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Found 14 results

  1. First off, not mine! this was made be SonicVelocity on DeviantArt. it was so good, i had to post it here for all to see! An abandoned prince in a land with no name A lost friend whose fate is the same An immortal woman who holds the key To defy the power of the Holy Decree An organization of terrorists and traitors shall rise And retake their country before their emperor's eyes The Black Knights shall become the hope for the land Controlled by a boy with the world in his hands Because the power of Geass, he has obtained And with the name of Zero, they shall think him insane But his strategies are perfect, his tactics precise Even the Knight of One, cannot escape his vise When the battle is lost, they shall look in his eye As he says "I am Lelouch Vi Britannia, and I command you to die!"
  2. These are the gifts I made for people in the Homestuck Secret Santa. They're all varying lengths, ratings, and quality (mostly closer to "sucks" than "good"). I haven't written fan fiction in, like, forever, so I have no idea how to write characters that aren't out of character, whoops. I'll split these into two separate posts once the time limit goes by and leave it at four and four each, unless anyone would rather them all in their own post. And if you think any of my ratings or summaries are bunk after reading, let me know and I'll adjust accordingly. Waiting Summary: Kanaya waits for Rose to show up. Rating: K There was surprisingly little to busy herself with, even in the confines of the common area where various piles of things had accumulated, apparently growing with each day that passed. Kanaya rubbed her bare arms, pursing her lips as she looked around the room, her eyes darting to the doorways every few seconds. Every little sound set her at edge, ready to spring from her seat. It never failed to disappoint. Kanaya decided it was time once again to take count of the various books left lying around. Pile after pile, left haphazardly on almost every available surface that wasn’t occupied by some other pile of objects. Cleanliness never seemed to be much of a priority on the meteor, nor did any sort of coordination when it came to the rugs, but that she could forgive. At the least it made the place feel like a home and less of a laboratory, though some had been worn so thin they did nothing against the hard metal beneath. Rose still hadn't arrived. How much time had passed? She tried not to think of it, but the ticking of the clock behind her tempted her into turning around. An hour. Sixty minutes. Second after second come and gone. Kanaya had spent that time on the sofa, crossing and uncrossing her legs, flipping through the occasional book, arranging and rearranging bottles. After the passage of an hour, she supposed it was high time to admit to herself something was wrong. Not that it made much sense. Rose had been the one to set everything up and she certainly wasn’t the type to be so tardy, especially for an event of her own planning. At first she thought nothing of it as she got dressed, slipping on her daily attire. If Rose hadn't bothered with furnishing any details, she couldn't have been planning anything out of the ordinary. Doubt sank in as she thought of her first interactions with Rose, of the work she put into understanding human sarcasm in order to have some semblance of a conversation. It never stopped being puzzling to her, the things Rose said and did. Dave was equally puzzling, but he was easy to ignore as long as he kept his voice down--which he so often did--and didn't cross paths with Karkat--which seemed to happen less and less. Kanaya adjusted her skirt, vaguely unsatisfied with what she put on. She had picked through the rest of her clothing, trying to decide exactly what Rose meant. Was it a date? Was it part of her romantic machinations? And what if it wasn't? Kanaya put aside thoughts of wearing nicer apparel--it would be easier to explain being underdressed than overdressed. And yet here she was on the sofa in casual attire, trying to convince herself she had made the right choice. She leant back, letting out a slow breath as she stared at the ceiling, willing it to offer her something in the way of answers. From her vantage point she could see part of the clock. Kanaya watched the second hand move along its predestined path, step by step, pausing at every hash mark. She watched until the clock rang, signalling the top of the hour. Worse, it signalled she had been staring at the clock for almost fifteen minutes. She crossed her arms, huffing slightly. Why would Rose take so long to show up? Perhaps this was not where they were supposed to meet? Perhaps it was an elaborate ruse, to see just how much she was willing to put up with? It wasn't as though the meteor was particularly large. It wouldn't take much time to get up and look, for Rose to poke her head in and ask for a bit of time as she got ready. Of course, Kanaya had considered doing the same herself. It wouldn't be fair if she didn't. But what if she got up to look for Rose and they ended up just missing each other, doing so for the duration of the search? Such contrived shenanigans seemed to be the norm, even before she met Rose, before she knew what a human was. Not that it explained what was taking so long. If Rose was looking for her, she surely would have come across her sitting in the common room. Granted, she might have caught her trying out various seating positions and, more embarrassingly, facial expressions. For what felt like hours, Kanaya thought she would practise holding conversations with Rose, running through different scenarios. She mouthed words, scripting her responses and actions for when Rose finally arrived. And when she tired of that, she flopped onto the couch, her arm across her eyes, and tried to nap. It wasn't much of a success. She got up almost immediately from her attempted nap, spending the next block of time fixing her hair and taming rebellious strands. Frustrating. Absolutely frustrating. To sit there for--Kanaya turned to look at the clock, rolling her eyes as she settled back into position--to sit there for two and a half hours and not even be afforded the simple respect of being informed of what was going on. Just frustrating. She got up from the couch, hands balled into fists as she stormed across the room. Heat rose in her face, every single step taken carefully and purposefully. Something stopped her from crossing the doorway, from stepping over the threshold. Kanaya thought of the way Rose looked when she set up the whole thing. She remembered the faintest hints in her expressions, the little quirks that betrayed her confidence, telling her that Rose was nervous--perhaps even afraid of rejection. Letting out a calming breath, Kanaya loosened her hands. She stretched her fingers, examining them briefly. Something simply must have gone wrong. That's all there was to it. It just wasn't like Rose to be so late, regardless of the intended purpose of the meeting. Her mind clearer, she stepped through the doorway. Trepidation Summary: Kanaya makes a dress for Rose while Porrim tries to pry information from her. Rating: T Warnings: Hints at ectoincest. Kanaya pinned a bit of green ribbon at the waist of a dusty pink dress, smoothing it against the fabric. "What do you think of this?" She moved to the side, pushing aside a basket of various fabrics, ribbons, and scissors with her foot, allowing Porrim to view the dress in full. She looked up from her book, a scandalous bit of blackrom literature she had plucked out of Karkat's collection. "This for Rose?" She stood from the chaise, slipping in her bookmark to keep her place, and approached Kanaya. "Perhaps," she replied, looking down at the dress. The faintest hint of uncertainty crossed her face, gone as soon as it came. "I have not yet finalised the design. If nothing else, it will be good practise." Porrim placed a hand at her waist, the other tapping her chin as she examined the dress, walking around the mannequin slowly. "A lighter green may be in order." She bent by the basket, pushing around bits of yarn and spools of thread before pulling out a length of green ribbon, a few shades lighter than the one already pinned to the dress. With a slight grunt, Porrim stood, straightening her dress, before wrapping the ribbon around the mannequin. "What do you make of this colour?" "I will consider it." She smiled, unpinning the current ribbon and setting it back in the basket along with the ribbon Porrim picked out. "I think it time for me to take a break." "It seems you're almost done with the dress." "Perhaps." "No need to doubt yourself," she said, placing a hand on Kanaya's shoulder, a smile crossing her lips. "Rose will appreciate any gift you give her. I hear she almost stood you up. How did your date turn out?" Kanaya cleared her throat and turned away, busying herself with organising the various yards of fabric. Porrim chuckled, settling back into the chaise, picking up her book. She cracked it open, scanning the text briefly for her spot. "'I can do this no longer', she shouted. Dark blood spilt from her lip, a delicious shade of chocolate." She paused, watching for Kanaya's reaction. When Kanaya simply continued to move around fabrics, Porrim resumed, "She threw her against the wall, her forearm pressing against her throat. The highblood laughed, pressing her knee between her assailant's legs, drops of blood staining the fabric of her--" A sudden clatter from across the room broke Porrim's pace, taking her attention from the book. Kanaya was staring, a ball of multicoloured yarn in each hand. "Must you read that aloud?" "Is it bothering you?" The corner of her mouth lifted into a smirk as she stretched her legs on the chaise, the book dangling from her hand as she met the other's gaze. "I thought you liked these." "I enjoy them privately." "Oh?" Porrim arched a brow, swinging her legs off the chaise and stood, leaving the book forgotten on the seat. "I'm not allowed to share in this enjoyment with you?" She approached and stood over her, knowing her presence was still one Kanaya found somewhat imposing. She lowered her voice, taking the yarn from Kanaya's hands, tossing them into a nearby basket. "Does Rose know you, ah, enjoy such literature alone?" Kanaya bit her lip, looking away from her dancestor. "We have our boundaries." "What need have you for boundaries about literature?" Porrim took Kanaya's chin in her hand, turning her face towards her. "Do you also regard her with this sort of trepidation or am I the lone benefactor of such behaviour?" Silence passed between them, little heard aside from their breathing, the shuffling of fabric as they shifted position. "This is uncomfortable," Kanaya said finally, trying to move back from Porrim, as though she were attempting to disappear into the fabric. "It's really none of your business." "I'm simply looking out for you, Kanaya. There's no need to be shy. I'm sure Rose is--" She halted, a devious smile crossing her lips. "Perhaps we could do a bit of roleplay." "Roleplay what?" "Oh, come on, you know. I'll pretend to be Rose and we'll practise how your first time will go about." Kanaya began to shake--Porrim wasn't sure at first if it was from anger or something else until a laugh escaped her lips, allowing her to relax slightly. "Don't laugh. It'll be good practise." "Porrim, I'm not having sex with you--" "I can't believe you would even say such a thing--" "--I don't think Rose would even appreciate it--" "--as though I were some sort of village two-wheeled device--" "--it's just not proper--" No longer interesting in trying to speaking over her, Porrim grabbed Kanaya by the shoulders, pulling her back towards the chaise, and sat her down, pushing aside the book. She took a seat beside her, smoothing the fabric of her dress over her knees. Porrim began to tie up her hair, pulling it off her shoulders, with a bit of ribbon. "Now, let's begin." "I said I'm not--" "Calm down, Kanaya. We're not going to have sex. I just want to help you get over your nervousness." She patted her dancestor on the knee, taking care to make it as amicable a gesture as possible. "It's for the best. We wouldn't want you to freeze up and lose control of the situation, would we?" Porrim smiled brightly, waiting for a response. Kanaya let out a breath, scratching her neck at the edge of her hair. "Very well." She took Porrim's hands in hers, intertwining their fingers. She looked at her fingers, admiring how neat her nails were kept, the way Porrim’s fingers pressed against hers. "Rose,” she said, her voice quiet, “I think things are moving entirely too quickly, and we should proceed with caution." Porrim rolled her eyes and leant towards Kanaya, parting her lips slightly. "I don't think we're moving too quickly at all." She took her hand from Kanaya's and cupped her face, running her thumb across her cheek. "I'm ready for this, Kanaya. Very much so." She sat frozen on the chaise, staring into Porrim's eyes, trying not to look at the way her fangs ever so slightly poked out between her lips, the way her piercings glimmered in the light. She tried not to imagine where the swirls of her tattoos went, if they led to delightfully forbidden places. She tried not to imagine perching Rose between them, kept her mind from considering if that would be a far better gift than a simple dress. Porrim tapped her cheek, bringing her out of her thoughts. "Kanaya? Are you okay?" She smiled and nodded, pulling Porrim's hand from her cheek. "I'm very much okay. And I'm very much certain we're not ready for this." She leant forward, pressing Porrim against the chaise's armrest, pressing her lips against hers. Her hand trailed along Porrim's hip as they kissed, pulling up the fabric of her dress slightly. Kanaya pulled away, still smiling. "I think that's break enough," she said, and stood, returning to her work at the mannequin and leaving Porrim to resume her reading. Game Night Summary: Board games always seem more fun in retrospect than in reality. Dave, Karkat, and Rose try to pass the time on the meteor. Rating: T Game night was an awful idea. For one, the game they were playing right now was entirely too complicated, but if they played yet another round of Chutes and Ladders, Dave was going to seriously consider asking Kanaya to teach him how to sew. At least that would have been a productive use of his time, and while he would never craft a smuppet--nor would he want to--he could make at least some SBaHJ capes. It was called Arkham Horror, a game Rose remembered playing some time ago. Through a series of carefully coordinated shenanigans, they managed to procure a bounty of board games. Karkat didn't care much for the cooperative games, instead thriving on competition. Rose, on the other hand, enjoyed finding ways to bend the rules, making dubious moves that aggravated both Dave and Karkat. "Rose, where does it say in the rules you can reroll? Is that some kind of lesbian power your character has?" Dave