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Found 1 result

  1. shaqsalazar

    I need user input!!

    This is a survey to now how many of you prefer torrents over File hosters or vice versa (note: to admins, im not sure where to put a topic like this....technically "i need assistance") Benfits: Torrents are fastest when well seeded, you download at your max ISP speed(expect for those of us with insane internet, its rare to download at ourtop speeds) and fastest way to get files if torrent is dead, all it takes is a simple click from the uploader to re-seed... Cons: sometimes they dont get re-seeded, only if peers die down Benfits: File hoster files are always there (when not dead) and the speed is always consistent depending on your access(free vs preumium) and the file hoster site. Cons:If links die it can take a very long time before they are re-uploaded especial if there are multiply files, it discourages uploaders to re-upload those files, since the time it takes for uploading and re-archiving the files. you seen many threads died because of that very reason NOW DEPENDING ON THIS WILL DETERMINED MY COURSE OF ACTION WHEN IT COMES TO RELEASING MY RELEASES Thank You for your time and if you can explain y for each choice