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Found 1 result

  1. I have 2 questions/concerns/feedbacks regarding the following 2 points: Should be noted as well that this is referring to the dual audio rules, but could be applied to the others I guess. Regarding the [Audio Tracks], I do feel this is indeed redundant information - by "anime standards", one can assume that if the title contains '1080p', then the audio tracks will be FLAC, and similarly, if the title contains '720p', the audio tracks will be AAC/AC3. To me, having the [Audio Tracks] tag is just adding more information to the title that will most likely be listed in the main post description. At this point, there might as well be a [Subtitles] tag as well with the groups name <-- this is a dumb idea, pls don't... The other issue I see arising from this is what happens if there are different audio codes used for each resolution. I.e in the case where there is no FLAC track available for the 1080p. Using this example "[AAC 5.1 | FLAC 5.1] [Dual Audio]", would it now have to be [AAC 5.1 | FLAC 5.1 & AAC 5.1] [Dual Audio]? Also, what is meant by "(this may seem redundant, but it is useful in notifications since they do not always include the board)"? The second point I want to address: Absurdly long titles. "- providing a worthwhile release of obscurity | STATUS: A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES" doesn't add anything useful to the title, compared to the beginning part "[MULTI] [CTR] Red Garden [DVD 480p] ..." If you really want to add that in, then I would do what you normally do in your posts @Catar and put "- providing a worthwhile release of obscurity | STATUS: A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES" as the first line in the topic post so that it appears under the title in the forum boards or in the Similar Content section. For example, this: Becomes: IMO this just keeps the sub forums nice and clean and consistent and easy to read. I feel the only worthwhile thing to have extra in the title is a "status" field. I.e ~~STATUS: 04/33~. Finally, something else I don't believe I read, and this may be "obvious", but what are the consequences if one doesn't follow said posted rules? For example, if one doesn't add the [Audio Tracks] tag to their titles? Asking for a friend.