flipped through the manual, more halfheartedly than anything. Rose was always the ones who read the rules, leaving the other two at her mercy. "I'm pretty sure if you're fighting against Cthulhu himself, he's not going to dodge an attack and just be like, 'oh, you want a redo? Okay, why the fuck not, I'm only a timeless and immortal god. I got nothing but time, bro'." "It's well within my right to reroll," she said simply, rolling her dice. "We would not have ended up in this situation had you not been so foolhardy the entire game and continuously found yourself lost in time and space." "Some god you turned out to be." Karkat chuckled, picking up the card containing the Elder One's information. "If you had listened to me from the start, we wouldn't have a metric fuckton of gates open, waking up this asshole." He tapped his chin with the card, looking up at the ceiling with narrowed eyes. "It's all beginning to sound very familiar, actually." A die thrown at his head brought his attention back to Dave. "Because your suggestions were bogus, Karkat. My guy wouldn't spend his time cowering in fear from some eldritch abominations. He'd get right in there and use his whip to make them feel emasculated. Whips and guns trump tentacles." "You say this with such certainty, such familiarity with tentacled creatures. And yet here we are, having our collective asses handed to us by the Elder One. Regardless, it seems we have lost the battle for all of mankind yet again. I think you'll find that when it comes to losing these games, we are simply the best there is." Karkat rolled his eyes, shoving the cards and pieces laid out before him onto the game board, knocking over their characters. "Can we play something that isn't a complete waste of our time? Is there nothing in there actually worth playing, something that isn't so complicated it takes hours to learn and even longer to appreciate?" "Let me look," Dave said, pushing around boxes. "Monopoly again? No way." He tossed the box aside, the lid lifting as it landed, revealing the mess of paper money and cards within. "What about this one?" "Dixit? Hand me the instructions." She took the booklet, smoothing her robes as she settled back into position. As she read, Karkat and Dave flipped through the cards. "Is there something in particular about your alien society that finds these kinds of things amusing?" He held up a card, portraying two armoured ants atop a stack of gold coins, attacking each other with swords in their mandibles. "I mean, look at these things, they're absolutely fucking incomprehensible. I might actually prefer to continue to have my ass handed to me in that horrorterror game than do whatever this wretched excuse of a game expects me to do." Rose set the booklet down and collected the cards, shuffling them and handing a small stack each to Dave and Karkat, taking one for herself as well. She set the remaining cards aside. "It appears all you have to do is construct a sentence about one of your cards." "A storytelling game?" Dave got up and started poking through the pile of board games, pushing them aside as he dug deeper. "Never mind, put the game back. I think I can find something cooler than this..." "No, no!" Karkat slapped his hand on the ground, glaring at Dave. "Sit your ass down because we are playing this game. We played everything else in that awful pile." "Jegus, dude, okay." He complied, exchanging looks with his sister. "Didn't think you were into these rabbits so much." He picked up the small wooden rabbit, holding it between two fingers. "You got these things on Alternia? In human culture, these little guys lay eggs filled with baby rabbits and hide them in bushes and trees from predators. When they're born they're made of chocolate, so kids go hunting for them so they can eat them." Karkat scowled, picking a different coloured rabbit. "That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of, and I've heard more than enough ridiculous things in the miserable, worthless sweeps I have existed." "It's absolutely factual, Karkat," Rose said, smiling. "It was originally something of a religious practice as people once thought consuming these chocolate bunnies would bring them closer to Jegus, but eventually the practice had become so widespread, they had to ban people from hunting these Easter eggs." "Whatever, let's just play this idiotic game and get it over with." "Very well. As I said, you construct a sentence about one of your images. Then you select two cards from your hand, collecting two cards from the others. The other two players will also choose two cards they think are represented best by your sentence. Then the cards are displayed and players, excluding the storyteller, vote with these tokens here..." She paused to hand them small disks, coloured to match their rabbit pieces. "... on which one you think is the card initially chosen. Points will be distributed accordingly. The first to reach the end of this path wins the game, and, presumably, all of the chocolate bunnies." "Wait, are we playing as rabbits or are we wearing rabbit costumes? Because I don't know if I'm down with rabbit cannibalism, even if their babies are completely delicious." "They're wooden pieces! They're not even real! Just start the game, Rose, before I completely lose my shit." Karkat heard Dave mutter something under his breath, shooting a glare in his direction but said nothing. Dave flipped through his cards briefly before setting them down. "Hey man, I just want to be sure what the story is here. I think we all learned an important lesson about storytelling when we played Arabian Nights." "Yeah, the lesson we learnt was you're an absolute failure at reading aloud. Even when you did manage to keep your voice loud enough to hear, you rewrote the whole thing on the spot and turned it into one of your ridiculous raps." "I happened to think they added to the story. Scheherazade could have learned a thing or two about staying alive if she just knew how to drop a beat. It wouldn’t have taken her a thousand nights to convince her murderous husband not to kill her." Rose chuckled, arranging her cards in her hand as she spoke. "I believe her husband would have responded by dropping a sword in her chest, dear brother." "See, Rose agrees with me!" "Oh, don't get me wrong, Karkat. While I believe that Shahryar would not have been cultured enough to appreciate the sicknasty beats his thousandth wife would have surely dropped, it did add a certain flair to the game itself. I especially appreciated when he would tell us in rhyme exactly what happened between Sinbad and the various jinn he encountered. What was it again? I believe there was something about large blue phalluses..." Karkat threw the cards in the air, getting up. "I am not listening to this again!" He crossed the playing area, passing between Rose and Dave, throwing himself into the pile of board games. "I'm taking a nap." Dave lifted a brow, the corner of his mouth quirking. "Right there?" "Of course right here, numbskull." He curled into himself, using Apples to Apples to rest his head upon as he closed his eyes. "What do you think I'm doing? These games are exhausting. You two are exhausting. Therefore, I am exhausted and would appreciate it if you all just left me alone." Rose and Dave exchanged glances, conspiratorial smiles crossing their faces. Without warning, they leapt into the pile with Karkat, sandwiching him between them. Rose adjusted her robes, leaning back on the boxes, resting her feet on Karkat's legs. "Yes," she said, shutting her eyes, "I can definitely go for a nap as well. Brilliant idea, Karkat." Karkat growled as he bunched up Dave's cape, using it as a cushion between his head and the box. He shut his eyes again, nuzzling his head against Dave’s armpit. "Don't think this means we can have any feelings jams here. I’m just trying to sleep." Dave gasped, slapping Karkat on the arm. "I'm offended. I think I would be a better pale bro than your juggalo bro. My sick fires definitely overwhelm his miracles, not to mention--" "Strider,” he warned, cracking an eye open. “If you don't stop talking, I'm going to shove a card game right up your--" "Fair enough, dude. Catch your forty winks." They curled up together, making the occasional snarky remark as they got comfortable, or as much as they could on a pile of rectangular cardboard boxes, some sturdier than others. Once they settled in, breathing began to slow, thoughts began to fade away, and they fell asleep. Game night was a resounding success. A Moment Summary: Dave and Jade are out hunting for frogs and take a break. Rating: M Warnings: Non-explicit sexual encounter. It was little more than a moment. A break from all that frog breeding. A chance to breathe. Or at least it was supposed to be. The environment was less than picturesque since the Forge had just been stoked, melting the snow nearby, forming muddy puddles. Defrosted frogs went about their business, perhaps to resume business left unfinished since being frozen. It wouldn't be long before the whole planet warmed up, meaning more frogs would be hopping around the place, flopping around in the melted snow, leaping into the farthest branches of the trees. Jade was wearing her 3 AM dress, a somewhat odd choice of fashion given the occasion--perhaps she wore in anticipation for the warmth from the Forge. Either way, Dave hoped she wouldn't notice his looking, the way he stole frequent glances, admiring the way her shoulders and clavicles stood in such stark contrast to the black of her dress. It didn't help either that the fabric was eye-catching, that it hung quite nicely around her hips. A frog in each hand, he approached, tapping her on the shoulder. She was crouched near a tree, trying to coax a frog from its hiding spot amongst the roots. Jade waved a hand, intent on retrieving the frog. "He'll come out eventually," he said, kneeling beside her. "I hope so." She moved away from the tangled mess of roots and looked at the frogs Dave had brought her. "What are you still doing with those?" He shrugged, letting the frogs go. They hopped towards the roots, apparently serving as reason enough for the frog already in there to come out. Jade snatched it, smiling triumphantly. Then, with a pat on its head, she let the frog go, waving goodbye to the little amphibian. Dave stood, offering a hand to Jade. She got to her feet, smoothing her dress. "How much more of this do we have to do? Not that I don’t love harassing random frogs, but they’re terrible wordsmiths." She lifted her shoulders. "We'll know when we finish. Kanaya seemed certain of that." She let out a breath, seeming to deflate. "You okay?" He placed his hands on her shoulders, trying not to squeeze too tightly or make it obvious the effect her bare skin was having on him. "I'm sure we'll finish. They don’t have to rap with me, it’s cool." "No, it's not that," she said, the corner of her mouth lifting into a half smile. "I guess I'm feeling tired. And a little cold." Jade lowered her gaze, the smile falling from her lips. "Oh." Dave fidgeted, giving her shoulders a slight squeeze. "Do you need a jacket?" She shook her head, but offered little else in the way of response. Her hair fell over her face, catching on her glasses. "I don't--" She looked up and in a single movement threw her arms about his neck, kissing him. Dave stumbled backwards, tripping over his feet as he brought Jade down with him, landing on the snow with a thud. His hands rested awkwardly at his sides, fists full of snow, as Jade let out a shaky breath, now splayed atop him. Instead of getting up or pushing away from him, she propped her head up on her hand, smiling. "What, you've never been kissed before?" He cleared his throat, releasing the snow from his grip. "You didn't seem too sure yourself." "I'm not the reason we're on the ground now." Jade tapped his nose, chuckling. "What are you so nervous about anyway?" Dave took a breath and pushed Jade onto her back. He leant over her, suddenly at a loss as he stared down at her, propped up on his arms. She looked up at him with a bright expectant look, an almost amused expression, her dark hair flecked with snow. He adjusted his sunglasses and cupped her face in one hand as he kissed her. The arm supporting him began to shake as he felt heat rise in his cheeks, his stomach pulling into knots; he broke the kiss, letting his hand drop back to the ground. "That's a start." Jade laughed, clasping her hands together behind his neck. "What are you thinking about?" "Spent all this time before acting all coy, knowing when things were going to happen before they did, and now you can't even guess what I’m thinking?" "This is different." "Here," he said, taking one of her hands from his neck and pressing it to his chest. "Can you feel that? Tell me what you think I got on my mind." Jade's hand lingered even after he let go to maintain his balance, the weakness in his arms becoming more and more noticeable. His heartbeat pounded in his ears, bringing his breathing out of rhythm right along with it. She lifted her knees, the fabric of her dress pulling back as she planted her feet on the ground, her leg brushing up against Dave's. He swore he felt his heart skip a few beats before resuming its frenzied pace. Jade pulled him down, pressing their foreheads together as he lay atop her, her breath warm on his skin as she spoke. "That was cheesy, Dave." He let a few moments pass before he replied, hoping his throat wouldn't betray him and stick. "I think you're just too embarrassed to admit it worked on you." Jade offered him a broad grin, reaching for his hand. She pushed him up a bit and brought his hand to her chest, nestling it between her breasts. "Do you think you can tell me what I'm thinking of?" she asked, letting go. For several seconds, Dave was at a loss as his hand rested on her, his fingertips brushing against exposed flesh, the gauzy fabric beneath his palm almost too much to bear. Jade took his hand again, moving it atop her breast, pressing her fingers against his. "What am I thinking about now?" Her voice was soft, almost inaudible. Unwilling to let her take control of the situation, Dave moved his hand away, reaching back for her legs, trailing a cold hand down her thigh, considerably warmer than his fingers were. "What am I thinking about?" he repeated back to her, trying to keep a straight face. He could feel his mouth quivering, his throat catching his every breath. She giggled, squeezing his hand between her legs. Jade let out a breath and closed her eyes, the smile falling from her face as Dave ventured further. He nestled against her neck, burying his nose in her hair, unable to handle looking at Jade’s expressions any longer, the way her lips parted, the way her eyelids fluttered at the behest of his touch. A nearby ribbit, loud and cacophonous, broke the quiet. Dave's fingers, warm and twitchy, froze against Jade's skin, the slick fabric he had pushed aside now sliding back into place. The frog leapt away, seemingly content with having ruined the moment.
