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Found 8 results

  1. I just started playing Far Cry 4, any tips to find weapons, collectibles etc.
  2. Hey guys, I've had this one game stuck in my head that I used to play when I was younger with a mate but cannot remember what it is. Any help would be appreciated! It was a Playstation 2 game that was set in the Sengoku period of Japan (The warring times when warlord's fought for control of Japan) It had a overview screen of Japan similar to the one from Sengoku Rance but had a battle screen similar to the Dynasty Warriors The player could also create a custom character and attempt to take over Japan using said custom character That's about all I can remember off the top of my head, but any questions might help me to remember more about the game. I really want to play this game again haha
  3. Does anyone know when does Gravity Rush II is released?
  4. As a former Wresling fan I have a soft spot for the Wrestling games, they can be a lot of fun with friends. This years Wresling game seems to set itself apart from the rest. I haven't really bought one since WWE 2K13. This will be the first WWE Game on the Next Gen consoles and from seeing there first and only ingame screenshot at this time I am blown away with how the game models look. Instead of looking like a cheap imitaion of the Wrestler they look real as hell. Take a look for yourself. This has been confirmed as in-game screenshot (not a cut scene but in match screenshot) taken with a developer camera tool. For those wanting more here is a Q&A That Jared Community manager fir WWE Games has hosted: Jared 2K, Community Manager for WWE Games, responded to a few questions from the fans on the official 2K forums. Here are his answers: About John Cena Screenshot: Yes, that is an actual, in-game screenshot using developer screenshot tools (just like all the 2K14 screenshots you see us post on Twitter/FB). It was taken during gameplay, so it's not during an entrance or cut-scene or anything like that. The lighting, the depth-of-field, the light reflecting off the ropes.. it's 100% legit in-game. The really cool thing? It gets better. While this screenshot is impressive, it also doesn't get into the insane details of the character models. The advantage of both facial and body scans really comes through when you start noticing details about these people that you ordinarily take for granted, from bone structure to pigment variation to moles.. It's super nuts and it'll be a lot of fun to dissect each coming screenshot for these types of details. To that end, one detail that stands out to me here is John's veins. They're always very clear during a match, especially that squiggly one that goes down his right arm. You can see those here and rendered accurately, where in the past its always just been little highlights here and there. It's crazy. Q: Awesome points here Jared. I'm actually curious as to how the crowd looks? Much better, actually! If you've seen the crowds in NBA 2K14 then you'll have some idea of what to expect. The movement is more organic with everyone moving at different timings. If models are repeated they're at least wearing something totally different. Variations in genders and sizes. MORE SIGNS! It's not mega mindblowing, but man is it ever a step up. Q: Can you tell us if there are plans of releasing a last gen (X360/PS3) screenshot or anything like that?Of course, but I believe that may not come until after IGN First. For those sticking with Xbox 360 and PS3, we'll definitely have some unique reasons for you to pick up this year's game. Q: I'm just wondering by seeing this awesome screenshot, does this mean that the superstars entrances are more realistic by any chance and is there anything improved to them? Entrances are definitely improved and are more accurate. Some of this comes from the superior visuals and lighting, and others simply from improved camera work. There are some new details under the hood in regards to how the camera can be manipulated by the developers. For example, during John Cena's entrance, when it sweeps over the crowd during the opening chords of his theme, it feels a bit more authentic. You get a sense that it's actually being operated by a crane and not just "its a video game so it moves how it wants." It's subtle but it helps it feel more true to life. And since we've more or less revealed Randy Orton with his butt, here's another example. You know how during his entrance, there's that huge strobe light that turns on and fills the arena with each guitar riff? That looks utterly spectacular in WWE 2K15. With the new lighting engine Randy gains a natural back-light. It reflects off the ramp and the barricades, his shoulders and highlights his silhouette. It looks and feels just like it does in real life in a way that's very natural and, well.. not video-gamey. Needless to say, it is very, very cool. Q: Did the guys at 2K scan the superstars for their entrances or is it similar to how entrances were made in the past? I would say similar to in the past. We're lucky to have some of the Superstars MoCap their entrances (I was there for Cesaro, actually!), but others are performed by actors. The 2K motion capture facility itself is fantastic. As the actors are