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Found 1 result

  1. hey Guys i finaly started uploading hope to bring you guys more animes thx So Let me say that i recently started uploading after almost 2 yrs i was a hard-core downloader and have acquired many downloads so, if onyone thinks that i can help u regarding any animes that u want plz dont hesitate to ask i will mostly upload mini-mkv or min-HDs most of my uploads will be in eng-dub some might be in dual-audio i take requests but only if its a short anime [ex. 13eps, 26eps] all my files will be uploaded in tusfiles or mega.co.nz And yeah dont forget say thanks after my files ..i mean thats the least u can do right! Royce Download Nest The Devil Is A Part-Timer DUAL-AUDIO Attack On Titan DUAL-AUDIO Princess Resurrection Fairy Tail Zero 2016 [NEW] Samurai Girls DUAL_AUDIO *Updated* Samurai Bride DUAL-AUDIO *Updated* Seraph of The End Season 2 DUAL-AUDIO Ranma 1/2 Episodes Ranma 1/2 OVA Naruto Shippuden [NEW] Fate/Zero DUAL-AUDIO *Updated* Fate/Stay Night Dual-Audio [NEW] Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Eiken Please Note: Due to DMCA I Have changed my file extention if u have any trouble in playing or downloading the extention just follow these simple steps: Step1: download the file from tusfiles Step2: after finishing the download, go to File->Organise->Folder and search options Step3: Go To View->and [Deselect] hide the knoown file extention right then the file extention of all file should be visible... Step4: Go to the file select The.rcs and change it to .mkv File should work fine then....