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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have a feeling why there is a limit to how many times you can click the search button before it makes you wait, it is to stop the site from being spammed right? Could it actually be a real error something wrong with the search system? I find it really difficult only being able to search 3 times I think per 30 second period especially when you are just trying to get the keywords right to find something in specific. I know i'm new here and have no seniority just wondering if the limit ( if it is a limit) can be doubled and if not can be fix. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, recently I was updating AVG free antivirus (which for some reason seemed to stop at 97%) and have started getting "Error there is not enough memory" ever since. I actually repaired AVG, then noticing downloads in JD2 and Firefox stopping uninstalled the whole thing and got Avast, thinking AVG was somehow blocking the downloads. Everything in Jdownloader 2 becomes "invalid", programs (except windows) won't open, cannot transfer files to external drives, get the error message. Ran Avast scan, nothing; Malwarebytes scan, clean; cleaned web cache; used disk clean up (nothing of massive size), ran Windows Memory Diagnostic, says memory fine (I'm taking it that means RAM). When this happens not only do JD2 downloads stop, but browser DLs also do, nothing will start, sometimes internet access is gone as well. Upon a normal shut down and restart, same results but if I manually shut down and restart internet access is back up, downloads start and files can be moved without the error. It's like something is removed with the manual shut down. Right now I'm running the resource monitor and notice I have 2300+ physical memory in use and standby keeps dropping. Seems like there's something I can't find sucking my RAM because the numbers of running processes don't add up. Any help is greatly appreciated!.
  3. video looks like this on mpc-hc: it doesnt happen on vlc. what is it called and do you have any idea whats causing it? Edit: Found the problem. The issue is called Macroblocking. I had Hardware acceleration running and according to this: The blocky artifact you see above (and in the images below) is called macroblocking. It's an artifact that happens when the video codec (encoder/decoder, like MPEG) sorta "runs home to mama." It can't handle the amount of information being thrown at it, at the chosen bit rate, and the result is blocks in the image. Why blocks? It's a result of how the image is compressed in the codec. Hardware acceleration = hardware encode/decode Edit: re-enabled hardware acceleration cuz i'm anal like that... found the culprit: when selecting dxva2 copyback i get the macroblocking when selecting dxva2 native everything is peachy so... TL;DR go through each one of your options for hardware decoding if all else fails disable it! info on the different decoding options: http://wiki.team-mediaportal.com/@api/deki/pages/14087/pdf
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