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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows where to find season 3-14 of Degrassi The Next Generation with HD quality.
  2. So I heard that Cartoon Network is reairing the old Teen Titans, now I don't know if it's in HD or not, but it will be most likely to be in HD. And as far as I know there is no HD version of this cartoon except for season 3. If anyone could record it in HD, please, I'm begging you(or if there's a streaming site with 720p quality). I want to watch this show again so badly in HD.
  3. Angels friends HD episodes !!

    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of HD episodes of Angels Friends? It's an Italian cartoon that originates from a comic series, about angels and devils training to become Guardians. Thanks !
  4. Real Otaku/Anime fans do not watch anime on cable TV. ~An anime addict. Looking for the best encodes that you could watch on your computer, phone, or tablet? Look no further and download 1080p / 720p releases from SushiKushi! We release anime series in a x264 format with dubbed and subbed versions of various shows! What we release: BD Encodes - 1080p/720p TV / Stream/ Pre-BD - 720p Where we release: KickassTorrents ExtraTorrent Anidex.moe CrystalTorrents The Pirate Bay Our official site Our Releases: coming soon Ongoing Projects: Parasyte -the maxim- : Working on BD (Subbed) / Will be recording dub from TOONAMI. Tokyo Ravens - Working on re-timing gg fansubs 12/24 Tokyo Ghoul - Processing content for upload Kill la Kill - Working on re-timing Underwater fansubs No Game No Life - Working on re-timing Eveyuu fansubs Soul Eater - Encoding 01-52
  5. Ripping from BBC iPlayer

    Is someone willing to write some instructions to download from iPlayer, please ? I've being trying, but it's clearly that I'm doing something wrong.