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Found 1 result

  1. Ever since I've been watching Anime, I've taken an interest into almost all things Japanese; Music, Manga, Video Games, Movies. However I've always stayed away from the Television shows as I've never really bothered to fully endorse the culture. Other the years I've found myself looking into other forms of Asian entertainment, So it's probably not a surprise that with K-Pop being in the mainstream light bigger and brighter than ever before people are more and more interested into the culture of Korea, myself included. Recently I've been looking into the ever popular world of J-Drama and K-Drama and was wondering if anybody else had started to dive into the world of Asian entertainment, and could provided an insight into the world and perhaps recommend useful places to go about searching, I previously and still continue to enjoy watching Asian horrors especially that which are Japanese and Korean, So I only think it's about time I dive deeper into the world I'm missing.
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