  3. Hey guys! I decided to finally write this story which has been in my head for a long time. I got the inspiration for it after I read a book called 'Acheron' by Sherrilyn Kenyon and if anyone has read it, then you'd find that this story is almost like a spin-off or a fan-fic, I've taken names and ideas from them but altered the main plot-line slightly. Anyways, do tell me what you think about it. Without further ado, I'm posting the Prologue right here........... Prologue It was a cloudy day in Kinowu Arazorn and the overcast sky loomed over the mystical world as if impending doom was on the horizon. Empress Kairiya had just given birth to a lovely daughter and she, along with her husband, the Emperor Kuroen, were anxiously awaiting a very important person. With a sudden mist and spark, that person appeared in the room and walked straight to where the baby was lying in her mother's arms. 'So this is the cause of all the alarm,' thought the mysterious guest, staring at the newborn for a long moment. This was none other than one of the most powerful beings alive in the kingdom and she was the Oracle Airen. Her words were unbreakable and she made laws that could never be altered by any other person except for herself and her only son. 'Why did you want to see us, Lady Airen?' asked Kuroen. Airen threw him a glance before turning her attention back to his daughter. 'I felt that something would happen when your little one is born........AH!' exclaimed the lady and her eyes glowed emerald fire. She took the baby in her arms and placed one finger on its tiny forehead. In a few seconds, she began to speak in an ethereal but powerful tone. 'This child is the Harbinger of Kinowu Arazorn's fate and future existence! Many a tragedy will befall this prosperous kingdom and many a life will be ruined! Catera will be the destruction of this peace and her daughter Chimera will follow in her footsteps! This world will be plunged into anarchy and be ravaged by war! Only this little one has the power to save the mystical world and defeat its enemies once and for all! In her hands lie Kinowu Arazorn's destiny!' The Emperor and Empress gasped simultaneously. Airen's eyes stopped glowing and her words had silenced the room, in which her son Alexon and Xiamara the Enchantress bore witness to this shocking prophecy. Kairiya held her baby close and began to cry, Xiamara trying to comfort her. Kuroen was astounded at the thought of his beloved kingdom being destroyed by his arch-enemy, the evil sorceress Catera. Suddenly the doors of the room exploded into pieces and Catera herself entered, followed by Chimera. Xiamara immediately engaged in battling them while Alexon teleported the others to the outside of the Palace. The Emperor clung to his wife and child, desperately trying to think of a way to face the situation. 'What can we do, Lady Airen? How do we keep our daughter away from Catera?' asked Kairiya, burning with desire to protect her child at any cost. Catera appeared close to the group and headed directly for the baby but Airen placed a barrier around them and whispered hurriedly to the Empress. 'Take her to the human world, it's the safest place for her. Remove all her powers and hand her over to a human family to be brought up until the age of twenty. The two of you must return to Kinowu Arazorn without her. That is the only course,' Airen gave her advice and the Empress nodded. Kairiya and Kuroen transformed into plain human figures and entered the human world. The first thing they did was to deactivate every single power of their daughter's. Then, they walked along the cold streets, in the heavily falling snow, hoping to find a good family for their baby girl. One particular house with a large garden around it, which was shining brightly with little lights all over its walls and soft music coming from a well-played piano, caught their attention. They peeped through a window and saw a young couple inside; the wife sitting in an armchair near the fire place and the husband who had been playing the piano giving a big sigh. 'Five years and the doctor tells us that we'll never have children. Oh, how can this happen to us?' said that unlucky man to his wife. 'There is nothing we can do about it, Ikari. If we cannot have any of our own, we'll just have to adopt some. That way, we'll be doing a great service to everyone,' replied Yumi serenely, with a gentle expression on her patient face. The secretly spying couple outside exchanged one mutual look of consent and then knocked on the door. It swung open at once and Yumi stood there, staring half-curiously, half-suspicously at the two strangers, one of them holding a tiny bundle. 'Yes, what can I do for you?' asked the lady. 'May we please come in? We would like to talk to you,' replied Kairiya. ****************
  4. Dunno what to call it haha :3 Yes, I used my name All others are purely fiction. All rights go to Suzanne Collins for the original Hunger Games trilogy. This might not be the full thing yet, l will be going over it when Im done and adding, deleting, editing, etc.. I havent finished Chapter Four but I thought I might post it anyways, same with Five. ---------------------------------------- Prologue When the nation once known as North America lost in the fight against the Capitol, a new revolution was born. The Capitol is the leading city of Panem, where the government take refuge and rule the nation. As punishment of losing the battle, 24 citizens of Panem, 2 from each of the 1-12 districts would fight to the death in a computerized arena, slaying one another, and producing the final survivor, as the victor. The victor would become prosperous, and secure themselves and their family a house in the victors’ village, a village with beautiful homes made especially for the winners of the Games. Each year, the 12 districts would prepare themselves for the reaping, a gathering in the centre of each district where the 2 names of the male and female tributes from their district would be announced to the nation of Panem. The qualifications for being able to be reaped are as follows: The citizen must be 12 years of age or older. There will be a male and female from each district. Citizens must not be victors prior to the event. The citizens also have a choice to volunteer as a tribute in the place of a reaped tribute. When a tribute is reaped, they must go through a vast amount of stages before they enter the arena. They participate in the tribute’s parade, where they are introduced and are displayed to the Capitol, and are interviewed by Caesar Flickerman, and the interview is broadcast live across the nation. They are put through vigorous training sessions where they are to improve their skills prior to entering the arena. Tributes will show their best skill to the game makers in order to show the game makers their strengths and weaknesses, thus helping the game makers develop a highly challenging arena. Every 25 Games there is what we call a Quarter Quell. These Games are the same annual Games, but with a twist. This could be two victors, or two of the victors getting reaped instead, or some other twist. The Hunger Games is the ultimate sacrifice from each district, as their representatives try to make Panem history, and win the Games. There are innocent people dying. There’s poverty in every district. But the Capitol doesn’t care. That is their job. Rule, take over and restrict. Destroy, and kill. Chapter One – The First Reaping: District 1 “Our first tribute from District 1 is...” Effie placed her hand inside the glass ball to her left, and clawed around, about to pick up the slip of paper that would confirm which District 1 citizen that would have to fight to the death in the upcoming annual Games. Effie pulled a single slip of paper out of the bowl and licked her lips, ready to tell the whole of Panem the next family’s child that death was going to claim as its own. The crowd were still and silent, frozen with fear. Who would be next? Would it be them who had to enter the arena this year? “Shaynae McNally!” “What in the name of...” came a voice from behind her. “No! No! My daughter, Shaynae, my daughter! She’s only young! She doesn’t deserve to be slaughtered by strangers! No!” Screams of plead came from Shaynae’s mother as the Peace Keepers arrived at Shaynae’s side, ready to escort her up to the stage next to Effie. “No!” Shaynae’s mother screamed from behind her, clawing through the crowd, trying to reach her child. Why doesn’t she just volunteer? Thought Shaynae as she took the first step up onto the stage. She is so sad just to lose me and she’s screaming and thrashing about but she won’t volunteer. Shaynae grimaced and fought back tears as she walked over to stand next to Effie. “Oh my! Oh my! What a beautiful young lady from 1!” Effie screeched out to the crowd, as she extended her hand around Shaynae’s shoulders. Thanks; shame that it won’t last for too long. Thought Shaynae as tears began to roll down her cheeks. Sobs came from the crowd as Effie asked if there were any volunteers to stand in Shaynae’s place. Nobody screamed out “I volunteer!” or “Me!” or “I will take her place!” and Shaynae felt alone, as if she didn’t know any of these people. This District was her family, the people who she had grown up with since she was born. She was the little cheerful 12 year old girl that the District would throw free bread at, give her flowers and spoil her with rare gifts. Now, these people seemed like strangers to her. The lady at the bakery stood silently in the corner, watching Shaynae with a glum look on her face, showing no sadness, or anger. The elderly man from the trading hall who gave her toffees every day since she was little- despite how poor he was-, stood up the front, staring with big blue eyes at the screen to Shaynae’s left side, where there was a better view of Shaynae’s petite little face and Effie’s big, make-up caked face and her puffy blonde wig. Shaynae felt as if she was stranger to them! Was she just... a fad? Was she nothing to these people of her district? She considered them as family, as her friends. They were all so kind to her, yet not one of them volunteered in her place. She was disgusted. “Hello? The Capitol is calling to Shaynae McNally!” Effie cooed in Shaynae’s ear. Shaynae had been too lost in her sad thoughts that she hadn’t been paying any attention to what Effie was saying! “Huh?” Shaynae replied. “Oh dear!” Effie laughed a fake laugh into the crowd, “Our tribute has hearing problems!” The crowd stayed silent, not feeling the humour. “Ah well,” Effie sighed, “I’m afraid we don’t have all day! It’s time for our next tribute!” Effie once again put her hand into the glass bowl and pulled out a slip of paper. The crowd held their breath. “Nicholas Turner!” Effie screamed in a high-pitched voice. No sooner had Effie read out the name when a loud shout came from the middle of the crowd. “I volunteer! I’ll take his place!” A young girl, about 12 years old, stepped out to the front where everyone could see her. “What was that?” said Effie excitedly as she held out her hand to the girl. “I said I volunteer.” Spoke the girl as she was helped onto the stage. The Peace Keepers stepped away from the terrified boy as the girl stood beside Effie. “And what might your name be, young lady?” spoke Effie through the microphone. “Hayat.” “Hayat what?” “Harrouk. Hayat Harrouk.” “What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Now, Hayat, please, do