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Found 2 results

  1. ladyshockbox

    Hi! New User

    Hey there! My name is Lady Shockbox. I was recommended to these forums by a friend, so here I am! Mecha animes with the robots as the main characters are my favorite, although I like the piloting animes too. c:
  2. ok so i have whatched alot of anime(mainly mech) and looking for more current series im dling is read or die.. i have whatched all the gundams,evangelion,eureka7,macross,negima,bluegender,hell of alot more... i like magic fantasy and scifi,hate mysteries>>> and for books.. mostly magic or alchemy related also some fantasy dabbled in.. i love the rangers apprentice series. eragon is also a favorite of mine. i have read some of the drizzt novels.also the brotherband series, witch and wizard,rot and ruin, and many more,i have spent over $2000 usd in books and anime in the past 6 months >.> i have almost a library for a room XD if it is truly good please recommend and i will buy or dl it thank you