" she winked at the stricken doctor.

"That's enough Oby" called a voice. Oblivia's eyes widened.

"Sis! Long time no see" she grinned.

"Yeah" replied Mae.

Oblivia lunged at Mae with great speed but was easily blocked.

"Em look after Vesh. Your the only one who can save him now!" said Mae to Empathy. " As for you sis let's go!". The two womens sword clashed and they began a fierce battle.

"Weaklings" sighed Chaos as he beheaded his eleventh victim with his sword. He heard the clash of swords up ahead.

"Hmmm looks like Oby's having fun" Suddenly he ducked, as a bullet whizzed past his head. He turned around and spotted Shade on the roof of the building opposite. He turned again and blocked a blade.

" So you've arrived Special Ops. But can you beat your master Leki?"

"Watch me" replied the determined Leki. Chaos grinned. Now it was getting interesting. Maybe he could have some fun against his former student. He charged with renewed vigour...

Chapter 3

"This is bad" said Shade to himself. He was sittting on the roof of the building oppposite the battle. In this situation his sniper was useless as he would probably hit Mae or Leki.

"Damn!" he cursed. Suddenly he dropped his sniper, turned around and drew his handgun.

"Relax Shade, its only me" said Razor.

"oh, hey rookie!" grinned Shade.

"Haha, your a riot Shade" replied Razor. "What's the situation?"

"Well as you can see lucky Leki and Mae are fighting their arch enemy" chuckled Shade darkly.

"Where's everyone else" asked the junior agent.

"Well" Shade thought for a second. " Shazi is on a mission in Australia, Vesh is down there somewhere with Em, Scott is god-knows-where and Eve is guarding Ronin in the hospital"

"So only me and you for back-up?"

Shade laughed."only you raz i'm not equipped for close combat"

Shade's radio crackled.

"Yes" he answered.

"Shade, the body, what should we do?". It was Empathy.

"Ask Vesh, he's the commanding officer" replied Shade.

"I can't. He's unconsious" said Em.

"Damn!" exclaimed Shade. "OK Em, Razor's coming"

"R-Razor, yes sir!"

" Calm down Em, were all friends here". He put down the radio.

" Razor. With Vesh out of it and Mae engaged in a battle with Oblivia, I am your commander" Shade told Razor.

Razor stood to attention and saluted.

"Yes Sir!" he barked.

"Your mission is to retrieve the body and rescue Vesh and Empathy!" ordered Shade.

"Shade can i ask, who's body is it?" asked Razor hesitantly.

Shade closed his eyes, leaned against the wall and sighed.

"Its Sickadiscustus" he said flatly.

"The head of the Organisation?" gasped Razor.

"Yeah, we believe it was a result of a coup d'etait led by Koby. Anyway forget it just go do your mission."

"Yes Sir!". Razor drew his swords and jumped off the roof. He landed by rolling on his back.

"Ok lets do this!" he said to himself.

Shade glanced at the carnage below him.

"Its a right mess out there" said a voice next to him.

"Persocom still avoiding the dirty work i see" muttered Shade.

" Come on Shade you know im an independent observer i just survive"

"Yeah whatever" said Shade shortly.

"You've lost " stated Persocom.

"What!?" Shade whirled around. There was no one there. Persocom had gone.

Chapter 4

Razor ran towards the ambulance but was stopped by a masked figure appearing in his path.

"Who are you? Get out of my way! Now!" he demanded. Suddenly the masked man laughed, a cruel and manic laugh that chilled Razor to the bone.

"You think a rookie like you could defeat me?" asked the man.

" I'll defeat any one in my way" replied the determined Razor. The man removed his mask.

" Dude this aint an anime! Thats so cliche it makes me wanna puke" sneered Random.

"Great its you" moaned Razor.

"Aah! I see my fierce reputation precedes me!" grinned Random, puffing his chest out.

" Random your an idiot! The last time we fought you ran into a lampost and knocked yourself out!" exclaimed Razor.

" Hey i was drunk then! And now your dead!". Random started spinning his sword around and then dropped it on his foot.

"This could take a while" sighed Razor as Random hopped about.

Mae slashed at Oblivia's neck but was blocked by her foes sword. Mae parried the counter attack and thrust at Oblivia's body but the sword only connected win thin air.

"take this sis!" screamed Oblivia as she jumped over Mae and slashed at her neck. Mae turned and managed to block but the strike ripped her clothing, exposing her chest.

"Wow Sis looks like you've grown" snickered Oblivia whilst pointedly looking at Mae's chest. Mae's face turned bright red.

"You cow!" shouted Mae. She then slashed through Oblivia's clothes.

"Well looks like your still the same" smirked Mae. Now Oblivia turned red.

" If its any consolation girls you both are pretty stacked" grinned Vesh weakly.

" SHUT UP YOU PERV!" both girls screamed at him.

"Your dead now sis" said Oblivia.

"Bring it kid!" grinned Mae. Oblivia let out a roar and charged at Mae.

Leki again attacked Chaos who easily blocked him. He kept on attacking striking at Chaos repeatedly but was effortlessly repelled.

"Leki i know i trained you better than this"

" SHUT UP! shouted Leki. He flew at Chaos once more. Instead of blocking, this time he sidestepped. SLASH! He cut Leki's body.

"W-What!" gasped Leki. He collapsed to the floor. Chaos turned and walked away.

"D-Damn you Chaos w-wait" said Leki.

"Weakling" stated Chaos. Leki cursed and blacked out.

"This is boring Shade. I'm leaving." he walked away.

"So he knew i was here huh" Shade sighed. Leki you hero, he said to himself and knelt by his injured friend's side.

"Razor, Mae were pulling out" he said into his radio.

"Oh you going sis?" mocked Oblivia. Damn Shade, i'm not going anywhere, said Mae to herself.

"FREEZE OBY!" shouted Eve, pointing her gun at Oblivia.

"Oh Eve your here. Sorry girls i like you but the bodies not that important so i'm gone. Oh and Mae? Koby's waiting" She dropped a smoke grenade, blinding Mae and Eve. When the smoke cleared she was gone.

"Eve help Em with Vesh" she said.

"Damn!" she said and punched the wall. " I'll get you next time Sis."

Shade looked at his battered team. Scott was there too as he and Razor had made Random flee. Mae was quiet and brooding and Empathy and Eve where checking on the wounded Leki and Vesh.

"Persocom was right. We got beat" he sighed. Time to go back to base he thought.

Chapter 5

'Shade looked at his battered team. Scott was there too as he and Razor had made Random flee. Mae was quiet and brooding and Empathy and Eve where checking on the wounded Leki and Vesh.

"Persocom was right. We got beat" he sighed. Time to go back to base he thought.'

2 weeks later

"RAZOR! LEKI!" shouted Mae.

"Huh?" grunted Razor.

"Get up idiot. Its time for school." said Mae.

"Why do i have to go to school> I'm a freaking goverment killing machine." muttered Razor.

"Well Dan 15 year old boys should be in school, where they can learn to respect their elders" grinned Mae viciously.

"Y-Yes Ma'am" said Razor hastily.

"Just messing with ya kid" laughed Mae, ruffling Razor's hair.

"I am NOT a kid!" exclaimed Razor.

"Where's Leki" asked Mae.

"He's-" Razor looked around the room confused. Leki suddenly strolled fully dressed and munching on toast.

"Just came to get my bag" smile Leki cheerfully.

"Glad to see your fully healed. but still what are you so happy about?" asked Mae.

" He's gonna talk to his precious Sonya" snickered Razor. Mae's eyes widened and Leki spewed his toast all over Razor.

"Hey!" shouted the toast covered teen.

"I told you not to tell Mae!" shrieked Leki. He froze and turned around slowly. He found himself face to face with the shining eyes of Mae.

" Oh Leki! Young love! Finally i can host a wedding! I'm so proud of you Leki you're so much better than that playboy Razor!" gushed Mae.

" Oh yeah! I'm a stud" grinned Razor.

" No Mae! We're not that far yet!" said Leki hastily.

"Oh but have you kissed yet?" asked Mae. Leki turned bright red and Razor fell out of his bed in hysterics.

"Mae! Its none of your buisness!"

" Ok, Ok. Razor your late get dressed now!"

" Just give me a sec to do my hair"

"Your such a girl Raz" said Leki.

"I'm a stud lover-boy" grinned Razor, quickly running out of the room. Leki sighed. He looked at Mae who seemed to be dreaming with a blissful look on her face.

"Raz you bastard" he muttered under his breath.

Eve was bored. She went shopping but quickly got fed up of it. She sat down on the bench and opened her book, The Hobo Chronicles. She read for about half an hour before she realised she was hungry. She went to K-Cafe! and ordered a quarter pounder with fries.

"Yay!" she said to herself and tucked into her food.

" Hey beautiful" said a voice. Eve looked up and saw a tall man with spiky hair and shades glancing down at her.

"Hey" she said warily.

" Are you alone? May i sit down?" he asked.

"Sure go ahead" said Eve slowly. He looks familiar she thought to herself.

"Your very cute" remarked the man. Eve blushed.

