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Found 1 result

  1. You know how Naruto's last name is Uzumaki, well there are a few others in the Anime that probably some weren't aware of that is from the Uzumaki Clan. People we know of: Nagato (Pain) Karin These two people are from the Uzumaki Clan. Of course there were some more mentioned such as Nagato's Parents, Naruto's Mother, Mito Uzumaki, and their Clan Leader. Some of you may not know who these people are, but it's because they are deceased. Anyway, I mean for me I have only gotten to episode 220 of Shippuden, so there could be a time where Naruto learns more of his Clan. That being said, is it a bit odd that Naruto doesn't know anything about his Clan (unless he does ahead of 220+), from there to the very beginning, it just seems a bit odd that he knows nothing. I mean Nagato was from his Clan, even Karin as well. Plus they have a distinct hair color of Redish/Pink type of Hair (But Naruto getting his dads hair color). I mean I guess in a way Masashi Kishimoto couldn't think of EVERY detail possible, but for me (Fighting Naruto in the series) if I was Nagato or even Karin and I heard of Naruto's last name: Naruto Uzumaki, I would sit there and ask (since we all know there is a lot of talking during fights in Naruto lol), "Wait? You are an Uzumaki too?" Well Nagato is a descendant from the Uzumaki Clan, but still... I mean of course, maybe those two didn't know that they were an Uzumaki in the first place? Not sure if he learns more of his/mothers Clan later in the series as I said I only got to 220 so far, but what do you think? About the Uzumaki Clan? Should it have been more explored than it has been, because up to the point of 220 in Shippuden, that's a total of 440 episodes total of Naruto, and I practically have learnt nothing about the Uzumaki Clan (in the series, other than reading online of course). What do you think from this? Here is more info on the Uzumaki Clan: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Uzumaki_Clan
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