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Found 9 results

  1. UPDATE: I'm going to be really scaling back my number of releases as I just don't have that much time anymore (or an incredible amount of personal interest). Real life kicking in. However, if anyone wants helps in terms of getting audio files, subs, etc, I can try to help out and hope that someone picks up the torch. If you're looking for the "FRATTIEST" dual audio (and Jap audio) encodes out there, look no further. I've started uploading some of my personal collection and some releases that aren't getting proper 1080p BD Dual Audio love even after a significant while. I always try to go for 1080p 10-bit JP-BD source video with a Japanese lossless track (i.e. FLAC) while using the best fansubs that are out there. I'll always include a Songs & Signs track as well made from those fansubs. I release my remuxes on Nyaa and AnimeBytes as torrents under my username deanzel. I also post most of my releases on MEGA as well. It'll be posted clearly on the title if it is available on MEGA. If you have any requests or questions, just post here. If I like the show then I'll add it to my large queue. I also just randomly do some shows so the current/potential projects list is only a little preview. Anyway, here are the links to the individual Kametsu threads for my releases so far. Enjoy. **If you are not a current Kametsu member and want to access my download threads (with MEGA DDLs), all you have to do is register on the forums and post once (you can just do it in the Intro Forum or any other regular Discussion Forum). I only post my MEGA DDLs here just to try to avoid getting things DMCA'ed. Thanks for understanding. My Releases: A Certain Scientific Railgun S [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AC3]A Letter to Momo [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC & AC3]Angel Beats! [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p & 8-bit Dual Audio FLAC/AAC] Cardcaptor Sakura [bD 1440x1080 & 960x720 Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AAC]Cardcaptor Sakura Movies I & II [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AC3]Cross Ange [bD 1080p FLAC] D-Frag! [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC & AAC] Elfen Lied [bD 720p Hi10p & 480p 8-bit Tri-Audio FLAC & Dual Audio AAC]Ergo Proxy [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AC3 & AAC] Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC]Fate/Zero [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC & AC3] Little Busters! [bD 720p Hi444p Dual Audio FLAC-AAC]Log Horizon [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC/AAC-AC3] Maison Ikkoku [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AC3]Millennium Actress [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Multi-Audio FLAC-AAC] Nadia - Secret of Blue Water [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC]Nakaimo - Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AAC]Noir [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio 5.1 FLAC & AAC] Outbreak Company [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC & AAC]Outlaw Star [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AC3] Patema Inverted [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC]Ping Pong The Animation [bD 1080p Hi10p FLAC]Princess Mononoke [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC]Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AAC]Psycho-Pass [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AC3] Rakuen Tsuihou - Expelled from Paradise [bD 1080p & 720p Dual Audio FLAC & AC3]Robotics;Notes [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC & AAC] Space Dandy - Season 1 [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AC3]Spirited Away [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC]Steins;Gate [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC/Vorbis-AAC] Tenchi Muyo! - Ryo-ohki OVAs & 3 Movies [bD 1080p/720p Dual Audio FLAC & AAC]The Ambition of Oda Nobuna [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC-AC3]The Familiar of Zero [bD 720p HEVC & Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC]The World God Only Knows - Goddesses Arc [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC & AAC]The World God Only Knows OVAs [bD 1080p & 720p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC & AAC]Time of Eve: The Movie [bD 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC] My AnimeBytes Uploads - have my latest uploads with the best speeds. If you need an invite to AnimeBytes, PM me and I'll see what I can do MY CURRENT & (Potential) UPCOMING PROJECTS Ergo Proxy - Finished episodes 1-23 except 15, waiting on Golo for the last episode and his batch; Dual Audio FLAC-AC3 using new Golo encode (best subs and video by far).Knights of Sidonia - hopefully do the BDsThe Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Started; philosophy-raws Dual Audio FLAC release, Tech-Mod's modified Final8 subs (Commie & EC) and fixing up karaoke and typesetting.Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - on hold; waiting on Doki.Maison Ikkoku - Redoing everything; will release 1-48, using ayanokoji's ADC custom release; will OCR PGS subs and style them/add karaoke.Nadia - Secret of Blue Water - Making v2 using Kagura's 10-bit 1080p FLAC BD raws using Rising Sun subs & DHD's English Audio.Patlabor - perhaps...Ranma 1/2 - 1080p Hi10p Dual Audio FLAC with Doki subs; thinking real hard about this one Saint Seiya On-hold/dropped; Dual audio for first 60 episodes (only ones dubbed) using 1080p FLAC Kagura release.Space Dandy - Finished season 1, waiting for 10-bit FLAC season 2 encodes from MD and Zero-Raws; 10-bit Dual audio FLAC-AC3 remux with Commie subs.Steins;Gate Movie - will be done as soon as the US-BD is uploaded.Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA 2 - working on the new version 2's.Uninhabited Planet Survive - add karaoke, chapters and a bit of styling to the HD TV raws.Other Posted Downloads: NinjaPanda's Samurai Champloo [bD 720p & 480p Hi10p Dual Audio AAC & FLAC]
  2. I have two questions. 1. I'm relatively new to anime. I've just started getting into it in the last year or so. I hear a lot about fansubs. Are there "official" subs for anime series or are all the subs out there just a version of a fan sub? What I mean by "official" is if I'm watching a foreign movie (I live in the U.S.) the subtitles that go along with that movie is what I would consider "official". Is it the same with anime? If it is how can I tell the difference between "official" subs and fan subs? I ask because I tend to like consistency in the subs regardless of which anime series I'm watching (at least when I'm watching something for the first time). 2. Because I live in the U.S. anime is not as readily available as it is in other countries. I have Netflix and it has some anime but most of what I've watched is anime that I've downloaded. I mainly have used nyaa.se and bakabt but are there any other good sites that I should check out for watching online or for torrents? I have downloaded some stuff from the Coalgirls site as well.