tell us. Why did you volunteer to take the place of this... Nicholas?” “ I...” Hayat muttered. “Oh, sorry!” Effie grabbed the microphone off its stand and held it right in front of Hayat’s face. “I volunteered... because I feel sorry for him.” “We have our first volunteer from District 1 in Panem history! What an outstanding young girl! How old are you, deary?” “Twelve.” “Twelve?” “I just said it didn’t I?” “Wow! This young tribute comes with the good looks and the attitude! What a combination!” “Whatever.” Hayat replied. “So, I now present to you, our two tributes from District 1, Shaynae McNally and Hayat Harrouk!” Effie took both the girls’ arms with each of hers and held them up. “Now, shake hands.” Effie whispered as she let go of the girls’ hands. Shaynae looked at Hayat. Hayat looked at Shaynae. Hayat held out her hand as Shaynae looked up, and they shook hands. They both let go as they turned to the crowd, and plastered a fake smile on their lips. A roar erupted from the crowd and Effie stood on the side of the stage clapping enthusiastically. Everyone in the crowd was happy. But they weren’t happy for Shaynae and Hayat, they were happy for themselves. They had survived this year’s reaping. They were safe. They weren’t the ones who had to risk their lives and kill others in an arena of death. They weren’t the ones who had to leave their family and possibly never return to them. Those people were lucky. Shaynae and Hayat stepped back, and gave each other a sad smile. This was the first step of their journey as tributes in The 76th annual Hunger Games. Chapter Two – The Second Reaping: District 2 “Well, here we happen to be again, dear citizens of Panem!” Effie spoke loudly into the microphone. “We are here in District 2 for the second reaping for the 76th annual Hunger Games! Now, let us begin! So, ladies first, as always!” Effie reached into the glass bowl to her left and pulled out a slip of paper, smiling at the crowd over-enthusiastically. “Oh this is going to be so exciting!” Effie jumped up and down in delight and her heels clacked loudly against the concrete floor of the stage. She unfolded the paper, and there it was. “Laura Burke!” Oh. Laura thought as she stood in the middle of the crowd. All of the sudden it was just her and her family and a wide space around her, where fellow citizens of District 2 had cleared a walkway for the Peace Keepers to arrive and collect Laura. “Out of the way!” called the Peace Keepers as they made their way past a few stray citizens. Mum? Tarlee? Corey? Volunteer for me you cowards! Thought Laura angrily as the Peace Keepers grabbed her around the arms and hoisted her above their shoulders. “Hey! Get your hands off of me! Let go of me you brutes!” Laura thrashed about in the Peace Keepers’ arms and kicked and bucked trying to get out. “I can walk on my own!” Finally they released her, and with a slight adjustment of her reaping dress and a wave of her glossy blonde hair, she made her way towards the stage. From high up above the crowd, she could see her family clearly. Her mother was holding Jaxon tightly in her arms, rocking back and forth, sobbing quietly. Tarlee was hugging Corey and Corey was patting Tarlee on the back in comfort. “Well aren’t you a stunner!” Effie spoke into the microphone. Silence. “So, are you, perhaps, the youngest child? Or let me guess, oldest? No, wait, I-“ “I am the second youngest.” “So she speaks!” “Well duh.” “So, Miss... Laura, how old are you dearest?” Effie asked in a syrupy sweet voice. “I am thirteen.” Laura replied matter-of-factly. “I see.” Effie looked over the crowd, seeming embarrassed by the attitude that she just received. “Time for the next tribute then!” Effie plunged her hand into the second glass ball to her right, shaking up the papers within. Then poof, with a flick of her wrist a single slip of paper flew out of the bowl and floated in front of Effie’s face, left to right in the cool wind. “It’s like magic isn’t it! It took me weeks to perfect it!” Effie squealed as she snatched the paper into her hands. “Here we go! Gosh, I’m so excited!” Laura trembled as she prayed that the name of the male tribute on that paper wasn’t one of her family. Please. Not Jaxon. Not Corey. Please. “Jaxon Burke!” No. Laura thought, and she put her hands over her ears, closed her eyes and began to tremble. “Jaxon Burke!” Effie called out merrily again. God no. Thought Laura and she opened her eyes and there he was. Her little brother Jaxon. His blue eyes were glassy and he looked on the verge of tears. “Jaxon, I’m-“But before she could finish, Jaxon had flung himself towards her, holding onto her arm tightly. “I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die Laura!” Jaxon sobbed into her arm. What am I supposed to tell him? Laura thought sadly. It’s probably true anyway. We are both only young. We don’t stand a chance against all the other tributes who are going to get reaped, especially the Careers. “Oh, how sweet is this! Focus the camera, yes, yes right here, right here! Focus it right on the faces of these beautiful siblings!” Effie called out to the cameramen. “Um...” Effie pulled Jaxon away from Laura’s grasp, or tried. “No! No!” Jaxon screamed through tears. “Jaxon-“ “They’re gonna kill me! They’re gonna kill me! Laura!” Effie stared wide-eyed at Jaxon and his small, trembling body. He was terribly skinny, and oh, so tiny! “Jaxon, go and stand in front of the microphone. They won’t kill you, Jaxon, I promise.” “Laura...” Jaxon obeyed his sister’s request and he slowly walked over to Effie, who was standing next to the microphone. “You are tinier than I thought!” Effie pulled the microphone down and crouched on the floor, holding it to Jaxon’s mouth. “You hold it. I’m getting my expensive new clothes dirty.” She whispered into Jaxon’s ear. Jaxon took hold of the microphone with both his hands and he spoke a few words. “Jaxon Burke. Twelve years old.” Effie let out a squeal of delight. “You, young boy! You must watch the annual Games broadcast in your city square twenty-four seven! You already knew what my questions were going to be!” Jaxon stared at Effie. “Okay then!” Effie snatched the microphone from Jaxon’s grasp and held it up to her own face. “I present to you, Panem, the two sibling tributes from District Two, Laura and Jaxon Burke!” Effie pulled the siblings closer together, and for the first time in twelve years, Laura and Jaxon stepped forward and joined hands in union, for now the journey wasn’t one Laura had to share alone. Jaxon was with her. But should he really be? He gave her confidence, responsibility. Strength. But by saying that, Laura felt selfish. Jaxon wasn’t there for that. He shouldn’t have even been standing next to her. He was supposed to be down there with her mother, comforting her. But he wasn’t. The damn Capitol had pulled his name out of that bowl. His name was in there once! Once! One out of what, about 60? A one in sixty chance of being pulled out of that bowl and his name was pulled out. He shouldn’t be here! Laura thought, annoyed. But the journey wasn’t a journey that Jaxon had to suffer on his own either. He had the confidence from his big sister. She had the feeling that she needed to protect Jaxon. He was to be the one to return home. Nobody was going to touch her little brother. Chapter Three – The Last 7 Reapings By the time Effie had completed all eleven reapings throughout Panem, there were only two months left until the Games were to officially begin. Now was time to prepare for the parade, and the interviews. Then it would be onto training, then skills, then the skill judging. Then it would be the real thing- entering the arena. ***** “Quickly! Quickly!” Effie hurried the tributes onto the train. “Hurry up! We haven’t got all day for you to be slouching around in awe!” “But it’s so amazing!” “It’s so expensive-looking!” “Wow!” Compliments came from every tribute as they made their way inside the train. Smells of delicious food, clean furnishings, Windex, and the sights of shining bench tops, flat screen TV’s, and leather couches made the tributes speechless. “For the last time, hurry up!” Effie called from the corridor. “For god’s sake,” the girl from three sighed, “Not our fault they bet us in the war and starve us of everything, not just food.” Most of the tributes nodded their heads in agreement and hurried thought the corridor, trying to keep up with Effie’s fast pace. “All these doors here are where you will be staying! The doors opposite from each other are the rooms the two from each district will stay in! For example-“ Effie opened the door of one of the rooms. The tributes closest to Effie peeped their heads through the door to catch a glimpse of where their home would be for the next few months. “Okay, everyone out here! Out here! I’ll show you all to your rooms and you can have a bit of a settle before dinner is served!” Effie walked back down to the start of the corridor and stood in front of the first pair of doors. “District One, Shaynae McNally and Hayat Harrouk! Pick a room- they’re both identical so don’t fret!” The two tributes from one walked into their rooms and sighs of comfort were immediately heard just before Effie closed their doors. “Two, Laura Burke and Jaxon Burke!” Laura and Jaxon groaned and slumbered into their rooms, immediately closing the doors behind them. “Ah,” sighed Effie. “Kids these days... full of attitude...” The remaining tributes forced themselves to remain quiet. “District three, Bree Baddawi and Lucas Chrysanthou!” “Catch ya later sis’!” Lucas called from his room and the tributes from three closed their doors. “District four! Shaqkahn Taurima and Alex Mughal!” Without a glance at each other, Shaqkahn and Alex both made their way inside their rooms, and quick as a flash closed their doors. “District number five! Manav Shrivastav and Jai James!” “Talk later Manav!” Jai raised his hand for a high-five and Manav laughed, slapping Jai’s hand and walking down the corridor to their rooms. “Six! Wesley Poto and Phoebe Nguyen!” “See you soon Wesley!” Phoebe called sadly from the back of the clan, and Wesley made his way over to Phoebe, gave her a bear hug, then walked into his room, Phoebe following close behind him as she turned into her room. “This is dragging out forever!” Effie sighed, discontent. “District seven! Christopher Brettargh and Emma Fuller!” The two tributes didn’t mutter as much as a goodbye, and they walked into their rooms, closing the doors behind them. Effie stared with an odd look on her face. “Lastly, eight! Megan James and Dean Smith!” “Later.” Dean muttered and walked into his room. “Yeah, bye.” Megan turned into her room. ***** That night, and for the next few days, the tributes would have time to rest. Then, the real challenges would begin. The interviews were only in a week, and the tributes knew that this precious time they had to themselves could be to their advantage. They could discuss strategy, alliances. They would meet with their District victor mentors, and have time to learn strategies from not only them, but from each other. They had to eat well too, with training coming up and the skills test, they would need to carefully plan what they eat. But the food wasn’t the only problem. The Capitol was everywhere. The whole of Panem was watching the tributes every step of the way. When they slept, eat, drank, talked, Panem would always be there watching. However, was this really