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Found 1 result

  1. Hi ladies and gents, how's it going? Okay, so I'm back with a stupid idea because my inspiration is low. So? What's your idea? The A-Z challenge! Basically the goal is to make 26 works, one for each letter, going in order from A-Z. The first work will have to consist a character's name starting with "A" (atsuko, asuka, amy, ariel), or a series starting with "A" (A channel, Ai Yori Aoshi, Agents of SHIELD, Alliens), whatever. Seems like a lot of work. Why would I do that? Why? Well, because... um... Maybe you're like me, and you can't motivate yourself without a bit of direction. Or maybe you have run out of ideas lately. Perhaps you just want to try something different, or want to do it for fun. I guess if I have some free time I can give it a shot. How do I sign up? There is nowhere to sign up, it's something you do in your own time for your own leisure! I personally am going to start uploading it to my showcase and just caption each one "A-Z challenge- A", or something. If there is other people who are interested, maybe we can do an A-Z showcase thread where everyone puts their work. Like an art gallery? haha. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thanks for reading, if you do decide to try it out (even if you don't finish it), leave a post to let me know. I'd love to see all of your works. :3
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