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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to my Showcase [Reboot]! I haven't had any serious projects, so I thought a new thread might help me get some inspiration. Am I happy with what I'm making at the moment? Not quite. But hopefully I'll be at a level where I can be, soon. Signature Section Avatar Section C&C always wanted. ./Also: I may be opening a request shop soon. When my Photoshop level is back up to scratch! So keep your eyes out. :x MOST RECENT:
  2. Breathless

    Breathless' GFX Store

    Welcome to Breathless' GFX Store! If you would like to see some of my samples feel free to check out my Showcase! (./Note: I have recently moved my showcase branch! If you would like to see my older samples, you can see it here at my Old Showcase!) That being said, Breathless' GFX Store is now open! MOST RECENT: ./Note: Using my most recent work here. I'll replace it with most recent requested GFX upon completion! FAQs FAQs __________________________________________________________________________ How do I request a GFX from your store?! You just post in the thread! Can I request one of your pre-made GFX?! If you would like to use one of my works from my current showcase, just let me know which one and I'll apply your name to it! What about one from your old showcase?! Unfortunately, I've lost all my files from my old showcase, so I'll be unable to edit those. (I can try but It wouldn't look very good!) Can I request an original GFX from you?! Of course you can, just post away! Do I need anything in order to request?! No! You don't! That being said, I'm not sure what kind of GFX you would want either. I think it would be best for you to post at least what character/anime/game you want the GFX to involve! What about if I want specific things in my requested GFX?! That's awesome! Just let me know what you would like in your GFX with your request post, and I'll do my best to adhere to it! Is there a certain template that I need to use?! Well, you don't need to use it. But it's easy to fill out, and it would help. There's a template in the bottommost spoiler tag! After making a request, how long until the GFX will be complete?! Good question! Breathless' GFX Store, is a non-profit store that runs off of fun, not money! The speed of which I can complete the GFX strongly depends on how busy my real life is. It could vary from a few days to some weeks! __________________________________________________________________________ ./Notes: ./Notes: I'm not the best at doing renders! I can do them, but they won't turn out top quality! If possible, post a chosen render, or I can choose one at my own discretion. (Maybe we could request a render from another GFX shop.) This thread was my 500th post! It's a milestone for me on my forum journey! When I hit other milestones, I may hold special events! I can only do what I'm capable of, no more than that. __________________________________________________________________________ Template Template GFX Type: <Avatar, GIF, Signature, Banner, Wallpaper> Size: <Dimensions of GFX> Text: <What text you would like> Render/Stock: <Your chosen Render / Stock> - If there's none, I will choose one at my own discretion. Misc: <Anything I've missed out, or things you want me to include / exclude> __________________________________________________________________________
  3. Breathless

    Breathless' Showcase!

    Hello, welcome to my Showcase! I'm not very experienced with photoshop so at the moment I'm still following tutorials or imitating other people's works. I feel like I'm getting there so I've started to ad-lib some of my later works! I'm looking to improve so feedback is always welcome. SIGS Section (This section is a bit jumbled, messy and out of date at the moment. I'll fix it up when I have time.) (This section is a bit jumbled, messy and out of date at the moment. I'll fix it up when I have time.) ^ Version 1 ^v Version 2 v SOTW Section BOTM Section Wallpapers Section /Note: If you see anything you want to use let me know and I'll change the name/tag on it! (same goes for the renders, let me know and i'll post or pm it - with credits to the original artist that rendered it) Thankyou for coming to see my showcase! - - Most Recent
  4. So, this is another one of those nights where I have nothing to do. So why not write a story? This seems to be happening alot lately, so WHY NOT MAKE A THREAD FOR THESE NIGHTS!!? I'll start putting my random stories in here. The ones where I write them on the forum, I'll keep my planned stories separate. (you know, because i never end up writting them!) Anywho. Let's get started. Most Recent Outside the Coffee shop. AFTER THOUGHTS: Once again the ending was kind of rushed. I don't know, I wanted to go one way with the story (Romantic encounter), but then got sidetracked. I ended up turning her into some sort of ESPER, or someone with the power to mind read (and possibly more), and went absolutely crazy. That felt totally out of place compaired to the rest of the story, so I cut that out and restarted. Or rather, cut that out and just ended the story there. I had fun with the characters though, might make a story where the protagonist has social issues, and the heroine tries to cure it.We'll see. Thankyou for reading this. Previous Works Not together, Together.
  5. Breathless

    I've recently moved out!

    Hey guys. I wasn’t sure where to post this. I had reddit in mind, but I don’t really feel comfortable with a community so broad, so I figured I’ll post it on Kametsu. I’ll put it in the literature section as I don’t know how much of this stems from actual reality, and how much is just my mind playing tricks on me. I’ve recently moved out of home and started living by myself. I think this is where the problem came from, being alone is making my mind play tricks on me. At the moment I’m living in a small two bedroom house. There’s one kitchen, one bathroom, and a large hallway. Since there’s not much in the house I thought the rooms would be larger, but they’re quite average sized (or maybe on the smaller end). There’s also the attic which I’ve never been to, and an old storeroom which I’ve been to twice. It’s out back, and completely empty. The strangest thing is when I’m asleep, I sometimes hear the storeroom* open and close. You know how when a door is rusted and needs oil, it has an unbearable squeak? It has that. Every night it I’m a little freaked out to the point where I can’t sleep. I think I’ve been reading too much creepypasta lately, haha. I’ll update this if there are any more creepy sounds at my house, ahah.
  6. Before-Notes So. I've recently aqquired this game called Kamidori Alchemy Meister and I figured I'll do a review on it! I'll be splitting it up into different parts, seeing as how I'm still playing the game. I'll do a "first look" review, "half-time thoughts" review, and then the "final" review. I may end up going through it really quick, or this might take me a very long time, it really depends on my schedule. Anyway, without further ado, here we go! Kamidori Alchemy Meister - First Look Kamidori Alchemy Meister Kamidori Alchemy Meister is a Japanese Eroge, created by Eushully. It's an 'informal sequel to Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister', which I have never played before. In Kamidori Alchemy Meister there are three main heroines, and doing a little bit of research I have learnt that each have their own specific route.There is a loli heroine, a quiet-and-knightly kind of herione, and a motherly / big-sisterly heroine. I'll talk more about these later. The one thing I have noticed about Kamidory Alchemy Meister is that unlike most visual novels, there's a game-play element to it. I haven't even reached the 'eroge' bits yet, and I have to admit this game is actually pretty hard! If I had to compare it to another game, the battle system reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics, or maybe Fire Emblem, but with less characters to control. Though the game-play is simple, it requires you to keep thinking actively, or rather take care with each move you do. As a visual novel, it's very similar to Utawarerumono, but I'm enjoying it a lot more at the moment. (battle-system screenshots) When not in battle or dungeon, you're either in town, or in a cut scene. The town layout is quite simple as well, just click where you want to visit and you're there. The cut scenes are your typical Visual Novel cut scenes, which I personally enjoy but I know a lot of people find them a bit boring. (in-town screenshot) You play the character Wilfred Dion, a young man who lives in Yuidora, a city famous for it's alchemists. Due to personal reasons, Wilfred failed the Alchemist test last year and has chosen to retake it this year. I won't talk too much about the plot, simply because I just started this game and also that would be spoilers! But so far it seems like it's a coming-of-age story full of adventures, friendship and love! In other words, totally awesome! The music in this game aren't amazing, but I haven't hated a single track yet. Similarly the voice acting, there's none that I hate as of yet, or rather, I quite like the voice acting. The art on the other hand, I'm a bit iffy about. It's generally quite good but I think they could have done more with the in-dungeon sprites seeing as how that's what you're looking at for the bulk of the time. (The battle sprites look amazing though!) They have done quite a good job creating a consistent atmosphere though, so good job to them there. Finally, on to the characters. Emelita First up is Emelita the loli! Emelita is an enthusiastic young girl who, though good natured, is somewhat clumsy. She was the second heroine to run into Wil (Protagonist) in the story, and seemingly knows of him from somewhere. She's quite cute and the situations she gets herself in are quite amusing. She tries hard, and is rather talented when it comes to observing magic and alchemy. On the other hand, her social skills aren't quite up to par, and she doesn't know about a lot of 'common' things. In terms of battle-ability, she's a long-range caster. She has high magic damage, and good AOE (area of effect) spells, but is quite fragile and has low mobility. (I probably favor her the most in battles, I enjoy sniping people!) Serawi Second up is Serawi, the big-sisterly / motherly-type heroine. Serawi is an elf from a nearby village, and due to being an elf her longevity is much greater than a humans. She's a kind, good natured and well mannered girl whom's dream is to have humans and elves co-operate together on an intimate level. (they're kind of distant as it is) She is the third heroine to run into Wil, in the story, it was a brief first meeting. Serawi is the most mature one of the group, and has the deepest understanding of nature and mana. In battle, Serawi is a ranged archer / healer. She is quite well rounded with offense and defense, and also has some support spells. She's the most mobile on the team. (She's probably my favorite heroine out-of-battle. She's also a key supporter in-battle for me!) Yuella Third is Yuella, the quiet but knightly heroine. Yuella is from the foreign lands, Disnafrody. She was the first in the story to run into Wil, and due to circumstances they ended up sticking together. Yuella is a straight forward girl, who has a strong sense of duty. She's distant from the rest, keeping her burdens to herself. You don't know much about Yuella as of yet except that she's a foreigner, and she has requested to have the magic in her sword restored. She's strong and independent, but knows little of how to socialize, and the proper manners in Yuidora. Yuella is a front line solider in battle. She's got a decent amount of health and defense, though lacking a bit in magical defense. She has good movement and can get to places fast, and relatively safely. (She's probably my most used in terms of exploring dungeons. I use her as the front line to soak up damage and to pick off any weak monsters that get in her way.) First Look Ratings Gameplay: 8/10 The gameplay is quite simple, but at the same time challenging. If you take your time it should be no problem! It's quite enjoyable, though I would hope it gets a little more complicated later on. Sound: 7/10 The music is not bad and fits the game well. The sound effects are also above average. Maybe the music will get more epic later on, I'll have to wait and see. Art: 7.5/10 The art is good! I would have liked to have given it an 8 seeing as how the cut scenes and standard dialogue scenes are phenomenal, but the dungeon art didn't really cut the 8/10 mark for me though, but it's still good! Characters: 7.5/10 The characters have their own distinct personality to everyone else in the game. True, they're kind of generic personalities you can find in any anime/game, it's just the start and it would be strange if it started off with huge character developments. Voice Acting: 8/10 As I stated before, I quite liked the voice acting in this game. My biggest peeve when playing a visual novel is when I can't stand the voice of one of the characters, thankfully that's not here. They really did do quite a good job though. Overall: 8/10