"Thank you." she said.

"Your boyfriend is one lucky guy."

"I don't have one" giggled Eve.

"Wow really? Thats amazing" said the man.

"Whats your name" asked Eve.

"Ch-Carter" said the man.

"I'm Eve"

"Hey Eve what have you been up to?" asked Carter.

"Just walking around" she said as she finished off her last bit of food.

"Alone?" Eve nodded.

"Well we can't have that! Come on lets go!" he offered her his arm. Eve hesitated.

"Well.....Ok then" she took the offered arm and they walked out of the cafe.

Chapter 6

Razor and Leki were walking towards class when someone jumped on Razor's back.

"What the-?!" shouted Razor.

"Calm down Danny boy its me! Chi!" laughed the assailant.

"Hey Chi." said Leki.

"Hey Lek" grinned the boy.

" Can you get off me bro?" asked Razor.

"Sure man. I see your as strong as ever." remarked Chidori.

"Whatever" said Razor dismissively. They walked past a bunch of girls.

"Look its Dan!" whispered one.

"The soccer team captain?" whispered another.

"Yeah! He's gorgeous!" giggled a third.

"Whats he doing with Chi?"

"Chi? You mean that delinquent perv?!"

"Oh put theres Leki!"

" He's so cute! But i heard he's dating Sonya!" said another.

"HUH?!" exclaimed the rest.

"HEY DON'T YOU KNOW ITS RUDE TO TALK BEHIND SOMEONES BACK?!!" roared Chi at the shocked girls.

" Its the perv! Run!" they screamed together. Razor and Leki laughed whilst Chi slumped into a depression. As they were about to enter the classroom they were stopped by a tall senior girl.

"Hey R-Dan, Leki. How are you guys?" asked Shazi.

"Yeah were good, thanks." said Leki.

"You've got a nice tan Shazi" remarked Razor.

"Thank you! Oh and Leki? Sonya's looking for you" winked Shazi and she walked off.

"Leki man, i've never seen you so happy" smirked Razor. Leki smiled.

"Hey guys what was that?" asked a stunned Chidori.

"What do you mean Chi? asked Leki. Both he and Razor looked confused.

" I mean why was Shazi, the goddess of Kametsu High talking to you like you were close friends?" said Chi incredulously.

"Well, duh. We are good friends," said Razor. Chidori frowned.

"Why didn't she talk to me?" wondered the confused boy. Razor put his hand on Chi's shoulder.

"Well mate, its obvious you don't exist to her" Leki burst into laughter and Chidori's mood slipped even further. As this normal exchange occured, no-one noticed the strange girl by the lockers who was staring at the laughing face of Leki.

"Damn! Physics is so boring!" exclaimed Razor as they sat down for lunch. A beautiful girl suddenly appeared in front of them. The girl had a perfect figure and beautiful glossy black hair that fell down to her shoulders. Her breasts were a cosy C cup which perfectly suited her and she had warm brown eyes that a guy could lose himself. She had a face that any man would drool over, she was stunningly beautiful and her name was Sonya, Leki's girlfriend.

"Hey babe" she beamed at Leki.

"Hello Chi" she said kindly. She didn't even look at Razor.

"ooh is little miss perfect angry" teased Razor.

"Leki let's go" she said shortly. They got up and left.

" Wow she really hates you" said Chidori.

"Yeah" laughed Razor. A tall, stocky boy ran up to them.

"Captain!" he said.

"Hey Ray" replied Razor

"Its East Kametsu! There here requesting a re-match" said the boy.

"Oh good! I'm so bored" said Razor." Tell them to go to our ground at 4:00pm after school. Oh and tell them to bring Carly, she's stunning!" grinned Razor.

The boy ran out of the cafeteria.

"Hey Dan?" said Chi.

"Yeah?" said the teen.

"Um how are we gonna tell Lek?" Razor looked at Leki's table and saw him attached to Sonya by the lips. There hands were also wrapped around each other. Razor grinned evily.

"Hey Leki stop sucking Sonya's face and come here!" shouted Razor at the top of his voice. The whole cafeteria erupted in laughter. Sonya broke apart from Leki and rushed out. Leki walked back to Razor, his face bright red. As he walked he was bombared with cheers and wolf whistles. He grabbed Razor and pulled him out of the cafeteria.

" We got a game" said Razor cheerfully.

"You bastard!" Leki swung a fist at Razor who dodged and ran off.

MEET ME AT THE MATHS ROOM in 10 BABE XXX. Leki smiled at the text.

"Hey captain" he said.

"what Leki" asked Razor.

"I'm just going somewhere i'll be quick," said Leki.

"OK but hurry the game starts soon and we can't start without the goalie"

"Thanks!" He rushed off. Well she did say 10 minutes.

"She's late" he sighed. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his side.

"What the-?" he touched his side and was shocked to find blood on his hands. He turned around and gasped in surprise.

"Eve what are you doing?" he said

"I'm sorry Leki. I really liked you" she said. Eve then stabbed Leki to death.

"AAAAAAAAAGH!" screamed Leki. He was in so much pain he couldn't move. Then he let out one shaky breath and finally lay still. Leki was dead.

Eve used the blood to etch a 'C' on the floor.

"I'm sorry Leki. Really, I am" she said to the life less body with tears in her eyes. She left the room.

10 minutes later

" Wheres Leki got to?" asked Wolf, the star winger.

"Damn him, he's probably fooling around with Sonya. Chi your on. Get in goal!" said Razor.

"Y-Yeah bro!" said Chidori.

"Where the hell are you Leki?" said Razor to himself.

" I'm so sorry babe that freaky Mr Idl tried to talk to me" said Sonya as she opened the door of the Maths room.

"Leki? You here?" she stopped dead when she saw the body. She collapsed to her knees and screamed at the top her voice..........

Chapter 7

"Eve what are you doing?" he said

"I'm sorry Leki. I really liked you" she said. Eve then stabbed Leki to death.

"AAAAAAAAAGH!" screamed Leki. He was in so much pain he couldn't move. Then he let out one shaky breath and finally lay still. Leki was dead.

Eve used the blood to etch a 'C' on the floor.

"I'm sorry Leki. Really, I am" she said to the life less body with tears in her eyes. She left the room.

4 hours earlier

"So where do you want to go?" asked Carter.

"Well....um," Eve blushed and looked away." Can we go see that new movie?" she asked finally, blushing furiously.

" Of course we can," smiled Carter. Eve's face lit up in childish excitement and they walked to the cinema together, hand in hand.

Koby frowned at the report in his hand. He pressed his intercom.

"Meglad, send Oblivia in," he said.

"Yes Sir!" replied the guard. Koby sighed, this would be difficult.

"Hey Koby, long time no speak." said Oblivia cheerfully.

" Yeah" replied Koby warily.

" Why did you call me here?" asked Oblivia.

" Well it's to discuss the mission"

" Ok um what about it?" Oblivia was slightly confused.

"You were in charge right?"

"Yep, I was" answered Oblivia.

" So why, when i put my best agent in charge, did you fail to achieve the objectives" asked Koby calmly.

" What? How dare you-" began Oblivia.

"No! You're forgetting Oby, I killed Sicka andI am the leader of the Organisation!" roared Koby.

" Y-Yes Ko-" stammered Oblivia.

" Sir! Not Koby, sir!" said Koby. Oblivia nodded, she was speechless in shock.

" Now" said Koby rubbing his forehead. " Because of your abysmal performance as leader Sicka's body fell into Spec. Ops. hands, so you will not be given a promotion and instead Chaos is now the No.1 agent of the Organisation." he said slowly. Oblivia's eyes widened.

"But Sir-" her protest was swiftly cut off by Koby.

" Enough even now Chaos is working on recruting another agent. I have no more to say. Now go." he said dismissively. Oblivia was stunned and turned to leave but stopped.

" Oh and Koby-" she began.

" Look I told you-". Oblivia raised her voice.

" Mae said hi." she then stormed out of the room. Koby sighed.

"Damn" he said.

Eve rushed out of the cinema with Carter chasing after her.

" Eve! Eve whats wrong?" asked a concerned Carter.

"I'm sorry I can't kiss you," she said

"Why not?"

"Your my enemy" she stated simply.

"What?" gasped Carter

" I know its you Chaos" she sighed.

" How long?" asked Chaos

"Since the cafe"

" oh"

"Yeah oh" Eve suddenly turned and ran.

"Wait Eve! Watch out!" shoted Chaos. Eve froze and turned, only to see a truck coming straight at her.............

Chapter 8

Eve froze and turned, only to see a truck coming straight at her..........

The truck charged down the road.

"NO! EVE!" Chaos desperately ran towards her but he was too slow, much too slow. He saw her freeze, he saw her turn and he saw the truck. The so insignificant, everyday truck that would destroy Eve in a matter of seconds. Tears of frustation began to build up and he closed his eyes. He heard the truck drive past but was surprised to not hear the thud of it hitting Eve's body. He opened his eyes and was stunned to see Eve looking shaken but unhurt with Yuna standing over her.

"Here mate your girl's fine" called Yuna. Chaos rushed over to them. Eve looked dazed and was completely unaware of what was happening.