that big of a problem? If the tributes were to get into trouble with their social status, would that affect them in the Games? Chapter Four – Making an Impression It had come, the night of the parade. Each of the tributes was uniquely dressed in costumes relating to their district. Bree and Lucas, burning coals in fire, made their way over to the underground preparation area. “This is it guys!” Cinna came beaming up to Bree and Lucas, holding a tube of blue flame. “This is synthetic fire,” Cinna explained. “When I hold this to your suits, you will go up in flames, giving the illusion that you are coals burning.” “That sounds awesome!” Lucas exclaimed with delight. Bree smiled, “Yeah! Let’s do this!” Cinna held the blue tube of flame in front of Bree and Lucas and removed the cap. Blue flames flickered at the top, wanting to clutch onto the suits and burn with all their might. “This is gonna look spectacular.” Then poof, in an instant Cinna had touched the tip of the tube onto Bree’s suit, and she was covered in flames. The fire licked at her face, not hot, but not cold. Then when Bree looked over at Lucas, she was amazed. He looked awesome! The flames covered both of them and made the black sequins on their suits shine, making it look like they were actually burning! “You ready guys?” Cinna asked as the District two chariot pulled up beside them. “Well don’t you two look...” Haymitch looked at Bree and Lucas from head to toe. “Smoking hot.” Haymitch gave a chuckle as he stood next to Bree, poking at the synthetic flame burning on her right shoulder. “Good luck sweetheart.” Bree nodded and turned, following Lucas as Cinna led them both down the end of the hall, where their chariot was waiting for them. Cinna helped Bree up onto the chariot, and Bree was in shock. From the chariot she could see right to the other end of the road, where the District One and Two chariots were already making their way along. They needed to be quicker. Chapter Five – Silence and Secrecy Before they knew it, the days of resting had passed, and it was time for the tributes to discuss their final strategies. ***** “Just keep the most important things to yourself.” A drunken Haymitch murmured into the tributes from twelve, Bree and Lucas’ ears. “So basically just don’t answer their questions at all?” Bree whispered. “Everything’s important sweetheart. Every glance, every answer. You need to make the best impression you can, which will win you sponsors, and that,” Haymitch waved his glass of whisky around. “That’s what you need. If you don’t find any food in the Games, then you’ll rely on Sponsors to send you care packages.” “Okay, we understand Haymitch.” Lucas finally spoke up. “Get back to your rooms then, before The Capitol bust us for being up here.” “I thought it was safe you idiot Haymitch!” Bree hissed as she began to walk towards the door that would lead her down from the rooftop. “It is. There are so many wind chimes up here that you can’t hear a thing. The sound is almost deafening. They can’t hear you, but they can see you just fine.” Haymitch winked and turned his back to the tributes who scowled as they went back inside. -------------------------- And yes, I know that the synthetic fire, and Cinna were for 12, and other stuff. I have changed it all a bit, and also,there are only 8 districts in this story because there will be 24 in the arena.... but youll find that out later
  5. Mrawesome2398’s Adventures in Anime! (mrawesome2398 is my usual name in places.) You may not know it, but there are many portals, portals that lead into many worlds………. worlds of Anime! That’s right, not many discover these portals but I have and I have had many adventures. These are my stories. Chapter 1 It all started one morning on Alchemist Lair. I was happily watching Bleach when I noticed a glitch had formed on the bottom of the player. “What’s that?” I wondered. All of the sudden words formed on the spot where the glitch started, CLICK ME, it said. Now if you don’t know me well, I’m a very curious person so I of course clicked it. I thought at the worst it was a popup advertisement, but boy was I dead wrong. My computer screen showed something that looked like THE MATRIX. All that would come out of my mouth is, “What kind of virus is this?!?!?” Then a bright light glowed around the computer and my self, basking everything in its white light. Chapter 2 After the light died, my computer had turned into a notebook, mini laptop, and I definitely was NOT in my computer room anymore. I was cartoonish, like an anime character. It was all so strange. Then I realized where I had seen the kind of artwork that the room was done in. Ouran High School Host Club! Then I realized the exact room I was in and almost screamed! I was in the Host Clubs room, and trust me I didn’t want caught in there! I looked around and let out a deep sigh of relief. No one was there! I scrambled out the door and went straight to the headmasters office, I didn’t know what was going on, and was a little scared, but if I was going to be stuck there I was going to enroll myself in the school. Then I realized I had no money! As soon as I thought that the backpack my laptop had come in suddenly got bulgier. I look inside and the laptop wass glowing and next to it, a wad of cash. I count it up and it’s a million dollars in hundred dollar bills! I didn’t know what had happened but I wasn’t going to complain! Chapter 3 When I made it to the headmasters office we fought for ages. He said he didn’t care how much cash I had, I needed a parent to sign the work for me. Apparently my magic laptop wasn’t going to make one for me. I pull it out to see if I can contact my parents to save me or something since I couldn’t enjoy my stay. Then the headmaster said, “ I was told about you, wow the chosen one starts here. You wanted admitted to the school and about five uniforms right, well it’s on the house, O.K?” “Sure, thank you,” I stuttered sure that this man was crazy. He handed me a slip with a room number and some uniforms. I went into the bathroom and changed right away, I guess everything they give you fits in an anime. Now that I had the proper attire I went straight to Tamaki Souh’s room. If I was going to be going here there was something that needed to be done. Chapter 4 I stormed into his room went right up to him and whispered into his ear , “ I know Haruhi is a girl and I suggest you do what I want or the whole school might just know. I have just one request, let me join the host club as your apprentice. If you keep me the secret is kept, if not the secret isn’t, its that simple.” “Whoa, wait a minute,” Tamaki said, almost screaming, “ Your that new student right the one headmaster went crazy over, rumors spread fast here. He went on and on about treating you with respect.” “I must’ve been in the restroom,” I thought to myself. “ I for one don’t like that the one I’m supposed to treat well, is treating me poorly. And… wait how would you know about Haruhi if you’re new?” “Trust me if I told you you’d think I’m crazy or freak out.” “Our group IS a little crazy and I’m freaking out already. I have time so shoot.” Chapter 5 I got a few chuckles from him during the story but after I finished he seemed in a trance for a moment and then suddenly got serious. He said, “ That must be terrible! Oh poor mrawesome2398… you know, no girl will like that name let’s change it to……… Haya (from the Japanese word hayabusa meaning falcon or Haya meaning soon or quickly) it should be Haya!” “Seriously, Haya, actually thinking it over that is a pretty good name. Yeah and for my last name how about Miyazaki. I think that’s pretty nice.” “That’s fine………. I accept.” “NO WAY!!! I’m a host!” “Sure I guess I have no choice anyway since you know about Haruhi, meet me in the club after classes. Now hurry, you’ll be late!” “Thank You!” With that I ran out the hall so fast I literately RAN into Hikaru Hitachiin who was walking with his brother. “Hey WATCH IT!,” screamed Hikaru. “Calm down Hikaru,” Kaoru said with comfort and he grabbed Hikaru’s hand and helped him up halfway, “I’m always here for you, to comfort and protect you, I love you Hikaru.” “EEEK! Brotherly love!” screamed some passing girls. I could tell my stay here would be anything but normal. Chapter 6 I used my weird magic laptop to get out of third period, Social Studies, not my strong subject, and went to my room. I needed answers and I needed them fast. I hopped on to my laptop and tried to get on the Internet, email, or something to get a hold of someone. As soon as I click Mail my laptop whirrs and then shuts down, dead. “WHAT NO FRIGGIN' MAGIC CHARGER TO GO WITH IT!” With that the laptop gave a final whirr and out popped a glowing charger! I was furious, I threw the laptop at the wall but it bounced right back into my lap. I couldn’t take it anymore! I threw it into my backpack and turned on the television. All of the sudden the screen went static and a voice came through that seemed to penetrate my mind. “mrawesome, mrawesome2398, you’re not focused on your true fate, your destiny, you need to focus, the fate of anime hangs in the balance you need to…” I took the remote and turned the channel, click, “focus…” WHAT THE HECK! I turned it off but there was still that voice. I got up to unplug the television when I saw someone’s foot from behind the TV. I ran back there and saw I bald man in shades. I screamed and then he ran and jumped out the window! I was on the third story and FREAKING OUT. I looked out the window but he was gone. Chapter 7 After that ordeal I was going to talk to the headmaster. As soon as I got in there and explained he started acting jumpy and weird. He just kept muttering, “ So it’s begun.” and, “That was a bold move.” “Sir,” I said with frustration, “I’m a little freaked out now I for one…” “Don’t worry it’s…” “DON’T WORRY! A creepy man was in my room and jumped and disappeared out of a third story window! Not to mention I can’t get rid of this laptop! So sorry if I’m at least a LITTLE worried!” “IT WILL BECOME CLEAR LATER!! Now get to lunch!” As I was eating my lobster savoring every bite, even though I knew I could have it every day, I kept feeling like someone was watching me. I felt the same way through my classes and on my way to the Host Club to begin my job as a host. It was probably just me being paranoid but I was still pretty freaked out. I arrived at the doors of the abandoned music club. This is it, I’m gonna be a host! Chapter 8 Rose petals flew everywhere as I entered the majestic Ouran Academy's Host Club. As I looked around I realized everything was exactly where it was in the anime. Trying to conceal my excitement and act more noble then a "commoner" I went to meet the rest of the gang. Tamaki Suoh was in the corner looking gloomy in his signature style and Honey was eating cake. The twins of course were mocking Suoh. Mori-Senpai was watching Honey and scolding him, telling him to slow down. I supposed that this wasn't very far into the storyline seeing as everything was like it was in the beggining. Maybe it was alternate and didn't exactly follow the storyline. Maybe it was part of the "great quest". I didn't know, and didn't care. After exchanging information about each other we changed into our cosplay. We were dressed like charactors that resembled Vampires from a series in their world Vampire Night. I didnt care because it was almost time for our guests. To Be Continued when I see fit.
