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Found 2 results

  1. What order do i watch the Fate Series?
  2. Since I have already done Fate/Zero, I thought I might as well do this one. Episode 01: File sizes: JP-BD (8bit, PCM) - 14.2 GiBReinForce (8bit, FLAC) - 5.99 GiBSalender-Raws (10bit, FLAC) - 1.75 GiBUTW (10bit, FLAC) - 2.70 GiBVCB-Studio (10bit HEVC, FLAC) - 1.47 GiB ____________JP-BD___________vs_________ReinForce_________vs________Salender-Raws______vs___________UTW____________vs_________VCB-Studio_________ Screenshot gallery link: http://someimage.com/t3PS All screenshots taken with AvsPmod 2.5.1 using: FFVideoSource("EP_01.mkv")FFinfo(cfrtime=false,vfrtime=false,colorspace=false,colorrange=false,cropping=false,sar=false,version=false) Notes: Japanese and US BD video looks the same and judging from size is probably identicalJP-BD video remuxed into MKV container for consistency and ability to use FFmpegSource2 EDIT: BakaCompare link removed as comparison is no longer available there (for some reason).