"Why are you here? asked Chaos.

"Koby told me to watch you." she stated simply.

"Why?" asked Chaos forcefully. In response Yuna laughed.

" We were concerned" She breathed into Chao's ear." My, my the mighty Chaos. Who would've guessed your so naive. She could of easily taken advantage of your feelings and killed you"

" Don't be idiotic it's just a mission." replied Chaos, blushing. Yuna was laughing even more now.

"O-Oh my god!" she giggled. " Chaos the most feared and sadistic Organistation agent is blushing! Unbelievable! Anyway bye lover-boy" Yuna walked off still chuckling.

" Damn calculating bitch" muttered Chaos under his breath.

" So i'm just a mission am i?" inturrupted the now alert Eve.

" Eve are you ok?" asked a concerned Chaos. He tried to embrace her but she pushed him away.

"Answer me!" she demanded.

"No i really do like you." said Chaos." I just didn't want Yuna to get the wrong idea-"

"Oh so your embarrased?" asked Eve relentlessly.

"No! It's just.." said Chaos weakly

"Just?" replied Eve. Chaos sighed. He stared at Eve for a while.

" God your beautiful" he said and leaned in and kissed her deeply. Eve was taken aback at first and Chaos feared that she would back away but then she accepted it and put her arms around Chaos's neck, kissing him back. Chaos wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in closer. They broke apart after a few minutes but stayed in the same position with Eve's head buried into Chaos's chest.

" I want to join you" breathed Eve sudddenly. Now it was Chaos's turn to be taken aback.

"What?" he blurted it out.

"Wow you really no how to kill the mood" giggled Eve.

"S-Sorry" stammered Chaos. Eve giggled again.

"Are you sure?" asked Chaos.

"Yeah" replied Eve softly.

"But what about your team?"

"Well apart from Razor, Leki and Mae i don't really talk to any of them. I mean Shazi's always on foreign missions and Vesh and Shade are heartless and always caught up in their own work."

" won't you miss them three?" said Chaos not wanting to name his three enemies.

"Well ever since you put Ronin in hospital and Koby took over, Mae's been really depressed and Razor's always out with girls or playing soccer and Leki's always training to beat you or he's out with Sonya." she explained.

" I'd love you to join but Koby wouldn't like it," said Chaos.

" Actually Koby's given you a job" inturrupted Random, appearing suddenly.

"What?!" exclaimed Chaos and Eve together.

"Yeah and so you don't help her, the job is killing Leki," continued Random. Chaos's eyes narrowed and he reached for his hidden knife.

"Wait! I'm just the messenger bro!" shouted Random in alarm.

"I'll do it" said Eve.

"Eve no-" began Chaos

"No! I'll prove i'm worthy of being by your side"

"OK and Eve you have to leave the C" said Random. "Sorry Koby's orders" he said apologetically and jumped onto his bike and sped away.

" I'm sorry Chaos. Wait for me" said Eve and walked away leaving Chaos standing there looking as if he wanted to crush someone.

4 and a half hours later

"What happened? Who screamed?" asked Shazi. She saw Sonya faint and saw the body.

" Oh god no!" she shouted. She turned and retched. She scrambled for her phone.

"No no no no!" she repeated. She dialled Razor.

"RAZ!" she screamed.

"Wow Shazi what?" replied a bewildered Razor.

" Come to the maths room quick. Leki-" she stopped and shuddered.

"LEKI? WHAT'S HAPPENED TO HIM SHAZ?" Razor was stunned. To hear Shazi talk like this something had to be badly wrong.

" He's-" she gasped again, tears flowing freely down her face."He's dead." she said quietly, dropping the phone...........

Chapter 8.5

"Shit!" shouted Razor. Shazi looked up.

" He was stabbed numerous times. No way he could of survived," she said examaning the body.

"Damn!" cursed Razor. He took a breath to regain his composure.

"I'll call Mae. The less witnesses the better." he said coldly. Shazi looked surprised but then quickly went into professional mode.

"Yes we need to remove the body and the blood. What should we do about Sonya?" she asked Razor.

" I'll kill her then we won't have to worry about a cover story for her." stated Razor ruthlessly.

"What?!" Shazi was stunned. She went up to Razor and hugged him.

"It's ok you can cry now" she said. Razor choked and then let the tears come. They flowed freely down his face and he went on his crying causing Shazi to start and they stood there weeping for their dead friend.

"Mae?" said Razor into the phone.

"Oh my god Raz are you ok?" asked Mae concerned by his voice.

"Just get here quick and bring my bag" he said flatly.

"Er Ok give me 10 minutes," said a confused Mae. Razor switched off the phone.

"Why do you want your bag?" asked Shazi.

"I'm gonna kill Chaos" he replied.

"What? Chaos? Why?" asked Shazi, totally lost.

In response Razor pointed to a spot by Leki's body. It was a letter etched in blood, a single 'C'.

"Oh my god! Leki, no!" exclaimed Mae. She started crying.

"Yeah Mae give me my bag" said Razor cutting her off. She handed him his bag. He went up to Leki's body.

"Well bud i guess we couldn't play for Kametsu United together. I guess we were fools to think we could have a normal life.I'm gonna get revenge for you. It wasn't your time. Rest in peace Leki,your safe from all this shit now." he said to his best friend's body.

"Mae, Shazi." They looked up from their grief. Razor took out his mask and looked at it.

"Sort this out get Vesh and Shade. Defeat the Organisation. I'm gone." he said.

" Raz wait" said Shazi. She tried to catch but he was too fast and he exited the room.

" Now Chaos. Where are you?" Cuz i'm coming and i'll destroy you!" he said.

"So it's begun," said Ballard to himself as he saw Razor rush out of the school.

"Sir, the Americans are coming in 3 days." said Idl.

"Good." smiled Ballard.

"Yes sir. It was a stroke of genius to give them Sickadiscustus's body."

"Yes who would've guessed he was an american agent? No wonder Koby wouldn't kill him, now the U.S have an excuse to take Kametsu. They'll drastically weaken their military crushing the Organisation and the government and then i'll take over and it'll be all mine." he smiled.

Chapter 9

Chaos stormed into Koby's office.

"What the hell man? Why have you put a hit on Leki?" he demanded furiously.

" It's a test for Eve. Don't you want her to join us?" replied Koby calmly.

" Of course I do! But why Leki? Vesh is an easier target." argued Chaos.

"Well because i know you won't help her in eliminating Leki."

" You bastard!" roared Chaos, drawing his sword and pointing it at Koby. Koby snarled and drew his gun, pointing it at Chaos's face.

" Put your sword away" commanded Koby furiously. Chaos grinned. He loved a challenge but he didn't fancy getting a bullet in his brain. He put his blade away and Koby put his gun down.

" OK Koby you win this time but remember you just screwed Chaos, the guy who even Ronin fears" Koby waved his hand dismissively.

" Look as team leader i think that you deserve to know a secret."

" Oh" Chaos's eyebrows rose in interest.

"Yes it's concerning Sicka's body" ......

" What do you mean it's gone?" exclaimed Vesh in disbelief. The officer looked at the floor, avoiding Vesh's eyes.

" Well Sir we found two guards dead and the body gone" said the officer.

" So your telling me that your men let the body of Sickadiscustus, the master criminal of Kametsu fall into enemy hands?" roared Vesh.

" Sir it's just a body. Why's it so important?" asked the officer.

"Well idiot! If the enemy kills two police officers for it it has to be important!" Empathy walked in.

" Vesh i've tested the bodies and i can confirm they've been dead for approximately 2 days," she reported. Vesh was about to explode when his phone rang. He answered it.

" Mae whats up?" asked Vesh.

" Come to the school and bring Empathy," she ordered.

" Why?" replied Vesh, confused. He heard Mae choke and then she spoke.

" Leki's dead" she stated. Vesh gasped.

"W-What?" he asked in disbelief.

" Just come i can't say it again," said Mae weakly. She hung up. Vesh flopped back in his chair, rubbing his temple.

" Sir!" called the desk officer, rushing into the room.

" Not now. I'm busy" said Vesh dismissively.

" Sir you really have to see this." replied the officer, holding a laptop.

"Fine" muttered Vesh. The officer pressed a few buttons and the screen flickered into life.

" Hello Vesh" said Poetic.

" CIA? What do you want?" asked Vesh, surprised.

" We're coming to take Kametsu," said Poetic calmly.

" What?!" exclaimed Vesh.

" We've recovered the body of U.S government agent Ethan Johnson." she said.

" Johnson? What's that got to do with us?"

" You may know him as Sicka" smiled Poetic.

" You mean?"

" Yes Kametsu just killed an all-american hero who tried to stop the dangerous gang ring in the city. So now we are coming in to sort out the gangs for you," smiled Poetic.

"Wait-" he was cut off by an explosion.

" Looks like he's arrived. Goodbye Vesh," the laptop switched off. Vesh looked up to see Red stroll in.

" Hey Vesh it's me," he grinned. " I've come to take over Kametsu!"

Chapter 10

Another building exploded on the monitor. Red smiled.

