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Found 1 result

  1. Xonshiz

    Automatic Funimation Ripper

    Download The Files Here (Please read how to execute below in the article) What is this thing Anyway? Set of simple python scripts to download latest videos from funimation automatically. no, I didn't come up with the whole script by myself.The part which actually download from funimation was made by Pikanet128.All I did was made a script which searched on funimation for latest stuff being aired. POINT TO REMEMBER This script currently works only for people in US, or in other terms, for only US IPs only. Why you ask? because if you are a person residing outside of USA, cloudflare activates and asks you for a captcha and right now, I don't know how to fetch, solve and send the image captcha via python, or whatever. If you do, then please feel free to develope this thing! Are there any threads for this thing? Automatic Funi-Ripper Thread :- http://kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/50169-automatic-funimation-ripper/ Original Funi-DL Thread :- http://kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/39751-funicom-dl-funimationcom-downloader/ What do I need to run this thing? 1.) Python 2.7 Python Libraries :- 1.) BeautifulSoup 4.3.2 2.) requests The Bs4 is alredy present,SO you don't need to download it. But,you can get these here :- BS :-https://pypi.python.org/pypi/beautifulsoup4/4.3.2 Requests :- https://pypi.python.org/pypi/requests How do I do what I have to do? (Simple Guide) here are 4 python files that automate this process. Their names are 1.) FuniRipper :- Downloads the latest episode in 1080p,720p (at 2500K) and 480p (at 750K).All the three resolutions. 2.) FuniRipper480 :- Downloads only 480p resolution at 750K 3.) FuniRipper720 :- Downloads only 720p resolution at 2500K 4.) FuniRipper1080 :- Downloads only 1080p resolution at 4000K Just execute whatever you need.This downloads japanese stream videos.However, you could change it to rip english too.Just open the file you want to rip from and search for "jpn" (without quotes ofc), and change it to "eng" and save the file. Execute it. It would downlaod the latest episode in english audio (if available). How to Execute you ask? Well, it should be execute as you would execute any other python script.For windows users, install python and make sure you have all the necessary libraries installed first. Now, let's say you want to rip the latest episode released on funimation in 720p resolution. So, after extracting this in folder, browse to the folder and hold down "SHIFT" and "Right Click" anywhere in the folder (don't select any files please) and click on "open command window here" . Now, in the command window you just opened, type "FunniRipper720.py" (without quotes of course) and press enter. Wait till it rips the content. When it is done ripping, you'll see a blank command prompt window.Now, in the funiRipper folder, you'll see the folder with the name of anime you just ripped. Eureka! You did it! enjoy ... If you want to rip 480 or 1080... instead of typing "FuniRipper720.py" .. type the corresponding resolution. what if you want to rip all the three resolutions..? instead of "FuniRipper720.py".. just type "FuniRipper.py". it would rip 1080p,720p and 480p in order. I'd recommend not to execute it from "C" or windows drive because sometimes it needs writing permission and ripping would be done... but, you won't get any file. Put this funiRipper folder in some other drive. This should be pretty much that you need to know. If you want to develope this script further, please do so! Right now this script only works in USA. Outside USA, it won't work.! Thank You and enjoy! You can download the files here :- http://www.solidfiles.com/d/8d959f91cc/