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Found 4 results

  1. More Lists! And of course, I welcome/request input from the community! This list will evolve over time, but I would like to focus on Japanese/Foreign BDs that include the English dub, and either aren't available in America, or are noticeably superior in quality to the American BDs. Please provide sources/screenshots to prove any quality differences. Older BDs that are window-boxed to compensate for overscan will be marked as such (example, Jin Roh). I'd also like info on the resolution of the shows. For instance, Baccano was made at 480p in its entirety; while Cowboy Bebop was mostly hand-drawn, with some 480p CGI elements. These are important to note. List of Japanese Blu-rays with English Audio The Big O [Licensed for BD by Sentai] Ergo Proxy Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still Haibane Renmei Kiddy Grade Kurokami (Black God) // Contains JP audio Last Exile The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [Licensed for BD by Funimation] Macross Plus OVA My HiME My Otome Nausicaa // US Release has dual credits, which take up too much of the screen Noir Serial Experiments Lain // Noticeably better encoding than Funimation BD Shuffle! (2005-2007) Space Dandy (2014) [Licensed for BD by Funimation]
  2. Can we put this list together? It will also include Shojo Beat and Shonen Sunday seperately, but the branding should be somewhere on the packaging/anime in general. A good example would be Shonen Jump: Bleach. A bad example would be Bakuman or DBZ, which is not branded as Shonen Jump (like the manga). (Remember it has to say on the DVD spine or the logo) See what I mean here: Shonen Jump Black Cat Bleach Buso Renkin Death Note Hikaru no Go Naruto Naruto Shippuden Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan One Piece The Prince of Tennis Shaman King Blue Exorcist Case Closed Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball Z KAI JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Neuro Strawberry 100% Toriko Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Zatch Bell Shojo BeatNANA Vampire Knight Vampire Knight Guilty Honey & Clover Ultra Maniac Shonen SundayInuyasha Inuyasha Final Act Ranma 1/2 Kekkaishi Cross Game M.A.R. Magi Add suggestions in the comments! Anime listed in the spoilers are not branded as such, but could be. The spoiler lists are NOT the focus of this thread.
  3. Heyo, Just recently I've been reviving myself as a gamer and thus have been trying out alot of stuff, both old and new like PCSX2 for some personal favorites, considering to buy a PS3 (again) in the upcoming months and popular PC mmo for the sake of competitive play. (and yes that includes children card games *cough* ) Despite being on steam, my current lack of spendage prevents me from getting as many games as I'd want. But alongside this, I have always been fairly selective in my choices rather than just jumping headfirst into anything/everything I can see. Having said this, my main interest in regards to this thread right now is to make the list of games having anime graphics. Visual novels are irrelevant here because I know there is already an existing thread to those (or at least I think there was), and especially since I'm aiming for Non-H and actual gameplay. This obviously ranges to all platforms like PS3, Xbox360, Wii (U), PSP (vita), (3)DS and of course PC. So anyway, plz post as many names as possible (with reasonable description preferably if you folks have played those said games) and I'll be compiling em all here. ~Saankies
  4. Ok, I am in the mood to watch a newer anime. Now I don't know many but I have seen a good bit of the ones that have been recently posted on here. I am going to show a list and see if any of you can give suggestions on ones like it. Now when I say newer. I am referring to the way the characters are drawn. Freezing Strike Witches Aria the Scarlet Ammo Sekirei Familiar of Zero Stein's; Gate Fate Stay Night Angel Beats Rosario Vampire Kaze No Stigma Vampire Bund Baka Test Clannad The World God Only Knows Cat Planet Cuties Okami and her Seven Companions Air Gear Utawarerumono Dream Eater Merry Demon King Daimao HOTD Darker than Black As you can see these are all fairly new anime and the sketching are the same. I have nothing against the older shows, but just not in the mood for them right now, just finished a few of them recently.Now I am preferring Dual/Dub and already completed. If you can think of any I would really appreciate it and I will let you know If I have already seen it. thanks again and Merry Christmas, Reptoholic
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