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Found 3 results



    I didnt know where to put this post so i thought this would be this best place. Everyone who runs this website and every single user...........Thank you this website is the fuckin best i been hear for a while n im here to stay but just felt like tell you all how much i think your amazing and keep up the awesome work Kametsu Score: 100/100 PERFECT For We Are The Anime Community And Together There Aint Nothing We Cant Do.
  2. Hello! I only recently decided to venture out into manga would so i decided to ask for some advice... What websites to you use to search for new manga with tags (not MAL) (like AniDB for anime) Also I read few stories like Sundome, Mx0 and some others. So I realized that i dislike Coming of Age, High School/Club/School Life and a lot of drama stories. While everything else is okay and hence a second question What would you recommend to read for a beginner? and something that is completely finished and scanned (I prefer to read finished stories but if you would tell me when to stop it would be okay) Or something popular in manga world like Code Geass or Death Note in anime? Please to criticize because i realized that going thought MAL database without any idea of what to look for is pointless. and so Thanks in Advance! P.S. If its wrong place to post this question please move the topic
  3. Hi everybody, im bored so im writing this review for a website called prize rebel. Prize rebel is a site that lets you earn points(virtual money) by completing surveys, playing games(very rare to find), and registering for different stuff. With those points you can exchange them for anything(for example you can get a new xbox, ps3, or wii for only 200 points). i have been trying out the site for about a month now, and i think the site is the absolute best. i recently got 21 volumes of bleach for them(it cost roughly 190 points). if anyone who reads this wants free stuff and they live in the: US, UK, Canada, and Australia sign-up here. If you want more info before you sign-up, check out prize rebels guide here. if you sign-up, be sure to follow this link, if you dont then i wont get any bonuses for referring you to prize rebel. please click below, thank you /index.php?r=2523328