  3. Referring to the whole franchise Dragon ball - Z - GT. I have been searching for a long time for high quality torrents with 5.1 english dub, subs (Z possibly containing faulconer and kikuchi) of the dragon box. All versions I seem to find are either low quality, either missing opening/recaps/endings or either don't contain the English dub or even subs. Best quality found has only japenese and Spanish dubs... To keep it simple, does anyone know of a good torrent, without missing anything? or atleast something close to it?
  4. Is there a seating leaching quota
  5. Hello Kametsu Users! I found today an New software Radarr, https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr. Apperently you can use this for Downloading Torrents, Usenet and more fun stuff. But the problem is I can't get the Radarr -> Settings -> Download Clients to work. I also tryed to add the Content into "C:\ProgramData\Radarr\bin" and added RuTorrent. When I try to make connection I get an Connection Error and it said can't connect to external server. Does somebody know how to fix this, are there any users here who using this Software on Microsoft Windows. Many Thanks: DJHulp! P.S. There was no Information into the video:
  6. The Torrents slowly dying ?, Piracy days over ? After Pirate Bay now KAT is dead. Is there any alternatives ? Nerds please stop Pokemon go and get to work.
  7. Celebs want to reform (dealing with safe harbor and fair use) or axe the DMCA for something heavily in favor of those that are rich/in power http://www.project-disco.org/intellectual-property/062116-music-industry-letter-seeks-to-turn-back-clock-on-internet/ And the FBI want access to ECTRs but with the addition of our browsing history accessible with just a national security letter. They failed to get their amendment 3 times so far but its was by a very small margin (one vote). I've heard the fbi doesn't care about piracy unless its large scale but that could change. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/07/senate-still-considering-giving-fbi-more-power-spy-browser-history I'm Mr.Doom&Gloom so I think this is going to end badly at least for those who aren't using VPNs (example: me). How do you guys think this will end?
  8. GUIDE TO DOWNLOADING FROM NZB SITES FOR FREE (100% Worth it!): 1.) Go To http://www.ngprovider.com/free-usenet-trials.php There you will see loads of Usenet providers offering FREE TRIALS One little trick I found is when you use http://www.hitnews.com you get UNLIMITED data transfer for 3 days, meaning if your speed is fast you could be looking at 40GB of download a Day! Also when your 3 days are up, just make another E-mail address and you will be able to get another Trial !! LOL I have done this about 10 times now and it's flawless! (BEST NEWSPROVIDER DEAL & SERVICE FROM ASTRAWEB SPECIAL OFFER: $8 p/m Unlimited DSL 20 Connections 2774 Days Retention SSL Choose either EU & US servers Normal Price $15 Amazing Completion rate, found things from 6yrs Ago fully complete! http://www.news.astraweb.com/specials/8paypal.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjw2sO3BRD49-zdzfb8iLwBEiQAFZgZfEQxivNbAIdGBKgKg_we29MnGE-0eX87nTxj5emRURMaAoDO8P8HAQ I use them myself - I task you to find a better deal! 2.) Get this Usenet Client: Alt.Binz and follow this small little guide to set it up: http://altbinz.net/wiki/Quick_Start_Guide (remember to USE SSL (PORT 443) and Server: 'free.hitnews.com' with around 8-15 Connections) 3.) Just before you start downloading, get this little tool: QuickPar 4.) Download your file: These are the 7 Best Sites for me: - Usenet Crawler - Personal Favourite! (INDEX) - Fanzub - 100% Pure Japanese/Asian Media NZB's (ANIME) - NZB Club - Search Engine - FileSharingTalk (Forum Based) (INDEX) - NZB MovieSeeker (INDEX) - NZB Index - Search Engine - OZnzb (INDEX) - NZBNDX (INDEX) - List of Indexers - Now The idea is the main movie/tv etc file is actually split up into multiple rars, as well as each rar having a certain amount of 'Blocks'. - The inital NZB does not contain any data, i.e when you go to indexers, you are going there to get a register file that collects the files from usenet's massive server, in the form of these small blocks. The downloaded files come from usenet, not these indexers, they are just telling you where to look so to speak... lol - In the Par Tab of Alt.Binz (Next To Download) a small file called a Par2 file will go there and will register downloaded/need to download blocks of each rar and will tell you if there are any missing blocks within that rar, by coming up as RED (All Green = All Good basically). ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ 5.) So if there are any red rars, you will need to Repair it using the included Recovery files at the bottom (Also Named .par2 files ~ Looks like vol000+20.par2 = 20 Blocks). Each one states how many blocks it has and they are interchangeable, meaning you just need to subtract the amount of blocks you need (by looking at the number of blocks you have downloaded against the total amount of blocks) and just downloading the par2 recovery files that add up to the amount of blocks you need. Example: 2GB File with 14 Rars. Each Rar is 60 Blocks. There are 7 Recovery Par2 files at the bottom. (1st - = 1 Block, 2nd = 2 Blocks, 3rd = 16 Blocks, 4th = 34 Blocks, 5th = 34 Blocks, 6th = 128 Blocks, 7th = 111 Blocks) It finishes with 6 Rars in the red. The total number of blocks is 840. Each rar has about 7 Blocks or so missing totaling 50 Blocks. (Meaning the number you will see at the par tab will be - 790 / 840 Blocks. When it is a small amount of blocks, you have a choice of which par2 file you choose: i.e download the 3rd and 4th to equal 50 Blocks.. (Or just get the 111 Blocks if you don't mind ~ Sometimes it fails if it is on the dot 50 blocks, so go for 1 more block over) so hopefully you get the idea. ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ 6.) Finally, one last thing. IF your file has rars that have different names in the download queue to the ones it says they are in the Par Tab (Usually NZB's from a.b.Triballs/Chuck Norris) and IF you have any reds, you will need to use Quickpar at the end to process the par properly (Alt.binz can't do this for some reason). This is done by going in to the Download Progress Folder in explorer and double-clicking on any of the par2 files. When it gets to the end of checking them in Quickpar, you'll notice it is missing a BIG amount of blocks, this is where you click on the 'ADD' Button, and then add the un-renamed files (you will be able to distinguish this, basically the ones that don't correspond to the names in the Par Tab) and it will repair. 7.) Now you just Unrar (If alt.binz does the par repair or doesn't need one, it will also automatically unrar, so it's completely seamless and only 2% of all the countless things I have downloaded so far have not had enough blocks!...) Download Gold this! Trust me, after 150+ Full Series download's of pure 1080p Awesomeness, I can say without a doubt, this is the best method to getting old stuff and new. Also, TONNES of anime there too, Just type in CBM into NZBClub and you'll see what I mean.... ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ Quick Comparison of benefits of Usenet VS Torrents. You use true SSL with Usenet. No Peer downloads, just one big main server and is completely legal. More control & Reliable. Speed is constantly 3.5MB to 4.3MB for me, it is by far the fastest. No 99% Fail's where the seed goes offline and does not complete, you will always get all files. They just may be broken and need a repair. Indexers (Such as Usenet-Crawler) make things so much simpler by collecting series & films with proper Pictures, ep numbers etc, your own fav shows/movies section and RSS feeds. The chance you will eventually luck out with Bit torrents, I know a few people that have had their PC HDD's seized! No way..... As a rule now, this is how downloading goes for me when searching for something: DDL Hosts Usenet NZB's IRC Last Resort Torrents ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ I hope this has helped you guys, even if you just browsed Been wanting to let a few people in on this for a while, so I've tried to simplify everything from start to finish. Following this guide you will not go wrong. Cheers (By The way Koby, If this thread is in the wrong place please let me know where I should put this? Wasn't too sure, but because this is related to technical software I thought this was the most closest category for this ) TIP: Btw Each TAB in Alt.binz can be dragged i.e Click and hold either 'Download Queue' - 'PAR2' or 'LOG' - (***Log is an important thing to look at, it will tell you when you have errors and will highligh a release that will most likely FAIL - I HIGHLY recommend to drag this one out when you download!***) Also make sure to set the max amount of lines you see in log by going to 'LOG' Settings and entering 10000. This way your log will be nice and big.
  9. im looking for Library War: The Wings of Revolution sub 780p-1080p Only on Torrent i have looked on nyaa and pirate pay...... nyaa haves it, its only in raw and yes there is a sub out. i only need a list Torrent site that may have the movie im looking for.