" So Vesh. How does it feel seeing Kametsu being destroyed in front of your eyes?" asked Red.

" Piss off" growled Vesh in return. Red chuckled and looked round the room.

" This is a pretty good command center Vesh, and those T.V screens are amazing, you can see everything in the city." Red whistled. Vesh ran a quick series of thoughts through his head. We are in Sector A, so thats taken. According to Red, Sectors C, D and F were also taken. Vesh smiled grimly to himself. The school and Spec. Ops. command center were in Sector B which meant that as expected, The Organisation was situated in Sector E.

" Sir, we have reports of serious U.S army casualties by the Grand Theatre." reported one of Red's aides.

" The theatre? Vesh which sector?" asked Red.

" Like i'd tell you" snorted Vesh. Red pulled out his gun and levelled it at Vesh.

" Doesn't scare me" said the detective. Red turned the gun and shot Vesh's secretary in the shoulder. He grinned at the Inspector sadisticly. Vesh winced.

" Sector E" he said bitterly.

" Turn on the Sector E monitor," commanded Red. The screen showed a fierce yet elegant woman wielding two katanas.

" Is that who i think it is?" gasped a shocked Red. Vesh laughed.

" Yeah thats Oblivia and your men are so dead," Red paled.

Razor cut down yet another soldier. What the hell is the U.S military doing in Kametsu? He ducked down, dodging a hail of bullets. He took a short breat and sprinted towards the source of the shooting. The soldier let loose more bullets but he missed every time. Razor slashed the machine guns barrel and grabbed the officer by his throat.

" Who's in charge?" he demanded.

" Com-Commander Red" blurted the terrified soldier.

" Where?"

" The Kametsu Polce HQ,"

" Damn!" cursed Razor. He punched the scared man between his eyes, knocking him out and rushed towards Sector A.

Mae draped the cloth back over Leki's body.

"Yeah it's him" she said, tears dripping down her face. She hugged Shazi.

" Do you want to discuss arrangements" asked the sympathetic doctor.

" No i need to talk to the rest of the family," croaked Mae.

" Yes of course. I'm very sorry for your loss" the doctor walked off.

" Why did we have to go through that Shazi?" asked Mae.

"We need to keep up are facade of normality" replied Shazi bitterly.

" Yeah i know" Mae stopped.

" What is it?" asked Shazi.

" I left my phone at home," said Mae dismissively.

"Damn it!" cursed Shade. Mae wasn't picking up her phone,Eve was missing, Shazi,Razor and Leki were not at school and Vesh and Em were trapped at the police HQ.

" Isn't she answering?" asked Scott. Shade shook his head.

" Where the fuck did the U.S military come from?" wondered Amber.

" Babe you shouldn't swear" said Scott.

" Shut up you idiot!" she shouted.

" Y-Yes" stammered Scott. Shade sighed.

" There's someone at the door," said Amber after a while.

"Who?" asked Shade.

" It's.... Oh my God it's Chaos!" she gasped in shock.

"SPEC OPS I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! THE U.S ARE TAKING KAMETSU! WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER! LET ME IN!" bellowed Chaos. Shade loaded two guns and Amber loaded her rifle.

"Open it" Shade said to Scott.

" What me?" whined Scott.

" Yeah you idiot!" roared Amber. Scott gulped, picked up his shotgun and opened the door.

" Thank you." said Chaos." Now lets talk tactics"...........

Chapter 11

Oblivia beheaded another soldier.

"This is so fun!" she cackled manically. Random dodged another bullet and stabbed the shooter.

" Don't you think you're having a bit too much fun Oby?" he said nochalantly.

" Oh shut it Rand!" she said, killing yet another. Random sighed. Suddenly his phone buzzed. It was a text from Chaos. It said, Due to the current situation, we have to work with Spec Ops. Random's eyebrows raised in surprise. He continued reading, Koby's orders, come to their base right now, inform everyone. Random turned to Oblivia.

" I've just recieved orders from Ch-," he stopped suddenly, temporarily forgeting about Oblivia's bad feelings towards Chaos. Luckily for him, she was so absorbed in the battle she didn't realise.

" - from Koby. We are to go to Spec Ops at once," Oby laughed.

" Interesting," she suddenly stopped as the U.S soldiers began retreating.

" Let's go then. There running." They both stopped suddenly as two shruikens flew towards them. They both sharply ducked and drew their swords.

" Who's there?" called Oblivia. Two figures appeared.

" Who are you?" asked Random. The left figure smiled.

" Forgotten us already Rand?" As they came closer, Oblivia recognised their faces and gasped.

" U.S Zero Squad?" she breathed. Random gasped.

" Stuy and Fang?" Fang smiled.

" Shit! This is bad!" continued Random.

" Glad you remember us," said Stuy. He drew his sword. Oblivia looked at Random.

" Go tell Chaos, now!" she ordered.

" But-"

" You have to!"

" No, you'll die!" protested Random. Suddenly Stuy charged at Oblivia, who dodged.

" If you don't go now, I will never forgive you!" she said to Random. After a moment, he nodded. Just as he was about to leave, Fang intercepted him.

" Like hell, i'd let you go," he said. From nowhere, Fang was sent flying by a kick. Random looked to his left and saw Yuna.

" Go now," she said. Random smiled in relief and nodded.

" Good luck guys!" he said before turning around and speeding away. Yuna looked at Oblivia. Stuy stood back smiling.

" You'll pay for that Yuna!" roared Fang.

" Let's do this Oby," said Yuna. Oblivia smiled.

" Yeah let's!"

Snow, sat on the roof, smiled as he saw the battle below.

" Who do you think will win?" asked a voice to his left. Snow turned.

" Perso, the shadow. Hello." he smiled. " I don't really care." Persocom smiled.

" You call me the Shadow, yet we both know who the real shadow is in this war," Snow grinned again. Persocom continued,

" Tell Ballard, I hope he burns in hell,"

" Will do," replied Snow. He looked to his left and saw that Perso had disappeared.

" Time to get back to Ballard," he said aloud.

Chapter 12

Mae and Shazi exited the hospital and went towards the car park. BANG!

" What the hell was that?" shouted Shazi, in surprise.

" Something's wrong," said Mae.

" MAE! WATCH OUT!" screamed Shazi. Mae instinctively dodged to the left but wasn't quick enough and the bullet hit her shoulder. As she fell, she looked up and saw a group of soldiers.

" Damn," she muttered, as she lost consciousness.

" Bastards!" roared Shazi. She grabbed Mae and leaped onto a car. She paused to grin at the soldiers.

" Catch me if you can!"

As the soldiers opened fire, Shazi jumped to the next car and used the rest of the parked cars as a path to where her car was parked. She landed next to her car and fumbled for her keys.

" Damn!" she cursed. As she finally opened the door, a bullet whizzed past her head. She tossed Mae in and drew her sub-machine gun from under the driver's seat. She fired at the soldiers, hitting some and causing the others to scatter and take cover. In the car, Mae woke up.

" Aah my shoulder!" she moaned. Shazi jumped into the car and handed Mae the gun.

" I need to drive, can you shoot?" she asked.

" Are you crazy? Of course I can," replied Mae, taking the gun. Shazi started the car and pulled out of the space. The soldiers started firing but where again scattered by the return fire. Shazi swerved sharply and the car lurched forward. As they drove towards the exit, they were cut off by 4 cars blocking it.

" Where do you think your going?" grinned Rezin cockily. Mae shot at him, causing him to run for cover.

" That's Rezin. What an idiot," snickered Mae.

" Yeah but if Rezin is here then the U.S army is here," stated Shazi.

" Shit," cursed Mae. She aimed the gun again but when she pulled the trigger, all she got was a click.

" Out of bullets," Shazi tried to turn to the other entrance but was blocked by another group of cars.

" We're surrounded," groaned Mae. Rezin appeared again.

" Step out of the car Mae and you Shazi," he called.

" Who the fuck are you to call us by our names!" yelled Mae. Rezin laughed.

" Last chance. Get out or die," As they got out, Rezin said,

" Chuck the keys here," Mae nodded at Shazi, who did as she was asked. Suddenly a black SUV burst through the barricade. Amber leaned out of the window, peppering the soldiers with bullets.

" It's Spec Ops! Return fire!" yelled Rezin. His men began dropping like flies.

" A sniper!"

" Take cover!"

" Where is it?!"

It was all panic and confusion. On the hospital fire escape, Shade smiled as he killed another soldier.

" This is the perfect tactic. Trust him to make things chaotic," Chaos grinned manically as he leaped out of the SUV. Brandishing his sword he cut down 4 soldiers in the blink of an eye.

" Rescue mission complete!" he grinned, as Mae and Shazi leaped into the SUV. He jumped back in and Scott, who was driving, floored it. As they went by the fire escape, Scott slowed and Chaos kicked open the door.

" What the hell?!" yelled Mae. Just as she was about to protest further, Shade jumped in, shutting the door behind him.

" Hey Shazi, Mae," he said calmly. Suddenly Mae moaned.

" You know I've got a bullet in my shoulder, right?" she said. Shade gasped.