  6. I was looking at some old documents on my computer and came across this and laughed. I had almost forgotten about it. I had originally posted it on Shinra Insider (I think) and decided to share it with you guys. Below is the exact post from last time. I don't really think I'm actually going to continue this, contrary to what it says at the end. ********** Okay, I've seen this done with a few Final Fantasy games, so I want to try it with Kingdom Hearts. This fanfiction will basically be a more comical and humorous version of the game. You'll see what I mean as soon as I get started. * WARNING: This fanfiction contains some strong language for humorous purposes...you have all been warned! I don't want anyone complaining. This is all for laughs anyway! * DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the mentioned characters or scenarios, blah blah blah...Square-Enix does, you know the story... Okay, here it goes, enjoy! And any comments are welcome! --------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER ONE - INTRO The screen is full of clouds as the logos of Disney Interactive and Squaresoft flash one after another. Another flash reveals the words KINGDOM HEARTS. Sora: Hey, look at the pretty clouds!!! Narrator: Shut up! You haven't been shown in the intro yet!!! Sora: What? Narrator: I said shut up!!! Sora: Fine... Narrator: Okay, you may begin... Sora: Yay! Okay, I've been having these weird thoughts lately, like is any of this for real or not? Narrator: I know exactly what you mean! Just this morning I was debating about Tifa's boobs. I mean, are they real or not? Sora: Hey! This is my story! Tidus: That’s my line! Sora: Oh crap! Please don’t tell me Tidus is in this game! Narrator: Actually, he is, but this time around he’s going to be like ten years old. Sora: Great… Narrator: Okay, for real, you’re not really all that better. Anyway… Sora: You know what? I should be the narrator from now on. Narrator: What? No! Sora: Yeah! You'll really only be needed in a few minutes when you explain to the player how to perform the basic controls that he or she would even know if they were a drooling vegetable. Narrator: Fine... Sora: Yay! Anyway... The screen changes to Sora falling through water as Simple and Clean starts playing. Sora: Has anyone ever noticed that the beginning of this song sounds like someone's pounding on the wall and straining on the toilet? It's like BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM, EHHHHHHH... Narrator: You're not supposed to be talking! Sora: Hey, I thought you were gone! Narrator: Screw you... Sora falls and the screen flashes as the scene changes to the beach. Sora: Damn the sun sucks... Riku: Take my hand as if to come with me somewhere, even though there is a big ass wave behind me. Sora: Sure!!! The wave crashes over Riku and Sora, showing them under the water now. Sora: Weeeee, back flips. Riku: Take my hand, Sora! Sora: I'm trying, damnit! But the waves suck. Riku: Yeah, I guess they do... Sora reaches the surface of the water with a beautiful sunset in the background. A female is standing on the beach, waving like a retard. Of course, she's the Mary Sue of this video game, so Sora waves back. Kairi: OMG, Sora! I haven't seen you in like 20 seconds! I miss you! I'm even jumping around like an idiot for you! Sora reaches the beach and bends over right in front of Kairi. Kairi: Pervert! *slaps Sora* Sora: Ow! Kairi giggles and looks up. Sora looks as well. Sora: WTF! Why am I falling yet again? And more importantly, how am I here and there at the same time? Kairi: 'Cause the game designers were on crack when they made this intro. Sora: Oh... Sora falls backward into water then sky, if that makes sense, and it doesn’t. Kairi appears overhead, reaching down for Sora. And then we see ripples. So now it's water again. Okaaaaaay. But then we see Sora falling through the sky again and into a big sun thing. And then he's finally truly under water. Sora: Weeeeeeee, ooooo...pretty birdies! The ocean floor fades as doves fly around, revealing a stained glass image of Snow White. Sora: Wow, that was a hot song! *downloads it* Mysterious Voice: So much to do, so little time... Take your time. Don't be afraid. The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Can you do it? Sora: 'Mysterious Voice' my ass! You're that same narrator guy from earlier! Narrator: Damn right! So step forward. Sora: You got to be shitting me. Narrator: Nope, I even provided the controls in a box right over your head, in case the player is absolutely mentally handicapped. And after that intro movie, who wouldn't be? Sora: Fair enough. *steps forward* Now what's this about a door? Narrator: Don't worry about that right now. Sora: Fine, I just hope this door motif doesn't come up again tons and tons of times. Three stones come out of the ground, bearing a sword, a shield, and a staff. Sora: Oooooh, I get one! Yay! Narrator: Whatever, you just keep the weapon in this tutorial thingy anyway. Sora: You always have to bring me down! Narrator: Whatever. Squall: Hey, that's my line, bitch! Narrator: Squall, get the hell out of this scene! You don't come into this game for a while. And you won’t be using your real name anyway! Sora: That was odd. Sora picks the staff and gets rid of the shield. The floor shatters and Sora falls down. He lands on a stained glass image of Cinderella. Narrator: You gained the power to fight. Sora: Can't I cast spells? I mean, I chose the staff. Narrator: Well, you don't get to cast anything until Traverse Town after a duck wizard teaches you a fire spell. Now press X god damnit! Sora: Okay, gosh… *swings staff* Narrator: All right! You've got it. Use this power to protect yourself and others. Suddenly, shadows appear. Narrator: There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong. Sora fights and kills all the shadows. They disappear. Narrator: Behind you! Sora defeats all the shadows and he falls through the floor after it becomes a dark void. He lands on yet another stained glass image. Sora: OMG, a door...imagine that. I can't open the damn thing, though... Sora opens the treasure chest and smashes the barrel, making the door ready to be opened. It opens with a bright light beyond. Sora finds himself on an island with three familiar faces (familiar to FF fans, anyway) They ask questions...blah blah blah Narrator: Your adventure begins at dawn. As long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one. Sora: That sounds damn good to me! Narrator: The day you will open the door is both far off and very near. Sora: WTF is that supposed to mean. Narrator: I...dunno. Sora: Okay. Oh, look! Another frickin stained glass floor. Sora approaches a light, shadows appear, Sora destroys them, a save point appears, the light reveals...you guessed it...stained glass stairs up to the next area. The next area is another stained glass image thingy. Narrator: The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes. Sora: Um, yeah…oh shit! The shadow of Sora rises and turns into Darkside. Narrator: But don't be afraid. And don't forget... Sora: Yeah, yeah yeah…shut the fuck up while I beat this thingy up! Darkside: ‘sup? Sora hits Darkside with his staff. Darkside: Ow, you bitch! Now I’m pissed off. Sora: Ultima! Darkside: You bastard! Narrator: Sora! What the hell did I just tell you? I said you can’t use magic yet! And besides, Ultima is definitely not in this game. Sora: OMG, do you ever shut the fuck up? Darkside is defeated and Sora is engulfed in darkness. Narrator: But don't be afraid. You hold the mightiest weapon of all. So don't forget: You are the one who will open the door…Fuck this, my job’s done! Bye y’all! Sora: Finally, he’s gone! **The End of Chapter One** Stay tuned, as the next Chapter will be Destiny Islands! And comments and reviews are always welcome!
  7. “I had to change my name after my death, for future prequels, as ordered by Square's Victims Relocation plan...”~ Aerith Gainsborough on Her Death “You Fool! NOW THEY KNOW WHO AERITH IS!”~ Square Employee on the above quote “The case is known for it's... er... well... it's known for being famous.”~ Midgar History Channel Documentary on The Case The Incident The incident could of occurred from 1995-Present Day. It has been singled down to three confirmed persons; Cloud Strife, Aeris Gainsborough, and Sephiroth. Others may have been present including Tifa Lockheart, Yuffie Somethinggari, Red XIII (Criminal Nickname: Nanaki) and Mr. T. There is High Controversy over the location of one, Vincent Valentine, at the time. The location of the incident has been nicknamed the Forgotten City, and the event was the murder of Aeris, by Sephiroth. Authorities have also made a link of this incident to the Nibelheim incident, some years ago. Profiles of each of the suspects follow. Sephiroth Primary Suspect Personal Features: Long, Silver Hair. Eyes: Range from A Blue in some appearances to a Teal in others. Last Seen in: The Nibelheim Reactor Weapon: Masusume (Huge Sword) Notes: Thought to be dead. Ex-Soldier, if seen, approach with a lot of caution. Aeris Gainsborough Victim Personal Features: Wears pink, acts in a childish manner, possibly brought on by a mental issue. Eyes: Green Last seen in: The Pool in Forgotten City. Weapon: A (Stripper) Pole. Notes: Part of the Square Witness Relocation Program. Various rumors surround her as to if she can be brought back. Cloud Strife Suspect Personal Features: Gravity Defying Hair. Should be easy to spot from outer space. Eyes: Blue Last seen at: The Forgotten City (brought in for the case) Weapon: A Huge Sword. Exercise semi-caution if approached. Notes: Seems to have a connection to Sephiroth. Also, seems to be the center of a rape love octagon/ nonagon between Tifa, Aeris, Aerith Yuffie, Cid, Cait Jedi, REDCOCK XIII and Barret. Possibly also Vincent. The Case “All Rise for the Honorable Judge Judy, Presiding. The Case is the People of Midgar City, Versus Sephiroth.”~ Balif on The Opening Lines of the Case “No! I Do Not care if the man in question, was trying to summon a Meteor to doom us all! He can do that if he wants! The point is, he committed murder, and Justice must be served either way!”~ Judge Judy on Sephiroth's Lawyer ObjectionThe case was judged by the finest in Midgar, Judge Judy. It went for a total of five days. The Jury agreed the highlight of the case was the artist's impression of the moment of Aeris death. Although evidence came in the form of Cutscenes, the Jury and Judge were left to make decisions on that of the witnesses' and suspects recounts. Sephiroth showed extreme lack of empathy, so it was hard to get him to acknowledge what he had done was in fact wrong. Since Sephiroth tried to destroy the planet, he feared appearing in court would result in charges against him of that scale. His terms of appearing was he be legally exempt from those charges, and this was granted. Sephiroth's Trial Sephiroth had hired elite Shin-Ra lawyers to help him win the case. Multiple variables made the trial complicated, and in the end, the Cutscenes collected were deemed not enough evidence to prosecute Sephiroth. Although not found guilty of murdering Aeris, Continuation of the trial urged on by Sephiroth's lack of cooperation. His Defense stated that "[sephiroth] was in a tree, slicing branches with his sword when he fell out, landed on Aeris (with his sword still drawn) here by killing her, accidentally. This looked at from the view of Cloud Strife and his party, looked like Sephiroth jumped out and purposely killed Aeris." Even so, Sephiroth's statement beforehand gave a motive for the incident- "She Was part of my big plan, to summon meteor..." which made inconsistencies with his defense. He was cleared of Murder, and charged with Accidental Murder by the Jury, and sentenced to 45 weeks of Community Service, including helping out at repairing the Sector 7 church for Aeris' Funeral. Cloud's Trial “Your honor, while yes Sephiroth may have "accidentally stabbed" Mrs. Gainsborough, her true cause of death was due to a delayed treatment of her wounds. Everyone knows that you can revive anyone with a Phoenix Down (...I think...). Everyone except apparently...MR. CLOUD STRIFE!!!”