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Found 2 results

  1. Shaheryar Ahmad


    Hi Guys , My name is Shaheryar . I studying Computer Science.My Hobbies are play computer games,I also play Football on weekend and My interests is in getting a new general knowledge from internet,books e.t.c. My favourite anime was Tokyo Ghoul,Recently I watching Naruto and Dragon Ball
  2. I can't remember exactly when we had this conversation in the Random Chat thread, but it happened some time in August I think. I wanted to see if I could design a forum game around playing skills related flash games to basically create stats. At first I was thinking about something like playing all the games, normalizing the score, then using that as your power in a "good vs evil" type of forum game, but then I really got into designing the game as a light RP and ended up with something of a very light improvised DnD rule set. I typed a preliminary draft of it up and sent it to EO for approval, and she approved it for the forum game section (given the complexity of the game I was unsure whether it belonged in the forum game section or the RP section). Looking at the rules, I feel like I managed to marry some of the essential complexities of RP play with the lighter forum game paradigm. The product isn't too unwieldy, and I think it plays well as a forum game (although I don't know since I haven't done a pilot run anywhere). I'm thinking of attempting to run the game here, but I'd like to gauge interest in the game first and see if it's even worth trying (the game will involve me quite a bit as basically a GM). Here is an updated draft of the rules for the game - Updated again! And here is the excel sheet I promised, more info about this in the second page of this thread - you probably want to save this to your computer to make full use of it... Yes, it's a long rule sheet, but most of the annoying calculations are done at character creation time and only need to be kept up while playing the game. In lieu of dice to do random events, I've opted to use random.org to do random number generation. I think it's pretty easy for players to figure out how to use. The bulk of the rule sheet is me trying to set up precedents on how the game should be played, how to interpret certain events, and how posts should be made. The rules are also trying to cover loop holes and exploits that I've thought of to prevent unfair play. Finally, toward the end of the rules is all the stuff related to the shop which really is there more as a reference than as a set of rules to follow. If there's enough interest in the game I'll consider putting an official game thread up in the forum game section. Additionally, if someone else really likes the concept and can guarantee better availability than me as a thread master (I usually check this forum once a day at least), I'd be happy to send them a link to a (rather less refined) TM guide that I typed up basically as documentation for myself. If you want to lead the game and can do a better job than I can, there's no reason why I should stop you. However, I don't want the TM guide floating around publicly (which is why I'll only give out the guide to those who ask individually) since I feel like the TM should have some secrets while running the game or it's not fun ^^; For the record, I've never played or seen a DnD game played in my life, so if you have suggestions to streamline the rules and make the game easier to play, I'd love to hear that too.