" Sorry let me see," he said. Shazi grabbed Chao's sword and pointed it at his throat. Shade sighed.

" It's ok, he's with us," he said. He was shocked when tears fell from Shazi's eyes.

" Give me one good reason, why I shouldn't kill this murdering bastard!"

" Murder? What?" asked a confused Shade.

" He killed Leki," said Mae softly.

" He what?!

Chaos sighed.

" It wasn't me," he said.

" Oh yeah? Who was it then?!" exclaimed Shazi.

" Eve" said Chaos simply. Mae gasped.

" Huh?!" cried Shade. Shazi was so surprised, she nearly dropped the sword.

" Liar!" she yelled. Chaos sighed again.

" Let me explain........"

Chapter 13

Razor sighed. He had fought through a lot of soldiers and was knackered. He looked up at the street sign and grinned. It said Sector A.

" Looks like I'm here,"

Suddenly a baseball came swinging towards his head. He dodged to the left and sliced the bat in half with his sword.

" Fuck," cursed the assailant. Razor froze.

" Punner?" he asked. The reporter's eyes lit up.

" Danny?" he laughed.

" What?" asked a confused Razor.

" I knew it! I knew it!" boasted Punner.

" Knew what?"

" That you and your family are police!" Razor gasped.

" No wonder they call you Punner the Wizard,"

Punner laughed again.

" Thats not actually my name," he grinned.

" I know Iki," grinned Razor in return. Iki gasped.

" Your Iki, a former military aide to the British S.A.S"

" But how, why, who?" mumbled the confused reporter.

" It's the job of Spec Ops to know,"

Iki's eyes widened.

" FREEZE!" yelled a voice. Razor instantly dropped into a defensive crouch, drawing a gun.

" I wouldn't do that if i were you," grinned Red.

" SHIT!" swore Iki, for they were surrounded with 20 or so red dots between their eyes. Razor grinned.

" Don't even think about escaping. I know you. Your the Knight of Death. You might be able to escape but your friend can't," Razor grinned again.

" Fine," he said dropping his weapons and putting his hands behind his head with Iki following suit.

Oblivia laughed as she parried another attack from Stuy. She swung at his head but was easily blocked. Yuna and Fang were locked in a viscious battle too.

" It's a deadlock Oby," muttered Stuy.

" Oh really?" grinned Oblivia.

" Yes we are evenly matched,"

Oblivia snorted.

" You wish," Suddenly she struck. An amazingly quick strike that cut through Stuy's defence like a knife cutting through butter.

" What?" gasped Stuy as he crashed to the ground. Oblivia's joy was cut short however, as she felt a sting in her shoulder. She touched the spot and cursed.

" Tranquillizer," she groaned. As she sunk to the ground, she called out weakly to Yuna,

" Run!"

Yuna saw Oblivia fall and swore. Suddenly Fang jumped back and Yuna felt as if a truck had hit her in her head.

" Owwwww," she moaned as she dropped to her knees. As she lost conciousness she saw a man's face.

" Hey I'm Kro and you're under American arrest," he smiled. Damn, cursed Oblivia as she too passed out..........

Chapter 14

" He killed Leki," said Mae softly.

" He what?!

Chaos sighed.

" It wasn't me," he said.

" Oh yeah? Who was it then?!" exclaimed Shazi.

" Eve" said Chaos simply. Mae gasped.

" Huh?!" cried Shade. Shazi was so surprised, she nearly dropped the sword.

" Liar!" she yelled. Chaos sighed again.

" Let me explain........"


" What is it Scott?" gasped Shade in alarm. Scott turned to look at him.

" Someone shot out our tyres," he replied.

" SHIT!" cursed Chaos. Suddenly, two shots rang out.

" Take cover!" yelled Mae. After a pause, they all got back up. Shade drew a gun and tossed one to Mae. Shazi gave Chaos his sword and picked up the assault rifle from below the seat.

" Scott can you move the car?" asked Shade. There was no response.

" Scott?" Still no answer. Shade got up and leaned forward.

" Shit," he sighed.

" What is it," asked Mae worriedly. She leaned forward and gasped. There slumped in the front seats were Scott and Amber, with bullets between their eyes. Dead. Mae sunk into her seat, breathing heavily.

" Are they-?" asked Shazi. Mae nodded. Suddenly Shade kicked open the door.

" Shade! What are you doing?!" exclaimed Mae.

" BASTARDS! WHO KILLED THEM?!" he roared. Another shot rang out and Shade dropped to his knees and leveled his sniper. As he lined up the target, a voice called out.

" Stop Shade,"

Shade's eyes widened and Mae, Shazi and Chaos all gasped for standing there was Poe and with her was a squad of 30 soldiers, all of them pointing their guns towards Shade's group.

" Freeze now!" she ordered. Chaos was the first to recover from his shock.

" I don't think so Poe!" He took Shazi's gun. Poe laughed.

" We have your comrades. If you shoot they all die!" she boasted. Chaos swore. Mae and Shazi tensed. Sighing, Shade raised his arms.

" We surrender," he said softly. Chaos dropped the gun and imitated Shade, as did the girls.

" This sucks," muttered Mae.

Hiding a short distance away, Eve sighed. She watched as her friends were taken away.

" Just wait guys, I'll free you" she muttered.

Random walked into headquarters and froze. It was quiet, too quiet. He walked tentatively towards Koby's office. When he reached it he swore and drew his gun. Meglad, Koby's bodyguard, lay dead in his chair. Random cautiously entered the room and saw Ballard sitting there.

" You! What are you doing here?" gasped Random.

" Hello. You may know me as Police Chief Ballard but I'm now taking over Kametsu," he grinned.

" What? You mean this is all your doing?"

" Why of course," Random leveled the gun at Ballard.

" Where's Koby?" he demanded.

" I'm over here," said a voice behind him. Random turned around.

" Sir! What-" he was silenced by Koby's knife sliding between his ribs.

" Why?" gasped Random, sinking to the floor. Koby smiled coldly at him.

"Sorry mate but i play for the winning team,"

" Ba-Bastard," breathed Random. He lay there on the floor.

" I'm sorry Oby,"

He took his last breath and died.........

Chapter 15

Oby snorted as she saw Vesh talking with Red. The inspector looked at her.

" Hello Oby, i heard you were unconcious?"

" Pfft, that tranquillizer was nothing," she lied. In truth her shoulder was still throbbing and she felt dizzy.

" Hey Oby," grinned Red. In response, Oby spat at his feet. Red's grin turned to a grimace.

" Take her away," he ordered the guards.

" Wait," inturrupted Vesh.

" What?" asked Red, irritably.

" If we are going to discuss things, I need to meet with the rest of my team. Allow me to see them," he said.

" Fine, go," said Red dismissively.

" Mae? Shazi?" gasped a shocked Razor upon seeing his comrades. Only 3 hours ago they had been together at school. It was evening now but everything had changed. Suddenly. he spotted Chaos.

" Bastard!" he exclaime and leaped at him.

" Raz wait!" yelled Mae in alarm. Razor laid into Chaos, punch after punch at his face. The guards tasered him and he was restrained by Shade and Shazi.

" Stop or you will be shot," said the guards.

" Get off me!" he exclaimed. Chaos got up from the ground, wiping his lip.

" Not bad Raz. You're way stronger than Leki," he smirked.

" I'll kill you!" roared Danny. CRACK! Shazi's slap stunned Razor.

" Leave it," she ordered. Danny cursed again.

" Fine," he muttered.

" Looks like your having fun," grinned Oby, entering the room.

" Hey sis," sneered Mae.

" Hey, stop arguing. For now we are on the same side." ordered Vesh, following Oby with Empathy at his side.

" Vesh! Empathy!" exclaimed Shazi, embracing them both.

" I would hug you but my arm kills," smiled Mae weakly.

" I'll check it out," said Empathy, lifting her medical bag.

" Me too please, that tranquillizer was killer," moaned Oby. Empathy hesitated. Shade nodded.

" Do it,"

Oby snorted.

" Where's everyone else?" asked Razor. Mae, Shazi and Shade tensed.

" Scott and Amber are dead," stated Chaos matter-of-factly.

" WHAT?" gasped Razor. Vesh rubbed his eyes.

" Shit," he cursed.

" How can you say it so casually?" demanded Shade.

" Cuz I don't care!" grinned Chaos.

" It's your fault bastard!" roared Shade.

" STOP!" yelled Vesh. Everyone fell silent.

" Good. Now I've lost enough comrades today and as much as I despise the Organisation, I know we must work together to save Kametsu. Now any suggestions?"

Chapter 16

Mae sighed. She looked around the room and saw everyone was asleep. They had talked and discussed for hours without really getting anything done. She rubbed her shoulder, Empathy had done an amazing job and it was just a dull ache. Vesh had gone around an hour ago with Chaos to meet with the Americans. So much had happened today and Mae knew that more was to come.

" I wonder just how many more of us will die," she muttered to herself. Oblivia, feigning sleep, nodded in agreement.

12 hours later

" How long are we gonna be kept here?" moaned Razor. Yuna frowned.

