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Found 12 results

  1. I was ready to fap, /v/, but I wasn't ready to feel. Katawa Shoujo is a visual novel created by Four Leaf Studios. It was the studio's first and last game. The Story: You begin the game as Hisao Nakai meeting up with a secret admirer. Things take a turn for the worse as the event literally gives him a heart attack and he is hospitalised for months for a congenital heart defect. The game moves into full swing with Hisao moving to a new school called Yamaku, a school for disabled children. From there, you lead Hisao through his first year at the new school, making new friends and, if you make the right choices, find a new love. The game is eroge, but you have the option to turn off the adult content and enable what amounts to Relax-O-Vision, wherein pictures of food are displayed. I personally do not recommend turning off adult content if possible, to be explained momentarily. The time commitment, as with most visual novels, depends largely on your reading speed. It took me the majority of an afternoon to do a single route, so this is definitely not a quick play. There is no voice acting and there are six cinematic shorts, one for each path and one for the beginning of the game. It is written in English, but there are several translations floating around. As with my previous review, there will be no numbers or rankings, only my impressions and views. Basics now aside, let us delve into some particulars. Assume there will be spoilers, though I try to avoid any major plot revelations. Overall Despite potential for a lot of offence, it is a rather tastefully done game. The sex scenes do have its place and help to expand on the characters and their relationships, even to the point of including some very uncomfortable and questionable scenes. Each character is given life and depth, even minor characters like Kenji and the nurse. The female leads are all different, sharing some traits across the board but otherwise maintain enough of a personality to keep the paths from feeling like doing the same thing repeatedly. Though its roots lie in 4chan, it is not an incomprehensible mess of trolling and hentai. There are shoutouts and jokes, but even a cursory glance through dev notes make it clear they took the game seriously. It is set in Japan, but they did well to keep the game clear of any "anime-isms" and translate Japanese culture as best they could. There are some questionable areas where these translations are weak, but they did their best, even managing to make it sound like it was actually translated from Japanese (it was, as previously mentioned, originally written in English). The point of the game, as such, isn't to simply hook up with disabled women. The sex scenes do not come up for hours (again, depending on your reading speed), and no more time is spent focussing on them than any other part of the story. As the story unfolds, you--along with protagonist lead Hisao--learn to recognise these young women as independent humans, people who have lives and problems long before Hisao ever came along. The Story There are a few questionable things that become evident upon playing the different paths. Events common to each path seem to take place at different times (the arrival of a letter, for one), but it doesn't detract from enjoyment of the game. There are some weaknesses in the writing, particularly with Lilly and Emi's routes after several other playthroughs. It becomes difficult to connect with some of the characters because the pacing and tension is off in the storytelling (it can't ALL be Hisao's fault--someone had to write his thoughts, after all). It isn't the best written game, and there is perhaps more attention paid to the humorous bits than to the story overall (as it seems different people worked on the different paths, an understandable division of labour). The Art The art is pretty, and the CGs are quite lovely, but it isn't something that will knock off your socks. In certain spots the art especially seems rather loose, an aesthetic that may not be for everyone. Since it is an eroge, there is a certain amount of attention paid to how attractively the characters are depicted, but otherwise it is rather unremarkable. The characters are given a range of emotions to display, some more than others, but otherwise it is like any other visual novel. They stand statically before you. The Music/Sound There isn't much to say about this aspect. The music is not intrusive and rarely out of place, but it can easily get repetitive. This isn't a flaw unique to this game, and it is an understandable one for a free game. Hisao To put it kindly, I thought Hisao was kind of an idiot. To be less kind, he is kind of a jackass. You learn from the start that his hospitalisation had a significant effect on him, but the effects become startlingly clear as you progress through the various paths. Hisao has forgotten how to connect with other people and spends much of the game deep in his over-analytical thoughts, picking apart and questioning everything around him. This characterisation doesn't come from nowhere--you learn that Hisao has a mind for science, something that comes up at least once in each of the paths. He has an easier time grasping his science and math classes, struggling almost comically with his English and Japanese classes. Consider as well that he had spent the last several months effectively a prisoner in a hospital, his only interaction with the nurses and doctors, with the occasional visit from friends and family until those petered out. With that in mind, his nigh obnoxious analysis of each of the leads becomes understandable and relatable. Hisao has spent a lot of time locked in his own mind, his nose stuck in a book for most of his hospitalisation. He has become bitter and cynical, a state that becomes a point of his own analysis in Rin's route. Overall, Hisao has depth. He speaks and responds rather realistically, very rarely breaking out of character. He is not a perfect protagonist and there are moments, especially in Rin's route, where I wanted to shake him violently, to make him realise how much of an idiot he is being. The Paths You have the choice of five female leads. From left to right, you