~ Sephiroth's Lawyers on Cloud's Charges. Charged with Criminal Negligence, Evading Arrest, Tampering with a Crime Scene and Investigation, as well as possible Assisting in the Death of Aeris. He was charged with Criminal negligence because Sephiroth's defense argued that he could've used a Phoenix Down to revive Aeris. Instead, he decided to dump her body in a nearby pond, where he presumed no one would find it- this, along with Sephiroth's initial attack, presented an "Overkill" like effect, thus, assisting in killing the victim. However, Cloud's defense rebutted with "Dying in battle is much different to dying in the field or outside of battle. You simply can't be brought back to life. Usually, in battle, one can faint and be revived, or after the battle given 1 hp, but it just doesn't happen outside of battle." When asked about why he put Aeris in the pond, neither Cloud nor his defense had anything to say about it. He also was asked why he drove away from pursuing officers on his motorbike, the "Hardy Daytona" after the incident. Cloud said that "He thought they were there about the whole Hair Gel shoplifting thing". This resulted in the charges of completely unrelated Shop Lifting, and Tampering with Crime Scene and Investigation for dumping the body. Tifa's Trial “Guilty on charge of being too sexy!”~ A member of the jury, <insert name here>'s bad pick up line upon seeing Tifa enter. Intitially not charged with anything, she was bought in because of another claim by Sephiroth's lawyers, that once again changed his story, "He fell out the tree because of Tifa's natural assets". This resulted in a charge of indecent exposure, which was lifted when she showed all men in the jury (which outnumbered the woman 3 to 1) her boobs. She also had a motive to kill Aeris-Aerith and Her (along with Cid, Cait Jedi, REDCOCK XIII, Yuffie and Barret) where in a RAPE Love Octagon with Cloud. Vincent's Trial “WERE YOU OR WERE YOU NOT PRESENT AT THE INCIDENT?”~ Judge on The Question asked more than anything else at Vincent's trial.Vincent, initially brought in for questioning, was charged with interfering with an investigation. This was because he could not give a direct answer to the simple question of whether or not he was present at the time of the incident. He could only answer "Maybe..". The only other question was 'Were you, Vincent, at the time, or still are, in competition for Cloud's affections with Cid, Cait Jedi, REDCOCK XIII, Yuffie, Barret and the late Aeris Gainsborough!?'. he answered Maybe, again. Eventually, He exploded into a fit of rage consisting of satanic transformations, shooting for no reason at all, yelling of foul words, and before he left the court room, he unleashed his wrath on the nearby streets. The next day, he issued a press conference stating, "You've got to understand, I may have been there or I may have not. It all depends on how you played the game. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but that's just how it is. That's just how RPG's work." he also apologized for his actions, thereby releasing him from charges in some strange, twisted way. Yuffie Somethingari After Vincent's shock outrage, another factor that would complicate the proceedings even more was uncovered. Yuffie, Ninja and Hentai Superstar (yet not as popular as Tifa) She also had various tie-ins with the case. Unlike Vincent, she took things very calmly, and took faceloads of it too. When brought to testify against Sephiroth, as the defense's last hope, she was able to avoid answering any questions but did give the court some key evidence- Vincent was, in fact, In a love triangle, as proved by a photo of the two sharing an apartment in Costa-Del-Soil. The two allegedly met inside a coffin, and Vincent was traumatized already by the recent break up of him and a Professor Hojo. The Results Sephiroth was found guilty of Accidental Murder, Cloud was found guilty of Shoplifting Expensive Hair gel products, Tifa was found not guilty on charges of Indecent Exposure, and to this day, the death of Aeris Gainsborough is still very much a mystery. What really happened that day lies in the secrets of the planet-and remains the single most infamous case in the history of Midgar City. The Church in Sector 7 was never rebuilt by Sephiroth, instead used by his spawn and destroyed even more in another fight with Cloud, causing in the Church's flooding. Sephiroth, although now well presumably dead, has been charged with Destruction of Government Property, and has yet to make an appearance in his trials. Reopening Midgar Police have tried to get the courts to re-open the case and use the technology of today to simulate a "remake" of her death. When Midgar Police approached the massive company that took over from Shinra Electric Power Co, Square Enix, they repeatedly declined. Various rumors are spread now and then that Square Enix is actually hiding incriminating evidence found when they remade the scene, due to there close tie-in with Cloud Strife, stating at a conference in 2006, "He brings a lot more money then any other employee we have- we just have to put him holding something, or doing stuff and... suckers buy it in an instant. Whether it be a PS3, or a Mobile Phone... in fact, all we have to do is say the name Cloud and fangirls have orgasms, and fanboys have fantasies of being him." (Original Source : Uncyclopedia)
  8. PART I - CLASHES First Clash : The Round Robin “... Fire and Ice are polar opposites. Two of the basic elements of nature, several Mages have built their entire knowledge upon these two conflicting forces, branching them into powerful Fira and Blizzara spells. Little is it known that they were actually discovered by accident by a scientist named Cid who ...” “Son of a ...!”, Iki swore under his breath. “The geezer's gonna tell ANOTHER Cid story!” “Will you for the love of Odin keep it down!?”, Oblivia, who was sitting next to him snapped. “Unlike you, this is actually gonna be my life.” “What? The tale of how Cid the 324th discovered Fire?”, Iki sneered. Oblivia said nothing and calmly made some rune signs to light a fire under Iki's seat. “YOWWWCHH!!!”, Iki sprang to the sky like a rabbit. “HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!” “Exactly, Master Tribal!”, the teacher beamed at him. “The conclusion that Cid arrived at after performing his experiment was that fire was hot! I wish other students would be as attentive as you.” Just then, the roar of the Fire Bird was heard and class was dismissed. “Alright class.”, the teacher said. “Remember to prepare fore next week's test on how Cid the 289th made his airship. References from the “Journal of Cid the 311th” are welcome but now mandatory.” “Thank BAHAMUT that's over with!”, Iki stretched his back as he and Oblivia stepped out of the 'Magick Historius' classroom. “What's next on schedule?” Oblivia took out some runes from her backpack and examined them. “I'll have to wait.”, she said, her face in a scowl. “Locke just sent a message. They're starting the Round Robin and they're two guys short.” “A Round Robin?”, Iki stared at her. “What was that again?” “Holy Ifrit, you're hopeless, aren't you? Don't you remember when Grand Master Tuff made that announcement last week ...” “HAHA! Tuff! It's been 3 years but that guy's name still makes me laugh!” “Tuff is the name of Cid the 34th pet hamster. It's a name to be proud of, okay!” “HAHAHA! Hamster!” Oblivia palmed her face. “Let's just get to the Arena. You can bug Locke with those half-assed question.” “What half-assed questions?” Oblivia summoned a ball of fire into her palm. “Sometimes i think you do this just to annoy me.” Iki paled. “Okay okay. Sheesh. A guy can't even make a joke anymore.” The “Arena of Majestics” was a testament to the holy family of Alexandria, those blessed by Alexander, one of the 3 reigning God Eidolons. Every 6 months, one of the two neighboring countries would send their bravest, toughest warriors to do battle with those from Alexandria in a show of unity and strength. Behind the scenes, they were just a distraction to allow the representatives from different countries to hold meeting in the utmost secrecy. The previous Arena Battle against the country of Lindlum had been one of shame for Alexandria, when their entire party had been utterly defeated in battle by just one man. Needless to say, they weren't going to allow the same to happen in the battle against Cleyra. However, some strange events in the past course of weeks had caused 3 of the 5 party members to succumb to illness, leaving the Committee to hurriedly gather warriors to take their place. The nephew of the Emperor, Anras Locke was nominated to lead the party and given 2 weeks to complete his team for the battle. 2 weeks have passed and the Battle is about to begin ... “Ohhhhh!”, Iki nodded. “So THAT'S what the Arena is.” Oblivia trembled uncomfortably, anger in her eyes. “Do NOT push it” “See what I meant about the jokes?”, Iki nudged Locke. “She gets really moody at times.” “THAT'S IT!!!” Oblivia took out her Staff. “Prepare to be incinerated!” Before she could fire the spell, Locke held up his hand. “Save it for the Battle”, he said. “You two are taking part in the Round Robin.” “We WHAT!?”, Oblivia gasped. “Okay.”, Iki said. “IDIOT!”, Oblivia hit Iki on the head. “Do you even KNOW what a Round Robin is!?” Locked sighed. “A Round Robin is a type of battle in which both parties send in 5 people to fight. 1 person from each party can fight another just once. Both parties have to assign an alphabet from “A” to “E” before the match begins to the official. After that, the “A” from both parties do battle in the Arena. The one who wins attains a point for his/her party. The first party to get 3 points will win.” “Okaaaay. So, I just have to fight?”, Iki asked. “Uh ... basically, yeah.” Anras replied. “Cool! I'm in!” “Well, you can count me out.”, Oblivia said, heading out. “Tell the Grand Master I refuse to take part.” “Whatsa matter, Oby? Chicken?”, Iki taunted. Oblivia stopped dead in her tracks and turned around, fire in her eyes. “NOBODY ... CALLS ... ME ... CHICKEN!!!” “Works EVERY time.”, Iki said, hiding behind Locke. “Whatever gets this started.”, Locke said. “The other two guys on the party can't fight for crap so it's basically up to us to win our battles. I'll be A. Oblivia will go after me and you can handle the third one. I'm sure they'll send the strongest one out first so you won't have too much pressure.” “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”, Iki grumbled. “Very well, let the ROBIN BEGIN!!!”, Locke bellowed. Nice to finally start it. This is gonna be an amalgam of Final Fantasy and various anime. P.S. I don't expect many to get the Cid joke but it's something that's bugged me for quite a while that every game has a guy called Cid. Are they all related or something? Whatever. Also, the thing with the "Holy Bahamut" and "Ifrit" and all that might only be gotten by FF players, seeing as they're summons. i thought it'd be nice to use em in swear words. Saves me from the censor board, eh?