" Its lunch and Vesh and Chaos still aren't back," she said.

" Speaking of lunch do we get any?" asked Shade. Suddenly, the door opened and Vesh and Chaos entered the cell, with 3 guards and Poe following them.

" We've had a nice long chat and come to a decision," she smirked. Mae noticed that Vesh looked weary and Chaos was extremely agitated. Poe continued.

" Our original aim was to eliminate the gang warfare that has engulfed Kametsu. However upon discussion with Inspector Vesh and Chaos, we have realised that the Organisation is to blame," she grinned. There was a collective gasp.

" I told you we don't need you," muttered Vesh.

" You might think that but your president called us in," replied Poe. Suddenly, Yuna lunged at Poe. A shot rang out. Yuna dropped to the floor, a bullet hole between her eyes.

" YUNA!" screamed Oby, she moved towards Poe but was stopped by Chaos.

Poe looked at her coldly.

" Under the authority of the United States government, I sentence all members of the Organisation to execution!"

Chapter 17

Razor patted his stomach contently. The members of Spec Ops had been released an hour ago and had eaten a great lunch. As he thought about the Organisation, he sighed. He turned to Shade.

" This isn't right," he said to him.

" I know. This is our job." replied Shade, darkly.

" Why did the president even call in the Americans?" asked Razor.

" Kametsu is a strategically valuable area. The president is a corrupt bastard who's only goal is to get chummy with the U.S. You following so far?"

Razor nodded.

" So by allowing them into Kametsu, he's giving them a stake in it. The Organisation is a powerful criminal syndicate, feared the world over so if the Americans destroy it, they look good and they have an excuse to come into Kametsu."

" But why did they negoiate with Vesh and Chaos?"

" To keep up the facade of being 'friendly allies'." said Shade.

" But then why did they kill Scott and Amber?" asked Razor. Shade raised his eyebrow.

" You are right. I'm stumped about that,"

" We didn't kill any of you," inturrupted Krog.

" What?" gasped Shade.

" Are you sure?" asked Razor. Krog nodded.

" Poe specifically ordered us to avoid killing," said Krog. Razor frowned.

" Well if you didn't kill them......."

" Who did?" breathed Shade. Krog frowned.

" We need to find Vesh now!" exclaimed Shade.

" Like I'm gonna let you go anywhere!" yelled Krog. Razor narrowed his eyes.

" What do you mean?" he asked.

" Well, while you've been chatting, Zero Squad have secured all members of Spec Ops so they don't attempt a rescue!"

" Shit," cursed Shade.

" But don't you see, somethings wrong!"

" Just sit tight," replied Krog.

CRASH! The whole room shook.

" What the-?" muttered Krog. Suddenly, Razor kicked him. Shade knocked out the guards.

" Lets go find out what's going on," he said to Razor.

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Chapter 18

Iki sighed. As neither a member of the Organisation or Spec Ops he was typically alone with three weak guards. They're underestimating me, he thought. Suddenly, there was an explosion and Iki was thrown from his seat. He looked up and saw a gun on the floor next to him. He reached towards it but at the last second it was kicked away. The head guard faced him, with his back towards the door.

" Go check out what happened!" he ordered the other two. As they exited the cell, Iki caught a glance of a figure. The door re opened after a second and Iki was surprised to see blood on the outside wall. A woman walked in, with a finger on her lips.

" What you staring at?!" sneered the last guard. Suddenly a knife slit his throat and he collapsed to the floor, dead. Iki looked at the woman.

" I know you," he said to her. " You're Eve,"

" Hey," grinned Eve,

Shade walked down the corridor, with Razor behind him. Up ahead of them was the infirmary, which had a group of soldiers including Fang guarding it.

" Considering the amount of soldiers there, I think everyone else is in there," theorised Razor. Shade nodded.

" We are unarmed," noted Shade, as they ducked behind a vending machine.

" And they have AK 47s," replied Razor. " We are so screwed,"

Suddenly Iki and Eve appeared next to them.

" Hey guys," she greeted.

" Hey Eve," said Razor, he froze. " EVE!"

" Where you been Eve?" asked Shade.

" Shopping," smiled Eve. She handed Shade a gun that she had taken off the guard. Razor frowned.

" Where's mine?" he asked. Eve reached behind her and gave him a katana.

" I know how much you like swords," she grinned. Razor smiled.

" Lets do this guys," said Iki. Razor looked at him.

" Nice to know you're ok," he said. Shade looked thoughtful.

" What is it?" asked Iki.

" Something's wrong. Where's the rest of Zero Squad?"

" Probably checking out that explosion," replied Eve.

" HEY YOU!" All four of them turned around and were faced with Krog and Rezin. Fang looked in their direction and signalled to the other soldiers. Razor sighed.

" Shit,"

Chapter 19

Razor took command.

" Shade, Eve take the back! Tactic C" he ordered. Eve complied and unleashed a hail of bullets at Krog and Rezin, causing them too duck. Shade meanwhile, took careful aim above their heads and waited for them too rise. Razor turned to Iki.

" Shoot towards the left hand side and make it a relentless barrage." Iki nodded in reply and began firing at Fang. Razor drew his katana and ran forward towards the two soldiers who were returning fire. He jumped acrobatically over the bullets and landed in front of the guards, killing and disarming them with one great strike. He swiftly attacked Fang but was surprised when his sword was effortlessly blocked. Fang smiled.

" Don't underestimate me kid. I've recieved the same training as your comrades."

Razor gasped.

" That means..."

" Yeah I'm as good as every single member of the Organisation and Spec Ops!" He dodged sharply as Razor slashed again. Fang retaliated and Razor lunged forward, their swords clashing. Their faces were almost touching and Fang leered at Razor. Suddenly, Razor ducked and a bullet whizzed past his ear, hitting Fang in the chest Razor span aroung and decapitated the last soldier. He looked down at Fang, who lay on the floor.

" Well that was short. Don't kid yourself you're nowhere near my level forget about theirs'," Fang cursed and lay still.

" Freeze," ordered a soft voice. Razor stood still and felt the cool, hard touch of the gun at the back of his head. He glanced to the left, saw Iki smiling and relaxed only to get a slap on the back of his head.

" Ow what was that for?" he complained.

" Very macho performance and we are grateful that you saved us but always keep alert!" ordered Mae. Razor just grinned.

" Yeah, yeah whatever," he paused, suddenly aware that everyone's attention was fixed on Fang's body. He looked at their faces.

" I'm sorry. Did you know him well?" he asked. Shade sighed and Vesh nodded.

" We might be enemies now but...." began Oby.

" We fought together for years." finished Shazi. There was silence for a moment and Razor frowned.

" What happened to Krog and Rezin?" he asked Shade.

" Well me and Eve kept shooting and they fled we tried-" he started.

" What?!" yelled Oby.

" Eve was here?" asked Mae. Razor looked around but couldn't see Eve anywhere.

" Chaos has gone too," murmured Vesh.

" Damn it!" cursed Shade. Suddenly another explosion occured.

" What the hell?!" exclaimed Razor. Mae picked up Fang's sword and handed it to Oby.

" My shoulder's injured I won't be able to use it," she explained. Vesh picked up their fallen guards guns and tossed them to Empathy, Shazi and Mae. He bent down and took Fang's handgun and knife.

" Shade, Iki re-load," he commanded.

" What are we gonna do?" asked Empathy.

" We're gonna check out that explosion," he stated. The team started to walk but Mae stopped and turned towards Oby.

" Are you coming?" she asked. Oby sighed. Chaos has pissed off somewhere, Yuna's dead and Koby and Rand are god knows where. Suddenly, a thought came into her head and she smiled.

" I'll come but with me being the only member of the Organisation here, I have a request!"

Kakashi sat in his cell, sighing thoughtfully. He had heard the explosions and gunfire and was wondering what was going on. He had been in solitary confinement for 4 months after shooting Ronin and as a member of the Organisation he probably would spend another 15 more years here. So he was surprised when his cell door opened. Oby poked her head in and tossed him a gun.

" Come on. I'm the only agent left. Let's kick some American ass!"

Kakashi just grinned.

Chapter 20

Poe cursed. The explosions were caused by a third party and they had Idl, Snow and Clare another three former Zero Squad Agents. She ducked into Vesh's office as another hail of gunfire came towards her. Stuy slammed the door shut as he followed Red in. Poe looked at them.

" Where's the other three?" she asked. Red shrugged.

" No idea,"

" What's are status?" Stuy sighed.

" That bad?" asked Poe. Red nodded.

" Out of our last 60 men, 33 are confirmed dead." said Stuy.

" Who are we fighting?" asked Red.

" Clare, Idl and Snow," spat Poe bitterly. Red gasped.

" There still alive?!"

There was a knock at the door. Stuy tensed and levelled his gun at the door, with Red following suit. If we lose here, Kametsu- no the world- will be in our enemies' hands, thought Poe.

" It's Kro! A4!"

That was the code. Poe nodded at Stuy to open the door. He opened it and Kro walked in, a gun pressed into his back.