performing they get visual and audio queues. They have instant access to both video of the actual Superstars as well as their own performance. Everyone on the roster got new entrances so you'll see improvements there for sure. Q: Could you possibly tell us anything about the Divas in the game?? Any hint or something about their look in the current-gen or if finally Diva fans are gonna be happy with the ammount of them in the game?? They look a lot better (obviously), but especially so on Xbox 360 and PS3. They definitely got the attention they deserve and you'll see some very dramatic differences between 2K14 and 2K15 with the Divas. You'll be hearing about the Divas come Summerslam along with the rest of the roster. Q: It seems odd to me that there are only 2 rivalries unless they incorporate a lot of different superstars or something. That doesn't seem like much so maybe feuds that include a lot of people like Sting and nWo make more sense. There's a lot of content within the two rivalries that'll be available in WWE 2K15. Not only do they contain a lot of matches, but additional, high-quality video content as well. There's a few other little tricks that you'll learn about soon. The best way to think about it is the 2K Showcase is similar to the single-player content you've seen in previous years, only much higher quality. UPDATE: 21/8/14 WWE 2K15 Confirmed Roster: (not full roster) AJ Lee Alberto Del Rio Bad News Barrett Batista Big E Big Show Booker T Bray Wyatt Brie Bella Brock Lesnar Cameron Cesaro Chris Jericho CM Punk Cody Rhodes Curtis Axel Damien Sandow Daniel Bryan Darren Young Dean Ambrose Dolph Ziggler Erick Rowan Fandango Goldust Hollywood Hulk Hogan Hulk Hogan Jack Swagger Jey Uso Jimmy Uso John Cena Justin Gabriel Kane Kevin Nash Kofi Kingston Luke Harper Mark Henry Naomi Natalya Nikki Bella Randy Orton Rey Mysterio Ric Flair Rob Van Dam Roman Reigns R-Truth Ryback Santino Marella Seth Rollins Shawn Michaels Sheamus Sting Sting (Surfer) “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Summer Rae Tamina The Miz The Rock The Undertaker Titus O’Neil Triple H Tyson Kidd Xavier Woods Let loose guys and let me know what you think. I would have to say I am keen mostly due to the high def quality of the models.
  5. Introduction: Once again like most other times I bring to all this years new DBZ game. Unlike before this game is bring brought over to the new generation of consoles, so we will see this on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PS3 and Xbox 360. This years game as most do look very nice in the early stages. In terms of graphics it seems to be a mix of DBZ Burst Limits and Ultimate Tenkaichi and Battle of Z's. As for game-play, still to early to really say but seems to be a mix of Battle of Z and Raging Blast, hopefully it will allow you to have as much variety as Raging Blast and not as limited as Battle of Z. Update: 22/10/14 Update: 16/7/14 Dragon Ball Xenoverse apparently is set for release in March 2015. So looks like the 1 DBZ game a year deal seems to have some fine print. We will not be seeing this game this year. Also the game seem that it will continue in some form from the battle of Gods movie. Quote: "Video Game Plot To Feature Manga/Anime Continuation Story Of Goku And Bills Travelling The DBZ Multiverse!" Source: http://www.kdramasta...elease-date.htm Who knows really guess we will have to wait and see, sadly I was hoping to see this game this year but, I guess the more time they spend on it hopefully the better it will be. Fingers Crossed. Update: 13/7/14 Sorry for the late update, this information came out awhile ago but never got around to putting the information in this thread. At the Japan Expo DB Xenoverse was showcased. Two battles were shown, Goku vs Vegeta and Goku vs Cell. The Goku vs Vegeta looks by far the better fight in terms of showcasing how the game will fight out while the cell fight is more of showing off certain aspects about the game. Also a new mystery character was teased, maybe a new villain that fits in with the capsule corp mystery character: Expo Video: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XC9BebbxWA Update: 18/6/14 Update: Masayuki Hirano Interview E3 2014 Quick Notes of points covered: (See Post #10 in spoiler tags) - Game made for playing in the DBZ world not around characters - New unknown character and level to play major role in xenoverse - Cut-scenes for moves reduced, (eg finishers moves like spirit bomb or combo cut-scene moves) this game will take on the role of the player controlling the moves not cut scenes - Combo system made so player can make there own combos during the battle giving more gameplay life with the game. - At this time it is a 1 vs 1 game, They are unable to say anymore on this at this current time, so it may have more vs elements to this game like battle of Z than just 1 vs 1. - Character roster cannot be fully details at this time, in future they will reveal more. Obviously we will see characters from saiyan saga all the way through to the buu saga. Movie and GT characters unknown at this time. - Brazil fan base Only: Too early in development to say if this game will make it to Brazil with the correct dubbing, but keep an eye out for more information on this. What are your thoughts?
