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Found 1 result

  1. DarkDream787

    Ripping FLV's from Hulu?

    Would anyone happen to have any information on how to rip FLV's from Hulu so I can finish a couple series I never got to finish? My old method does not work anymore since their security updates were done a while back. I haven't tried doing this in over a year until just recently. I cant get GetFLV to work for me either like I been told it would. I just recently tried the newest version and It seems to only download the ad and not the video itself. If there is some trick to it I haven't managed to find out such as needing a specific version or something, please share. I do not wish to use screen recorders that will record it to the hard drive as its playing back on Hulu. So please don't suggest those or bring those up. Any information on this would be appreciated.