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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, i'm a new member here. I haven't been in a forum in over 5 years so I'm excited to join this community
  2. Hi guys, Newbie here. I really love anime and i find this forum site on google. yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  3. ginyuoholic


    hi i'm new here and i'm just browsing around
  4. Jsbraxt1

    new here

    Im new here, Love eng dubbed anime but seen pretty much everything. Any new gems out there right now to watch?
  5. aden

    Hey people!

    Just here to say what's up
  6. Hello everyone, I'm a fan of anime and manga. I Look forward to the exciting things within this organization.
  7. Hi to all you very few people who will prob or not even read this... Yeah that's all I got, I'm out of words XD
  8. animeguru165


    Hey it's gr8 2 b here lolz
  9. aourine


    Hi! Introduced by the common love of Ecchi (reached here from deanzel's Tenchi Muyo! post on nyaa) I will be enjoying your aqquaintance!
  10. Hello, My name is Maggie and I'm currently new to this site but I have enjoyed looking through all the anime on here.
  11. Hello everyone, as you can see I'm new around here. I've been searching for a site that talks a lot about anime and anything Japanese and this seems like a great site to do it on. So far from me lurking around it looks like a great active community. I'm primarily interested in 90's anime but some "more recent" anime I'm into include Code Geass, Death Note, and Hellsing Ultimate. Anyway just wanted to do a little introduction. Can't wait to get to know everyone better.
  12. runningsmiles


    Hi everyone I am new here
  13. NarutoTheGreat


    Hey everybody I just joined today and hope I can make new friends and watch new animes
  14. Pepito13

    Hello :D

    Hello! I'm a new user on this forum. Something about me? I'm SO Handsome Bye
  15. New location and to an extent, SODD (Same ole Dudes Dudettes). As a former member of CN, I'm happy to be here.
  16. So I have a quick question before I go breaking forum rules.... what is the correct size and format to post images of art work in the art section? I am tattoo artist and visual artist by trade and would like to post a few things... thought I'd ask before I go and make myself into a "rule breaker" before I can even edit my sig and whatnot-LoL
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