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Found 1 result

  1. https://archive.is/sx1dc https://archive.is/fP7OH We need to make some noise and get people aware of this as it could be bad for everyone outside the US and Canada. Knowing how this forum is hosted outside the US, our community could fall victim to this at any time. We already have a few pre-requisites that could help getting this defeated once again -The US president (Donald Trump as of the creation of the post) hates the TPP, so this could get international fanatics of the president to turn against it. -There's currently a holocaust-like scenario in the Hollywood where many prolific people are being outed as sexual pests, making the fact that they're trying to get people canned from cyberspace for doing as little as looking up movie clips not sit well with many (TL;DR it should be a cakewalk to get the pedowood crowd on-board). Quoting a anonymous 8chan user (ID 866ffd on 11/11/17) the anon summarized the bill in full as: