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Who is Your Favorite FEMALE Character? And Why?[A Tribute]

Favourite Anime girl..  

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  1. 1. Favourite Anime girl..

    • Lucy/Nyu(Elfen Lied)
    • Hinata Hyuuga(Naruto)
    • Kaname Chidori(Full Metal Panic)
    • Rukia Kuchiki(Bleach)
    • Belldandy(Ah, My Goddess)
    • Nami(One Piece)
    • Haruhi Fujioka(Ouran High School Host Club)
    • Lacus Clyne(Gundam SEED)
    • Sakura Haruno(Naruto)
    • Eri Sawachika(School Rumble)
    • Chii(Chobits)
    • Motoko Kusanagi(Ghost in the Shell)
    • Orihime Inoue(Bleach)
    • Nico Robin(One Piece)
    • Haruhi Suzumiya(The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
    • Other (list)

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Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, I hated her at first, she seemed stupid and mindlessly infatuated with ranma, I thought she had no dignity or self respect until I saw the episode where she tricks ranma into a date, completely changed my opinion of her and now she's one of my favorites.

Rei from Evangelion, her quiet confident composure, her lack of common sense and that she was very strange and different always made her attractive to me, and I got a thing for white hair ^_^

Eri from school rumble, her entire love/hate relationship with harima was very amusing, and I liked her contrasting character traits of being an arrogant stuck up prissy snob, but also being sweet and caring at times as well, a bit caught between worlds, and I just like her for a reason I don't understand myself

Kurumi from Steel Angel Kurumi, she was soo annoying, but she managed to do it in a way that was endearing, and her ditsy brainlessness sometimes made for some very cool moments, like the very last few lines, "Oh, master, I was already extremely happy before I ever saw some sill little star" or something to that effect

Chi from Chobits, Watching that series always makes me feel dirty, but chi is soo cute, there's no way around that

Arumi Kanzaki from Great Teacher Onizuka I gotta thing for blonds, and then there is her whole devil may care attitude, the fact that she's dangerous and volatile, her sense of humor, the fact that she burns, blows up, or destroys things without giving a shit, she was pure awesome and totally hot, and if she were real I'd be half afraid and half intrigued about dating her which would just be exciting

Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess, no way I can't mention her, they set out to make the perfect and ideal woman and did a damn good job

Suzumia from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia, she was eccentric and interesting, completely lacking common sense and disdaining social decorum, definitely on my "wish I could date a chick like that" list

Yuko from xxxHolic, mysterious and eccentric, not to mention totally hot on top of a good sense of humor and being plastered 3/4's of the time, can't really ask for more than that

and thats all I can think of off the top of my head

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Melissa Mao. From Full Metal Panic. she just bad ass. aint your normal timid anime girl. she dont act like a innocent girl either. and she know how to use firearms and kick ass. Oh yeah she doesnt seem to be able to be killed either.

^Works well for you man hahah Strong ladies are good hahah :D

if i was forced to choose... maybe Elie/Resha from Rave master. it's not often you see a girl take out an intire casino with tonfa blasters. And she does actually contribute to the fights...

^Also a good choice + she never failed in the "physique department" hahaha!

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Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass. I saw her and then I fell in love. She is the greatest ever in the whole wide world. She fights robots, gets naked, and helps change the world. All in a day's work for this displaced Japanese starlet.

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Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. She's a lot deeper than the typical female sidekick, being more than just strong and a love interest. She's independent, a good supporter, a good friend, and a very caring person beneath all of the butt kicking. I usually don't care for female characters in anime.

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Nico Robin from One Piece, cause she's just totally awesome i love her character & her ability and she's totally hot for a anime character

Lizzie Garland from Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom cause it's totally awesome to see a badass soul sister in a anime,

Boa Hancock also from One Piece because she's like a hot medusa what else can you ask for

Oh and i can't forget Setsuna Meioh aka Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon, again she's just very awesome

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