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Found 1 result

  1. SPOILERS ALERT!!! After finally beating both X and X-2 I decided to watch the extra bonus audio. I really like the audio drama, it had a realistic story telling to it. Although when I look online about people thoughts of it, I was surprise that a lot of people hate it or just flat out confused of what just happened (mainly because Yuna saying she didn't love Tidus anymore). But I think people are making sense of it all wrong. This is how I see it. I'll be using someone post from gamefaqs since this person logic of this is exactly like mines. -Auron has a daughter he didn't even know about, which is why Lulu denies that Chuami is his daughter, 'cause even she doesn't know. -Sin has re-appeared, somehow. Relating to Tidus's injury and being 'weak' shows that the pyreflies in him are fading. -Yuna and us included, know what happens next. She has to go back to her old "Persona" from FFX and go on another Journey to stop it yet again. -However last time she did this, she lost Tidus completely, so naturally she lies about seeing someone else to him and pushes him far away from her so he isn't involved. (Base from FFX and X-2 this is exactly how her character is.) -Tidus confronts Lulu and wants to know what he did, and does she really like someone else? and of course, Lulu responds "You should know Yuna by now" Implication, that again, she is lying to protect him. -Tidus (being the idiot he is) actually believes her and then runs off to confess her, and then he sees her giving the speech "I will defeat Sin." Thus begins, Final Fantasy X-3.... So what do you guys think about the 30min Audio?
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