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Found 37 results

  1. Hi everyone! Nice to have found about this great site!
  2. lunac73

    Hi All

    Hi All, I'm Paul. I have just came across this great site so thought I should signed up.
  3. DemonicDragon


    im new here you can call me dragon i hope we caan get along or not i dont care hahaha
  4. Hello! I am new to anime, and if you couldn't tell from my handle, I love Garfield! I originally loved only old 80's cartoons, but some friends turned me on to Asian animation and the like, and I have enjoyed much of what I've seen. I joined this forum in hopes to learn about new series. I have found certain sites are a little too biased and don't review or mention some anime. I am hoping to find more information about what's available. Take care! Happy howl-a-ween!
  5. Hi there, I registered here so I could download some anime movies. Nice to meet you all.
  6. Hello everyone, I've been a Anime/Manga fans for 2 years. - How did I find Kametsu? - While wandering on kickass and finding some stuffs. - What do I think of the place so far? - I'm addicted to collecting bluray animes and lossless musics, so this might be a great place. - How active am I planning on being? - Not a kind of guy who feels the urge to post anything, sorry about that. - What are my top five anime? (only watched 24 so far) 1. Steins;Gate 2. Sword Art Online 3. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai 4. Nisekoi 5. OreGairu - Top five video games? 1. Awesomenauts 2. Diablo 3. Starcraft 4. Torchlight 4. osu! - What other hobbies do I have? - JPop and sports (kind of) - Make any graphics? - Not know any of those stuffs. - Do I have any questions for you? - Not yet. Final words: Yoroshiku!
  7. Lestort


    Hello glad to be here
  8. Hi! I am totally a real person - one hundred percent genuine meat peep. I love cartoons!
  9. gtharby


    Just introducting myself, an oldschool (70s, 80s, and 90s) anime fan.
  10. Hello, I am just a common anime fan. I generally watch anime English dubbed because I always find that I miss a lot of stuff if I watch it subbed instead. I have a big back log of things to watch a long with some longer anime such as Hunter X Hunter and One Piece (both of which I have not even started.) So I am open to any recommendations, with my favorite anime titles being: Yu Yu Hakusho Steins Gate Persona 4 The Animation DBZ Berserk Great Teacher Onizuka Gurren Lagaan and much more that I am just not thinking of right now.
  11. Hello kametsu.com. I am Sigma and I like lolicon.
  12. hi there, my name is drikus maree I am from South Africa and would love to know you guys beter and oh yes... i love anime
  13. Hi! I am kprs4EVER! Nice to meet you all!
  14. solbadguy


    hello I do this to show up on this page
  15. aourine


    Hi! Introduced by the common love of Ecchi (reached here from deanzel's Tenchi Muyo! post on nyaa) I will be enjoying your aqquaintance!
  16. Hey all, I just recently joined. Nice to meet y'all
  17. Hello! My name is Asset, and friend of mine recomended this forum as a good place for downloading, watching and discussing animated series and movies. I really excited about joining this site an wonder about my future in it! Wish to see you around and thanks for all the fish!
  18. Anaryo1990


    Hello, I am happy to have registered in this website. Hope to spend a good time Anaryo1990
  19. runningsmiles


    Hi everyone I am new here
  20. DMC4444


    Hi all I am DMC4444 I like Anime, Games, Mods, Movies, Music, Mods, 3d Stuff
  21. Undroid


    Hello. I'm almost certainly not remembered, buut i used to frequent Cartoon-World a lot (under flaremmm). I may be back, or around more when i'm not busy with life. Anyway Hello.
  22. Hello friends! How are all of you?
  23. Hi it's Tinkahz, some might remember me from Cartoon-World that's is now shut down sadly! anyways just saying hi to one and all! .ps. won't be encoding as i don't have the required things to do so as my computer tower is dead and don'f have the money to rebuild it! so anyways i'm no uploading anymore and plus the upload speed is Australia is horrible anyways until Fibre-Optic is unlimited i'm not even going to bother as all the servers time out my connection and it's just one big headache! anyways and for those whom don't know please disregard just for those whom knew me on CW! -Tinkahz
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