  6. I have seen a lot of threads about Destiny, but none really discussing the game itself in it's final release state. I am a fan of Destiny, Sure it is not a 10/10 game but is still a lot of fun with friends. I have played it everyday since its release. The gameplay is great and the soundtrack is beautiful, sadly the same cannot be said about the storyline. A good game must have a great storyline, one that makes you want to discuss the next day with your mates. Does Destiny do that??? In my opinion....no. Destinys storyline is one that can go to great places and at times leaves you wanting more. It is too bad that those times are few in number and you are constantly asking yourself what am I doing now? You get caught up with everything else that is happening in the Destiny world that the main story takes a back seat while you interact with the Destiny world. There is a lot to do in that world so the story can easily be forgotten before you pick it up again and wonder what where you up to or why are we going to this planet again? Playability is high with Destiny, considering you do the same missions over and over again in the hopes to get great rewards that will send you up the ranks in the Online world and for me I don't mind doing the same levels over and over again seeing as you can change the difficulty to suit your character. So what are your thought? let me know what you think of Destiny?
  7. In case you didn’t know, next week is the 50th episode of the MONG Podcast! So to celebrate making it to 50 episodes, we decided to giveaway a copy of Bungie’s highly anticipated upcoming game, Destiny. The winner will have their choice of which platform they want the game on, and will also receive a free MONG t-shirt! So, how do you enter? It’s super easy! All you have to do is go here (click here) and choose which options you want to do to enter. There are 10 different ways to add entries! And in case you don’t want to click on the link right now, here are the ways you can enter: Like MONG on Facebook (1 entry) Follow MONG on Twitter (1 entry) Tweet about the Giveaway (1 entry) Recommend a friend to follow us on Twitter (1 entries) Follow our Instagram (1 entry) Follow our Tumblr (1 Entry) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (2 entries) Write a written review for our Podcast on iTunes (3 entries) Record a quick audio congrats message for us (10 entries) Draw MONGMAN (10 entries) Give the giveaway a shout out on your website, YouTube channel, or Twitch channel (10 entries) Thank you once again for supporting us by listening to us talk nonsense on the podcast for the past year! This has been an awesome ride and we are only just getting started! I hope you all enter our giveaway and share it with all of your friends! We want this to be huge! Good luck everyone! Courtney Osborn Editor-in-Chief
  8. I for one love the fact that the game has different endings, it gives the player the feel of independence when playing, but it's scary too when you think about it. Every action you do will affect the ending of the game, good ending or bad ending, so called. The monsters are also eerily extraordinary. As the series has progressed, new monsters have been introduced, graphics have improved, thus making gameplay even scarier. I was creeped out by the entire game series itself. All of this blood, gore, scary monsters, and when there is silence and then BANG! something interesting or scary happens and you jump in your seat. What is your opinion? Is Silent Hill or was Silent Hill the scariest or a scary game series? What are your thoughts?
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