" Drop your weapons!" yelled the masked figure, holding the gun. Stuy and Red lowered their weapons and Poe frowned. Why is Kro holding a gun-?

" PICK THEM UP!" she yelled. She was too late and Kro put a bullet in Red's head. Stuy swore. Koby ripped off the mask.

" So this is the Organisation's doing?" sneered Poe. Koby laughed.

" They're losers. I bat for a new team now,"

" Kro you traitor!" cursed Stuy. Kro smiled ruefully.

" You guys were gonna lose," he explained. Poe spat at his feet.

" How could you betray your country like that?" Kro just smiled.

" I'm Canadian." he replied.

" SOLDIERS OF AMERICA! WARRIORS OF KAMETSU! LISTEN UP!" boomed the police announcer system.

Spec Ops, Oby and Kak froze as they heard the tannoy.

" Who is that?" asked Empathy.

" I know that voice!" said Iki and Mae together.

" Ballard," cursed Oby.

" I knew something was wrong," said Vesh. " I had a feeling he was gonna try something,"

" You did?" asked Razor. Vesh nodded.

" His election defeat really angered him so i thought he would get revenge but this is more than even I expected,"

" THE PRESIDENT IS DEAD!" continued Ballard. There were a few raised eyebrows.


" Bastard!" swore Mae.


" What?!" exclaimed Oby and Kak together.


There were collective sounds of disbelief.

" We are now fugatives," announced Vesh bitterly.

Chapter 21

" We are now fugatives," announced Vesh bitterly.

Eve looked at Chaos.

" Why won't you talk to me?" she asked concerned. Chaos sighed.

" I'm sorry Eve, it's not your fault. It's just this whole situation is so messed up

I don't feel like myself," he replied. Eve nodded sympathetically. She decided it wasn't a good time to mention Leki. Suddenly, Chaos leaned in and kissed her deeply. Eve was taken aback at first but then responded warmly. After a while she broke away.

" That was sudden," she smiled happily.

" There's a chance that we won't make it out alive. I just wanna say Eve," he breathed. Eve leaned forward, heart beating rapidly.

" I-" he broke off again.

" What Chaos?"

" I love you Eve," he mumbled. Eve froze. Chaos tensed.

" What?! What is it?!" he asked, worriedly.

" I love you too!" she exclaimed. Chaos kissed her hard, with extreme passion. Eve returned his passion. They broke off after a moment.

" That was intense, panted Eve, breathless. She rested her head against his chest.

" I love you," she whispered.

" I love you too," replied Chaos, sincerely. Suddenly, the ground shook and Eve lurched backwards.

" EVE!" exclaimed Chaos.

" I'm fine." replied Eve as she got back onto her feet. The room shook again.

" What's happening?" asked Chaos.

" No idea,"

Chaos opened the door of the room they were hiding in but immediately shut it again.

" What is it?" asked Eve.

" Our old buddies are outside," he replied. " We have to be very quiet,"

Poe looked at the chained form of Stuy and smiled sadly. She had failed and now they were the only two left. Suddenly, Stuy jumped to his feet and sat down next to Poe.

" I'm willing to die," he stated bluntly.

" What?"

" I suspected there was something wrong so I've wired bombs all over the building." he replied. Poe's eyes widened.

" You star!" she exclaimed.

" I'll detonate the first two bombs and you run. I'll take the guards," he stated emotionlessly. Poe looked into his eyes and she knew then that his mind was made up. She nodded in agreement. Stuy reached down and took off his shoe. He removed the heal, to reveal a button detonator.

" When my fingerprint presses this button, a remote wireless signal will spread out and detonate the nearest active bomb. When i press it again you run."

Poe nodded. Stuy pressed the button and after a second there was a loud bang and the room shook. Stuy ran to the cell door and began hammering on it. He paused to press the button again.

" The Chief's hurt! Come quick!"

As the door opened, Stuy swung a sweet punch at the guards nose, knocking him out.

" Hey!" yelled the second guard, entering the cell. Stuy bent down and tossed the fallen guard's gun at Poe.

" Go!" he commanded. Poe burst out of the room, past the other 5 guards and up the corridor. One guard aimed at her but he was hit by Stuy.

" FIGHT ME YOU BASTARDS!" he yelled. Poe stopped and saluted him.

" Your bravery will be celerbrated. You are a true American hero," she murmured sadly, before turning and sprinting away.

The building was collapsing. Vesh sighed.

" This place is coming down Let's get out of here," he said. Mae jumped to her feet, grinning.

" No this is perfect!" she exclaimed. Oby burst out laughing. Shade frowned.

" What do you mean?" he asked. Danny put a hand on his shoulder.

" It's carnage. I've lost track of how many twists and turns there have been in the last couple of days. This building is huge but this is the perfect opportunity to stop Ballard,"

Vesh nodded his understanding. A smile spread over Shazi's face.

" Let's go kick Ballard's ass!" yelled Oby.

Ballard sneered at the bruised and battered body in front of him.

" You killed 4 of my guys and injured the other two. Gonna apologise?"

" Bite me," grinned Stuy, spitting at Ballard. Ballard looked at him with contempt. It had been 10 minutes since the first explosion and the building was collapsing. He looked at Idl.

" Chopper ready?"

" Yes sir," replied Idl.

" Good let's go. This place is gonna burn down." Koby nodded and rose to his feet. Snow gestured at Stuy.

" What should I do with him?" he asked.

" Kill him," answered Ballard. Kro and Clare led the way with Koby and Ballard following, as they exited the room.

Chapter 22

Ballard strode towards his helicopter. He smiled to himself. When the building came down, all his enemies would be dead and Kametsu would belong to him. He glanced at Koby. He could be a problem, I should kill him later. Suddenly, a bullet hit the helicopter.

" What the heck?!" cursed Clare. The group looked towards the direction the bullet had come from and Kro gasped.

" Awesome shot, Shade. As usual," grinned Vesh. Mae pointed her gun at Ballard's group.

" Go get 'em!" she yelled. Koby swore.

" Everyone back inside!" he ordered. Ballard thought for a minute, before nodding in agreement. He and Koby rushed back inside, with Idl following. Clare and Kro unleashed a hail of bullets towards Vesh's group.

" Hit the deck!" yelled Oby. They all dropped to the floor and after a few seconds, the bullets had stopped. Suddenly, the helicopter blew up. After a minute or so, they got back to their feet. Kakashi let out a low whistle.

" That really was an awesome shot, Shade"

Shade grinned.

" We need to split up into three groups, to track Ballard down." announced Vesh. Mae looked at him curiously.

" Why?" she asked.

" The building will collapse in approximately 10 minutes. We'll cover more ground if we spli up. Two groups go after Ballard, the other one retreats to Spec Ops base so if we somehow fail, we'll be covered,"

At his words, silence fell and he continued.

" We have 9 people, so three groups of three,"

" Group 1, Me, Oby and Vesh. Group 2 Raz, Shazi and Iki. Group 3 Kak, Emp and Shade." interrupted Mae.

" Why am I in the third group?" asked Shade.

" You're senior and the only man, apart from Vesh that has the experience and ability to re-build Spec Ops if we fail," stated Mae, flatly. Shade sighed.

" Fine, Empathy, Kakashi, follow me," he ordered, before striding away. The rest of group 3 followed hastily.

" I think he's a bit angry," noted Razor.

" We can't worry about that now. Group 1 will follow the way that the enemy went, group 2 will double back to where we came from. Move out!" ordered Vesh.

Snow pointed his gun at Stuy.

" Can't believe I'm the one who kills you, Stuy," he sighed.

" 5 years ago, we were allies and fought in a war together. 5 years ago, The Organisation, Spec Ops and Ballard's crew didn't exist. 5 years ago, the legendary Kametsu Military Squad saved the world. But thats all ancient history. Right now, we're enemies, so kill me," replied Stuy. Snow sighed again. A gunshot rang out. Stuy opened his eyes and was surprised to see Snow on the floor, with a bullet in his leg. He looked at the door and saw Chaos standing there.

" KMS. Sure brings back memories." he glanced briefly at the two wounded men, his former allies.

" But that's ancient history now," he said dismissively, before striding out of the room.

Ballard swore. He was panicking. The building was falling apart and he knew it was only a matter of time before the floor he was standing on, collapsed. Koby looked thoughtful.

" I'll divert them," he announced suddenly. Ballard looked at him for a minute before smiling.

" Yes! Take Clare and Kro with you."

Koby gestured to them and together they ran back the way they had come.

" Comes down to us two," noted Idl, as they flew down the final flight of stairs.

" Yeah," smiled Ballard. As Idl led him towards the exit, he smiled.

" In the end, I always survive,"

They rushed outside and ran towards a waiting car.

" Drive!" ordered Ballard as they jumped into the vechile.

" What about Koby, boss?" asked the driver. Ballard grinned again.

" He's fine just drive,"

As the engine started, Ballard glanced back at the collapsing building.

I win.

Chapter 23

Razor and Shazi accelerated forward. Their speed was so fast that Iki could barely keep up with them.

" Wait up guys," he gasped. Razor stopped and Shazi laughed.

