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Found 5 results

  1. Yo. So im finally done uploading all my shows i have on my server, well 90% Some shows i have not upped since there are better quality versions out ie Bluray. Those Bluray uploads done by other groups will fall under my Other Release Groups Uploads Heading. I only do WEB-DL's coz im not smart enough to actually encode. I try for the most part to only upload shows i have personally "ripped" but when someone requests something i will make an exception. My / iT00NZ (My release group) Uploads [MEGA] Ben 10 Alien Force S01-S03 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Ben 10 Ultimate Alien S01-S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Ben 10 Omniverse S01-S05 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Courage The Cowardly Dog S01-S04 [WEB-DL] [MEGA] Dragons:Riders of Berk S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Dragons:Defenders of Berk S02 [720/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Fanboy & Chum Chum S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] G.I Joe Renegades S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Gravity Falls S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Gravity Falls S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors S01 [WEB-DL] [MEGA] Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius S01-S03 [WEB-DL] + Movie [720p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Motorcity S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Planet Sheen S01-S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated S01-S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Superjail S04 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S03 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] The Amazing World of Gumball S03 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] The Looney Tunes Show S01-S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Thundercats 2011 S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Young Justice S01 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [MEGA] Young Justice S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] Requested Uploads [REQ][MEGA] Archer S01-S05 [720p/1080p][bluray/WEB-DL] [REQ][MEGA] Franklin S01-S06 [DVDRip.XviD] [REQ][MEGA] Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [REQ][MEGA] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S02 [720p/1080p WEB-DL] [REQ][MEGA] The Avengers, Earths Mightiest Heroes S01-S02 [720p/1080p Bluray] [REQ][MEGA] Voltron Force S01 [720p WEB-DL] Future Releases Dragons Riders of Berk (whatever the Next installment is. Think its called Dragon Masters)
  2. So, I do encodes for non-anime regularly. Not scene releases but for my day job. For web re-encoding, we pass the initial input through ffmpeg denoise to enhance the compression and reduce artifacts introduced on initial encoding etc., As an example, some of the videos were originally encoded in mid-2000, and the quality of the encoding was questionable. The denoise helps clean up the bad frames etc. So, now I'm trying to get into ripping some anime from BR/DVD and some of the source material is from the 80's (and is, of course, animated) so most of my prior experience doesn't have a ton of applications (although it's not entirely useless either). The ffmpeg denoise filters that I use for the videos mentioned above isn't really improving my anime rips at all and are probably making them worse. I guess my question is to the experienced encoders on here, what tools exist out there that were either developed specifically for animated video encoding, or weren't, yet are very useful? Anything that springs to mind, even ffmpeg settings that you've found to be optimal would be greatly appreciated. If I can get my quality up hopefully I can contribute something of value to the community in the future. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi Guys, Just came across this forum now, as i was searching for a place to download HQ Rips of Dubbed Animes. Sure i have used places such as Nyaa.se and torrent sites, but they sometimes can not find exactly what I'm looking for. So hopefully i can have better luck on here!!! In particular I'm looking to download Bluray rip (720p/1080p) of Magi Season 1. The english dub of this anime was released on Bluray not to long ago, but i can't seem to find it anywhere online!! Can someone help with this? Thank you, i appreciate your help. Regards, Nads
  4. Yuki101 Download Index This is a list of all Anime and US Cartoons series uploaded by me. (Anime Title) (Resolution 720p) (Update Links) (Upcoming Releases) Index: - # - - A - - B - Ben-To 720p Blu-ray Rip [Dual-Audio] - C - - D - - E - - F - - G - - H - - I - - J - - K - - L - - M - - N - - O - - P - - Q - - R - - S - - T - - U - - V - - W - - X - - Y - - Z - Upcoming Releases:
  5. I recently saw the torrent The Legend of Korra Season 02 Book 2 Spirits BD 720p K S uploaded to the torrentz site by ChaoXide & Kenpachi 91 kametsu forum's Guy. which is Legend of Korra Season 2 BluRay, I also bought the BluRay disk, but can you tell me the Steps of Ripping it to mkv or some other with the exact quality like Torrents(Excellent Quality in 1280 x 720). Thank You. Dulshan