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Found 5 results

  1. For those who aren't familiar, I just take pictures of the Sims as they go about their day and make unfunny comments about everything. It's about 80% free will--I'll lead them to specific lots, lock any wants they have, and occasionally direct them to take care of any pressing needs, but otherwise leave them to their own devices and let them build relationships on their own. Or destroy them, as the case may be. My Current Set Up No established relationships Everyone is a young adult Aging is turned off Seasons and lunar cycles are set to their longest lengths === A new day, a new save, a new neighbourhood. This is the perfect time to put together a bunch of random Sims and see what happens. Let's meet our cast. Here we have Bernie and Kajo, representing me and Mink respectively. Our wings are great, respect. This is Poetic, representing... herself. She is the only human and she is not pleased with this. Mister Snips. He is a vampire and represents Dark_Angel13. He is literally dying as I take this picture of him. Dreamcastor, representing herself. She is a witch and also unhappy, probably because she is standing next to a vampire who smells like burning. Eric, standing in for Java. He is a werewolf and that happy expression on his face is just his way of reminding you that he can kill you at a moment's notice. Okay, wow, this sucks. Let's build a house. Perfect. I'm not saying they're poor, or that the chairs are made of crates, or that the rug is literally a tarp. Nor am I saying that we're all sleeping in the cheapest beds with the scratchy wool blankets. Or that I seriously contemplated leaving out the fire alarm for the cash. But I am saying dignity costs money. And this cute mirror only cost one Simoleon! The little floral nightlight is a nice touch, I'm glad I thought of it. No one is capable of normal locomotion. To be fair, Mister Snips is being fried alive, so his super speed is more than warranted at this time. Mister Snips, this is not a good use of your time. "You aren't going to use your fairy magic to cheat, are you?" Meanwhile, Mister Snips works it for the camera while Dreamcastor and Kajo beat each other senseless with pillows. Eric bonds with the Spongeputer. "You're using tiny idols to wage war upon each other?" "This is very racially charged, I can't say I'm impressed." Real life fairies doing real life frolicking. They proceeded to do this for six hours straight. Not to be outdone, Eric taps into his inner wolf. The Sponge stares deep into your soul. Kajo is terrified in Eric's general direction. The Sponge continues to stare, peeling back the layers. Poetic can't shake the feeling that maybe living with a bunch of supernatural folk wasn't the best of ideas. At dinner, Kajo faints and we ignore him. "Where's the salad dressing?" "I'm not saying you're terrifying, but I need to change my pants." "I think the llama mascot is making lewd gestures at you, Poetic." "JESUS." "THIS IS LITERALLY AWFUL." "I GUESS HE LEFT ALREADY." That was horrifying. Let's go to bed now.
  2. BANNER OF THE MONTH: August RULES: All entries are to be submitted by August 24th. Voting will take place between August 25th and August 31st. There is no theme this month: None! Only one entry per participant. However, you may edit your entry until the deadline. Banners must be your own work. Entries are to be GIF or PNG format, and should be 1600 (or more) x160 pixels Text must say KAMETSU not KAMETSU FORUMS! Animated banners are allowed. Pre-made banners are allowed, as long as they have not been used in a past Kametsu competition. Please read all Graphical Division Rules and Forum Rules before entering. All rules apply. Please make sure to read all rules for they have changed!
  3. Hello everybody. I'm another one who jumped ship from the Cartoon World forum to the Kametsu forum. I'm not too familiar with the site, but I hope that I will participate more in threads than I ever did during my time at C-W (which was very little). I would consider myself to be a 'kid-at-heart', and a proud one of that. I have and always will watch animated content whether it's lighthearted cartoons or serious anime. Video gaming is perhaps my greatest hobby; I look for gameplay rather than graphics, and will happily play retro games/consoles that are older than me. My favourite franchise would have to be Dragon Ball, followed by Sonic the Hedgehog. My music preferences are Rock and Heavy Metal. I look forward to my stay here at Kametsu. EDIT: And as you can see by my signature, I am also a WWE fan (my favourite wrestler being CM Punk, although I am aware he has 'walked out' of the company recently).
  4. Hi, i'm Irawan. Still new here, i came from cartoon-world by the way. Hope i can find any pokemon movie here, and thanks guys for sharing your links. Thank you!
  5. So people what doe you actual think about. I think it needs some templates
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