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Found 3 results

  1. First of all, sorry if this doesn't belong here. I've been looking for season 2 to 8 of Spongebob Squarepants (since they're only in SD) and I realise that the iTunes WEB-DLs of S02 look terrible and I came across with what I think are the dvdrips released by TheLastOfUs that look incredibly sharp and colourful (compared to the WEB-DLs). So my question is: which release is the best option to download and keep? You can compare entire seasons or just episodes. Thanks.
  2. So I was wondering if any of you guys has any official dvd releases of cartoon network shows with American Spanish Dub, I know this site it's focues on the original english tracks and english dubs, but I know some cartoon releases like Samurai Jack and Star Wars The Clone Wars includes the spanish dub. If you have a cartoon on dvd, any cartoon old or new, except for Samurai Jack and SWTCW, and it has spanish dub, please consider to include it with your releases, that would be really great.
  3. Hey guys, apparently a new channel from Nickelodeon/Viacom called "The Splat" is in the works. It's programming is to be comprised of 90's cartoons and live series from the Nick back catalog. No info on any HD feeds or if the content will be old or new transfers. I mean, HD or not, I could totally go for new PDTVs of some Nick shows with lackluster DVDs/WEBDLs. Who else here is hyped? http://www.thesplat.com/