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Found 1 result

  1. An honest #realtalk for Deep Space 69 w/ Mondo on VRV. https://vrv.co/series/GR75MN7ZY/ [US Only] You might remember all the censored version between Season 1-3 from YT. For now, VRV is the only available all the exclusive uncensored, uncut & unedited episodes; all everything legal with the American Subscription in the USworth U$D3/month. I'm probably honestly not sure if i can request one in the #Request forum here in this same site. The catch, based by it's Kametsu rules... the l*wd adult side/18+ content; was quite disallowed for a pre-request during or before I create one (under it's pre-caution measures). So, here's all the single screenshots per episode in a new 4th Season if you're curious... http://imgbox.com/g/X1Iev1c2Lt My honest question is... Does it allow my future request for the newest 4th Season of #DeepSpace69 in 1080p VRV WEBRip HD? Or is it not to be allow one featurely to the public for the request section to rip all the Season 1-4 all uncensored? What if @GideonWrath and others (for example), will accept the interest of VRV Exclusives? I probably can't find one on both Google searches and others... Here's what is #DeepSpace69 on some resources... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3712472/ and http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WebAnimation/DeepSpace69 Season 4 is official but not on YT (it's moving to VRV); whether you may or may not liking it... Also, if everyone is selectively approved if all is interested... We'll strikethrough our real talk discussion except the BW post mid-season note (followed by this post will be nuked later within 48hrs. or less). Hope it helps... I'll leave you w/ this link for a short trailer to hint you out. For technical reasons about the 18+ content-ish, we'll not post a YT Link so instead... you can see it for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=deep+space+69+season+4+trailer By the way unfortunately in my side note: Excuse for my huge #badenglish if i'm wrong... Long story short, I'm a half-filipino & almost full-time english. So, don't ask my next details... That's my real talk discussion to talk about, and a single honest question for this month only... Hope you enjoy the american summer in EST. You can comment one if interested... Whether you like it or not, depending on it's interest... Just let me know. We listen the right opinion so... Thanks in advance anyway and have a good night from Manila... -- weazelone