  9. This world ... is just too small ... PROLOGUE An old man dressed in a black robe looked over the sea, remembering his childhood days there when he was younger. Under his arm, he carried what appeared like a young boy, dressed in a white robe. They were surrounded by tall banyan trees, carrying star-shaped fruit and were on a small island just off the main island, connected by a bridge. “There, you see?” The old man spoke. “An empty world, like a prison. I imagine you’ll be right at home.” He left the young boy, over a small log. The boys eyes closed, as if he were accepting his fate. Hey, where am I? “Who’s there?” the boy asked, as a flicker of light returned to him. Suddenly, the boy felt himself falling headfirst, through what seemed to him to be water. He felt some power return to him, as his feet touched ground. He looked around and saw a vast white circular landscape. I’m a brand new heart. “But, this is ...” the boy spoke, then changed his question. “Why are you in my heart?” The light brought me. I saw it shining in the distance ... And followed it here. “Yeah.” The boy said. “That was my light.” Then, the boy noticed in a giant crack in the landscape. Part of it was missing. “But my heart is fractured.” He sighed. “And now ... the little I have left is slipping away.” Parts of his heart were falling away before his very eyes. Then you should join your heart with mine. “Huh?” The landscape starting growing more and more. Particles appeared and filled the space of the gap that had been left behind. Now our hearts have touched. Nothing else will slip away. The circular white landscape was once again complete. And one day ... you’ll be strong enough to win back the part that already did. “Right. Thanks.” The boy replied. It's time to wake up now. All we need to do is ... “... open the door.”, the boy finished. The old man started to move away, preparing for his departure from his childhood home. Suddenly, behind the man, the boy’s arms reached out towards the sky. The man stopped, sensing a source of light and turned around. A strange-looking weapon appeared in the boy’s hand. His Awakening was complete. “Ahhh, a Keyblade?” the old man sounded surprised. The keyblade shot a beam of energy into the sky and showered the entire land with it’s light. An evil smile formed on the old man’s face, as the boy’s eyes slowly started to open. Even though his eyes were empty, they were now open and guided by the light of the heart that had saved him. Slowly but surely, his heart would grow stronger than ever before, but until then, he had to rest.
  10. This will be enjoyed (if not hated) best by the people who play PSO. send all hate mail to the trash can. it'll magically appear on my desk * pd = photon drop. the basic currency in the game. they are rare and extremely difficult to find. Chapter 1 The boy watched as his parents drove away for their 1-week retreat to the mountains. They had asked the boy to come along, but he had made some excuses – a little homework here, some odd jobs there. The real reason lied somewhere else, however – in a laptop placed on his study table, beside his physics book, one that had not been opened once since the 2 years it had been bought. The boy opened his laptop and logged on to his Phantasy Star Online account. The server had changed drastically in the past 4 years. It had evolved, not in terms of graphical resolution, but in it's ability to offer more “freedom”. The boy chose his best character on the roster - “Light”, his HUmar. He generally preferred using “Kaila”, his FOrce, since it offered a large variety of long-range attacks. But, the assignment he had just accepted on the PS Forums called for someone who could fight up close and personal and be flexible. The ship system had changed the most. With the ever-growing number of users, the server owners had decided to completely overhaul the lobby system, instead placing “towns”. Since about 30% of the users on at a time simply opened a party to trade, the server had added the functions like Trading, Weapon conversion, Shops at the towns itself. Also, unlike the lobbies, towns were a much bigger place, capable of housing upto 800 users at a time. The HUmar, Light went to the town called “Yuba” and waited on a spot near the “Grace Cafe”, the same spot that he and his friends had always met ever since they joined up. Light had just taken a photon chair when the first of his team – Sonic showed up. Sonic was a RAmar but just as his name suggested, he always wore a Sonic skin. Light : whats up man? hows it going? Sonic : not too shabby. found myself 2 phonon masers yesterday and dumped em on an idiot for 6 pd. lol, the guy said he was sorry he ripped ME off!!! Light : it wasn't a noob though, right? u know how i feel about cheating off the newbies. Sonic : i don't know. the guy was a lv 156. so, either he's stupid or he hasn't played in a loooooong while. Light : whatever. anyways, when are the others arriving? i've got us a big one. Sonic : <rolls his eyes> what is it? another kid wants help leveling? I'm getting tired of those. Light : aaand ... they're here. The rest of the team – Jin and PI arrived just as Light was finishing his statement. Jin was the team's other HUmar. The only difference between him and Light was that Jin specialised in using daggers and claws, while Light was a sword user. PI, a FOnewman, was the best Force on the team, lightyears ahead of Light's “Kaila”. With his maxed Shifta/Deband, he could raise Light and Jin's power high enough to kill in a maximum of 3 hits. PI : well well. Look who showed up on time for once. Light : can the comments PI. I just got us the biggest job of our lives. Jin : <frowning> it better be. The last job we had got us a total of 8 pd total, our lowest amount yet. Light : <grins> oh, it is. It's the most difficult job that has ever come on the request page, and there's not likely to be another like this EVER again. Sonic : well, stop withthe suspense building then. What is it? How much is the pay? Light : the request came from a HUnewearl called ASHA. The pay is 10,000 pd's.
  11. Even if there is hardly any comments, I'mma still post it. Becuase that's who I am. This is a very long series but it's action packed so don't let it intimidate you. Enjoy, comment [if ya like] and just have fun with the series... I have written it up to 170 (writing 171 now), So like I said it's long. But it's action packed and from what I got on the other forum: it keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. (and that's true from what they've said) Season 1: Intruder Saga Episode 1: Only One Survived One year ago a Saiyan rebelled against Lord Frieza, he was close to killing Lord Freiza but Freiza used a Death Ball and killed the heroic Saiyan and his army. Now there are only a few Saiyans that live to day thier names Raditz, Turles, Kakorot (Goku), Vegeta, Nappa and Dyuu (Die-You). But this story focus' on Dyuu the very first Su...I said to much already let the tale begin. On planet Rasfer a Saiyan team of one tries to destroyes the race. "RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Shouted Great Ape Dyuu. BOOM! Buildings crumble and houses fall. "Sir, A-9 or Z-21, which code?" Asked Evacution Expert. "C-58, SURRENDER CODE." Repliyed General Mocle with his eyes closed. "G'bye Captin." Mockle got stepped on. "Genrahhhhhhhh!" Captin was as well stepped on. "Send the nuc. straight for the damn ape!" Demanded Scientist 1. "Right sir." Said Scientist 2. The missle was laughed, and Dyuu caught it in her big Ape pawms then she through it down the missle laugh and she escaped when the sun rosed well it wasn't a pretty site to see, so the planet in other words went BOOM! "Ha ha ha ha that was a party." Said Dyuu in her space pod. Now let's see what the bums are doing." No repsonce from planet Vegeta. "What I'll be damned to see if the planet has been destroyed." Said Dyuu pressing the botton on her scouter. Still no responce "Mmm...maybe the planet was destroyed? Well what ever." Said Dyuu. when she got to planet Vegeta's location there was no planet no sign of life. "No...the...planet...was...destroyed...shoot...Lord...Frieza..you'll pay for thi...!"CRASH! Dyuu crashed into a metor. "Am I the last of the Saiyans?" Asked Dyuu looking at the debris from the destroyed planet vegeta. A silence accurced was Dyuu the only Saiyan left or was there others. Hope ya Enjoy the series.
  12. Ok first of off, hi my name is Andre and this is a script that I have for a manga that I'm making, and I just want people to read it and see what they think about it. It's a crossover series with several of my favorite anime and games it's almost set like the Kingdom Hearts universe, Hikari ochiru contains characters Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Naruto and Bleach and well me and my friends are the main protagonist of this thing.So sit back and enjoy the ride(I would ask that you comment and tell me you think of it please and thank you) Maki:... (someone knocks on the door) Maki:come in. (a girl comes in the room) Amayo:hey Maki, long time no see. Maki: oh Amayo, it's been years how's it been on Earth? Amayo:good. Maki:huh? (Maki sees someone hiding behind Amayo leg) Maki:hey Amayo who's that behind your leg? Amayo:hey, Andre come out. Andre:... (he pokes his head out to look at Maki) Andre:OH! (he hides back behind Amayo's leg) Maki:hey Amayo,i-is that your son?! Amayo:yeah. Maki:wow. Andre:... (Amayo pulls Andre from behind her leg) Maki:heh. (Maki gets up and walks toward Andre) Maki:hey, come here buddy. (Andre slowly walks up to him) Maki:well aren't you something, looks just like his father. Amayo:yeah. Maki:I wish he was still here. Amayo:...Oh, anyway Maki I was wondering if I could show him around the element world. Maki:Of course. Amayo:thanks. Maki:take care you two. (later) Andre:hey mom, do you live here? Amayo:yeah, born and raised. Andre:then why were you on Earth? Amayo:I wanted to birth you on Earth, because sometimes things here can get a little out of hand with people trying to take over the element world and I couldn't go through all of that with you. Andre:...oh. Amayo:it should be ok now, I want you to grow up to be a fine fighter someday to protect Earth and everyone in it. Andre:...uh ok. Amayo:come on,I'll show you where we'll be staying. To Be Continued
  13. I don't know if you're allowed to post a Novel based on an RPG game, but if it's not allowed, feel free to delete it. This is my first novel that's based on Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. I hope you guys, well, enjoy it. XD Alicia and Silmeria share the same body, so I'll make Silmeria and her Einherjar talk in Italics to make a difference. Prologue: The Journey Begins "Open your eyes...Alicia." Thunder roared, and her blue eyes opened. Her blonde hair was halfway to cover her eyes. Alicia awakened and stands up to look around in a tower. Suddenly, a golden light emits from the sky. "Run!" a male voice said. Alicia heard voices inside her head, she looked around for an exit. "This way, quickly!" another male voice said. Alicia was still confused, wondering what to do. She started moving back a little. "Hurry! Before it's too late!" a female voice broke in. Alicia started running from the light. Panting real hard, Alicia started running faster and faster. "Quickly!" the first male voice said. "We're going as fast as we can." the female replied. As Alicia ran closer to the exit, a blade wrapped in golden light landed in front of her feet. This caused the young girl to stop. "Silmeria! Return at once!" a woman's voice demanded the girl. A woman in purple armor, but her face was hidden in the light. She walked up a bit, until the young girl responded. "I won't..." Silmeria responded, in Alicia's body. Her eyes glowered in rage. "I won't return to Valhalla!" she slowly turned and grabbed the golden blade with all her might. Using her strength, she threw the blade at the woman. An explosion occured and the smoke covered the entire place. As the smoke cleared, the woman did not have any effect or bruises from that assault. "You will defy Odin to your last breath." she said. Silence occured. "So be it. But be warned, Dipan will not be taken lightly." was her last request to say. She smirked and walked into the light. --- Meanwhile, Alicia runs through the forest and stops by the plains, where the flower petals are blown by the wind. She tried to regain her energy, more like she felt to just continue running. "Thank you." Silmeria responded. Alicia looked straight back to the forest. "There's no turning back now. Don't be thinking about anything that's happened back there." Alicia looked ahead to the road in a determined face. "Let's go." she said. She started walking forward to wherever she headed to, without turning back. This story begins with a Valkyrie who betrayed Odin, a Valkyrie who shares the body of a Princess. This is Silmeria and Alicia's Story. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria --- This is the Prologue so far. Expect Chapter 1 to be up soon. Otherwise, feel free to tell me what you think. ^^
  14. Well, it's not really a fanfic, but more like a short scene delving into the mind of Kefka Palazzo before his attack to Doma's water supply. Kefka is by far my favorite villain on the series, so I just had to do this ^^ I'm posting the link to fanfiction.net because I don't want to format the text (put italics and so on) for the forum --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3183237/1/
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