" Sorry man, we're used to moving quickly," smiled Razor, ruefully. Suddenly, the building shook again.

" Come on. Let's get going," ordered Shazi. Razor nodded in agreement. Iki frowned.

" You guys realise that we're going the wrong way. Ballard and his cronies went the other way,"

Danny nodded, seriously.

" Yeah, we know," he answered. Iki frowned deeper.

" Then, why......?"

" We're gonna look for Eve and Chaos," said Shazi.

" Why do you think we're together? Me and Shazi are fast so we can capture them quickly and you're handy with a gun, so you can cover us," said Razor.

" How do you know that's our job?" asked Iki, in amazement.

" We have set teams. Usually, when me and Raz are on a team, it's for search and capture. Plus, Vesh knows how much Raz hates Chaos and that Eve will hesitate to attack us, since we were two of her closest friends." explained Shazi.

" Wow, Spec Ops are on another level," breathed Iki, in amazement. Razor and Shazi just grinned.

Shade looked at Empathy and Kakashi. He knew how valuable of an asset Empathy was, as she was one of the world's best doctors. He also understood that sending Kakashi back was an act to pacify Oblivia so if the rest died, the resistance would still have representation from the Organisation. Leki, Scott, Amber and Ronin. He had lost so many comrades. He prayed that he wouldn't lose anymore. As they got in the car, Shade looked at the burning building. His instructions were to wait for 9 minutes. After that, his comrades were on there own.

Mae and Oby ran forward, kicking open doors as they went. Behind them, Vesh checked each room. It was a quick and effective strategy and in just 2 minutes they had covered the west side. Turning a corner, Mae and Oby quickly went backwards, as bullets whizzed past them. Peeking up the corridor, Oby saw Clare and Kro.

" 2 targets. One bottom right, one top left sitting on a trolley, about a metre up." she reported. Mae nodded. She positioned her gun and grinned. Suddenly, the gun dropped out of her hands and she gasped.

" What is it?" asked Vesh as he joined them.

" Sorry, it's just"

" What?"

" Koby," sighed Mae.

" Come and get me Mae! I'm waiting!" yelled a voice. Koby.

" Bastard," cursed Oby.

5 minutes had passed.

" They're long gone guys. Let's get out of here." announced Shazi. Iki nodded in agreement.

" We're gonna get killed, if we don't leave now," he said. Razor was frustrated. He sped ahead, and as he rounded a corner, he was surprised to see Chaos exiting a room and walking away. He turned to his team as they caught up with him.

" Check this room and we'll go," he said.

Shazi thought for a second.

" Fine," she said, eventually. As they entered the room, Iki gasped. Lying there with obvious bullet wounds were Stuy and Snow.

" You guys sort this out! Meet you at the base!" announced Razor, before rushing out of the room.

" Shit," sighed Shazi.

Chaos smiled as he saw Eve.

" Let's get out of here, the building's coming down," he said to her. Eve smiled.

" We can escape. Start over somewhere." she said.

" Yeah, maybe Japan or how about America?" chuckled Chaos.

" Yeah!"

Suddenly, Chaos felt something cold and hard press into the back of his head, a gun.

Eve gasped.

" Raz, don't!" she exclaimed. Chaos sighed.

" Having fun, guys? Don't worry it's just me." grinned Razor, evily.

" Please, don't man," muttered Chaos. Razor laughed.

" It was me Raz! I killed Leki!" screamed Eve. Razor paused, looking confused. He lowered the gun slightly and Chaos lunged at him. Razor jumped back quickly and pulled the trigger.

" No!" yelled Chaos. Razor gasped as he saw Eve slip to the floor, blood pouring from her chest.........

Chapter 24

"It was me Raz! I killed Leki!" screamed Eve. Razor paused, looking confused. He lowered the gun slightly and Chaos lunged at him. Razor jumped back quickly and pulled the trigger.

" No!" yelled Chaos. Razor gasped as he saw Eve slip to the floor, blood pouring from her chest.........

"EVE!" yelled Chaos. He rushed to her side. He lifted up her head with his hand.

" Eve dont die! Please don't die!"

Tears were running freely down his face. Razor had sunk to his knees, absolutely mortified. Eve reached out blindly, darkness clouding her vision. Chaos clasped the hand.

" I'm sorry, Chaos. I'm so sorry," she mumbled.

" No don't apologise. Just stay awake I'll get you to a hospital!" exclaimed Chaos. Eve shook her head.

" Don't worry, we can still escape this world. Japan, America, wherever! As long as I'm with you-"

Eve silenced him as she put her finger on his lips. She whispered to him,

" I'm sorry. I love you,"

More tears streamed down Chaos' face. Eve closed her eyes and breathed her last words,

" I don't blame you. You made my life worth living,"

Then she died.

Chaos howled in pain. Razor stared at him numbly. Chaos picked up his gun and jumped to his feet. He turned towards Razor.

" I'll kill-"

Suddenly, a part of the roof collapsed, separating them. Chaos swore. He lifted up Eve's body.

" Remember this Razor. Cuz one day I'll kill you!"

"Raz! You okay?" asked Iki, as he and Shazi ran upto Razor. Razor took a deep breath. What have I done? He rubbed his eyes and smiled at Iki and Shazi.

" Yeah. We need to get out of here, where are Snow and Stuy?" he asked.

" Dead," replied Shazi.

" How?" asked Razor.

" Stuy killed Snow and died of his injuries." reported Iki.

" Huh?"

" It was bizzare." said Shazi quietly. " Let's go,"

Shade smiled as Razor, Iki and Shazi got into the car.

" Any luck?" he asked. Razor shook his head quickly. Kakashi sighed.

" We'll have to leave now,"

Shade nodded.

" What about Oby, Vesh and Mae?" asked Shazi.

" It's their orders. We'll wait until the building collapses," replied Shade, bitterly.

" Fine," huffed Shazi.

Hurry up guys, thought Shade.

"Yes!" cheered Mae. The enemy fire had stopped and they rushed forward. Oby sword glinted as she cut down a makeshift barricade. Vesh looked at his watch.

" I minute and we go," he said. Oby and Mae nodded. As they rounded a corner, they came across a set of tall, wide doors. Vesh stopped them.

" This is the main courtroom. This is the only entrance and exit. Expect heavy fire if we enter."

Mae smiled and Oblivia laughed.

" Awesome!" said Oby.

" Clare, you get out and join Ballard now" ordered Koby. Clare nodded and turned towards the door.

" If you don't wanna die, I suggest using the window,"

Clare walked over to the window but hesitated.

" GO!" ordered Koby. Clare climbed out the window.

" Thats a bit extreme," noted Kro. Koby turned to him.

" When the doors open, kill Vesh and rush out of the room. Can you do it?"

" Course I can," scoffed Kro.

" Good. Then go to Ballard,"

Kro nodded.

" Ready?" asked Vesh. The girls nodded. Vesh pushed open the doors and a single shot rang out.

" Vesh!" gasped Mae. The inspector slumped to the floor, a bullet hole between his eyes.

" Damn," cursed Oby. She dived into the room, with Mae following. Oby swore again as Kro rushed past her, shutting the door behind him. Outside the room, he laughed.

" The plan actually worked!" he locked the door.

" Ballard's gonna be pleased with Vesh, Oby, Mae and Koby all dead," he chuckled before turning away.

The building shook again. Oby and Mae faced down Koby.

" My plan was brilliant don't you think?" he bragged. Mae charged at him, catching him by surprise. She trapped him in a choke hold.

" Oby we've run out of time. Get out. I'll deal with him." she ordered.

" But sis-"

" This is between me and him! Please leave!"

Oby hesitated for a second before sighing in resignation.

" Fine. I'll just go find Rand,"

She walked towards the window.

" I killed him!" laughed Koby. Oblivia froze. She turned towards him.

" You what?"

" I shot Random and killed him!" he boasted. Oby screamed and lunged at him.

" Oby stop-" Mae was cut off as Koby elbowed her. He shot Oby in the knee, causing her to collapse. Mae frantically scrambled for her fallen gun and then the building collapsed.

" NO!" yelled Shazi as the building collapsed. Razor closed his eyes and Empathy was weeping.

" It's over. They're dead," muttered Shade. Iki helped Shazi into the car. They all strapped themselves in.

" They died defending this city. We need to properly honour their sacrifice," said Kakashi. The car shot away from the obliterated police HQ. Shazi and Empathy were both crying freely. Iki and Kakashi had their heads in their hands, Razor punched the door. Suddenly, the radio blared into life.

" ........ following the invasion from America and the assasination of the Prersident and most of his cabinet, former war leader, Senator Ballard has declared martial law and has been appointed the new head of state." reported the DJ. There were collective gasps of disbelief. Ballard came onto the radio.

"........Following the unprecedented American terror attack, our proud country has been damaged. I pledge to you that I will make this country as good, no better than it ever was!"

Razor swore.

" I am the man that will lead Kametsu to glory!"

" He survived. We lost," gasped Shade. There faces pictures of sorrow, pain and agony, Razor sighed.

" Vesh was right. We're fugitives.........."


Thanks for reading!

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