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Found 4 results

  1. Yo. So im finally done uploading all my shows i have on my server, well 90% Some shows i have not upped since there are better quality versions out ie Bluray. Those Bluray uploads done by other groups will fall under my Other Release Groups Uploads Heading. I only do WEB-DL's coz im not smart enough to actually encode. I try for the most part to only upload shows i have personally "ripped" but when someone requests something i will make an exception. My / iT00NZ (My release group) Uploads [MEGA] Ben 10 Alien Force S01-S03 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Ben 10 Ultimate Alien S01-S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Ben 10 Omniverse S01-S05 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Courage The Cowardly Dog S01-S04 [WEB-DL] [MEGA] Dragons:Riders of Berk S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Dragons:Defenders of Berk S02 [720/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Fanboy & Chum Chum S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] G.I Joe Renegades S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Gravity Falls S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Gravity Falls S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors S01 [WEB-DL] [MEGA] Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius S01-S03 [WEB-DL] + Movie [720p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Motorcity S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Planet Sheen S01-S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated S01-S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Superjail S04 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S03 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] The Amazing World of Gumball S03 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] The Looney Tunes Show S01-S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Thundercats 2011 S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Young Justice S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Young Justice S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] Requested Uploads [REQ][MEGA] Archer S01-S05 [720p/1080p][bluray/WEB-DL] [REQ][MEGA] Franklin S01-S06 [DVDRip.XviD] [REQ][MEGA] Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [REQ][MEGA] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [REQ][MEGA] The Avengers, Earths Mightiest Heroes S01-S02 [720p/1080p Bluray] [REQ][MEGA] Voltron Force S01 [720p WEB-DL] Future Releases Dragons Riders of Berk (whatever the Next installment is. Think its called Dragon Masters)
  2. Hi Guys, Just came across this forum now, as i was searching for a place to download HQ Rips of Dubbed Animes. Sure i have used places such as Nyaa.se and torrent sites, but they sometimes can not find exactly what I'm looking for. So hopefully i can have better luck on here!!! In particular I'm looking to download Bluray rip (720p/1080p) of Magi Season 1. The english dub of this anime was released on Bluray not to long ago, but i can't seem to find it anywhere online!! Can someone help with this? Thank you, i appreciate your help. Regards, Nads
  3. Yuki101 Download Index This is a list of all Anime and US Cartoons series uploaded by me. (Anime Title) (Resolution 720p) (Update Links) (Upcoming Releases) Index: - # - - A - - B - Ben-To 720p Blu-ray Rip [Dual-Audio] - C - - D - - E - - F - - G - - H - - I - - J - - K - - L - - M - - N - - O - - P - - Q - - R - - S - - T - - U - - V - - W - - X - - Y - - Z - Upcoming Releases:
  4. I recently saw the torrent The Legend of Korra Season 02 Book 2 Spirits BD 720p K S uploaded to the torrentz site by ChaoXide & Kenpachi 91 kametsu forum's Guy. which is Legend of Korra Season 2 BluRay, I also bought the BluRay disk, but can you tell me the Steps of Ripping it to mkv or some other with the exact quality like Torrents(Excellent Quality in 1280 x 720). Thank You. Dulshan