have Lilly, Hanako, Rin, Emi, Misha (who does not have a path in the game), and Shizune. Lilly Lilly is blind and, in my eyes, the most mature amongst the female leads. She is a very proper and diligent young woman, but as you get to know her, you start to see through her armour. As Hanako's closest friend in the school, she tends to be very motherly and caring, a trait that can quickly become aggravating. She was the first one I pursued; I found her path to be perhaps the most boring. Not for lack of drama as there is plenty of it--Hisao's heart disease is a plot point in her path more so than any of the others, and between Hanako and Shizune playing rather large roles in her path, there is no shortage of angst. It just seemed to lack something special to really draw me into their relationship. Lilly is, from the start, ostensibly a Mary Sue. She's graceful, beautiful, caring, and intelligent. Hisao puts her on a pedestal from the start, and it is through her path that her Mary Sue exterior is deconstructed. While not my favourite path, she is not the worst. Hanako Her scars are one of the first things Hisao notices about her, followed by her shrinking violet persona. An almost stereotypical shy wallflower kind of girl, you learn on her path that appearances can be deceiving. Hisao and Hanako are rarely on the same page and misunderstand each other more than once--not nearly as much as Hisao misunderstands Rin (to be fair, he may not understand her at all), but it's getting there. Hanako's bad ending is, to me anyway, one of the most uncomfortable and heartbreaking of the bad endings. Hisao, like Lilly and like others would, react to Hanako with a desire to protect her and keep her safe from harm. This overbearing attitude and these white knight tendencies become a major point of contention throughout her path. Her sex scene is one of the most uncomfortable and awkward. Hanako does not come across as a fully willing participant and Hisao realises this, but continues regardless. She later explains her reasoning, but it does not stop being an uncomfortable scene in my eyes. I pursued her second and while I like Hanako, I did not find myself particularly interested in their relationship. I did like her path more than I liked Lilly's, however. Rin This was the last path I did, and I'm glad it was, because it was the best of them. I relate to Rin on several levels, and actually found myself tearing up during her route. It is also on this route that I found myself extremely upset with Hisao. Rin is an offbeat, armless artist who is quite possibly the most tragic and most hilarious character in the game. You run into her on occasion on the other paths, but it isn't until you get into her path that you have the chance to understand who she is. As previously mentioned, Hisao has a difficult time relating to her, and I suspect that many others will too. She isn't the most logical, instead relying on her own form of logic and reasoning. She is the most sincere of the female leads, but no less stubborn and no less guarded. She struggles with communicating with others and often finds herself instead deeply involved with her art, desperately trying to reach out to others through her painting. Her path focuses primarily on Hisao's attempts to understand what he thinks is impossible to understand, and her own efforts to find some solace with her existence. Her neutral end is, in my eyes, far worse than her bad end. It is heavily hinted that she will end up killing herself in pursuit of an artistic career. Emi The second to last path I did. Emi has no legs, but that doesn't stop her from running like the wind, from being ostensibly the fastest person in the school. Despite her childlike appearance, she comes across as being more experienced--she is a year older, due to her own stay in a hospital while learning to walk. She keeps Hisao at a distance, believing that in order to make it through life without heartache, she must maintain heavy emotional walls. Depending on what choices you make, the degeneration of their relationship can be extremely disconcerting as she quickly puts on a mask, even after emotional fights. It is her openness with sex and physical aspects of their relationship and her reluctance--if not outright refusal--to become closer emotional that stands as the primary conflict between her and Hisao. I did not much enjoy the path and personally found Emi rather annoying. I think it is meant to add to her rather lolita-ish charms. Misha and Shizune While Misha is not an option, you do interact with her quite a bit on Shizune's path. Shizune, the deaf-mute president of the student council, is megalomaniacal, driven, and highly competitive to the point of turning everything into a competition. It is these traits that make her extremely unlikeable in my eyes, but she is easily one of the most traditionally attractive characters of the options presented to you--especially if you have a thing for women with glasses. Her sex scenes are also crafted with just a bit more love--I believe she is actually the "canon" choice for Hisao. Considering that as you progress along her path, you learn that Shizune too has forgotten how to relate to people--unhelped by the fact that she relies on Misha to translate everything for her--and she simply wants to make friends, she and Hisao share more than a couple of traits. He easily falls into her traps, whether she sets them on purpose or not, and goes a lot further for her than he does any of the other girls (he learns sign language so that he can get closer to her). However, things start getting kind of awkward when Misha starts becoming a bigger part of the story. More under the cut. Misha comes to you one day seeking "comfort". If you choose to do so, what follows is an extremely awkward and uncomfortable break of trust as Hisao is currently dating Shizune. Regardless of whether you do so or not, you find out that Misha had--and continues to have--unrequited feelings for Shizune. When Shizune comes to terms with the fact she is taking advantage of Misha, her confession becomes all the more saddening. All that said, Shizune is my least favourite character and her path was rather aggravating for me. Her bad end also seemed to be an unending spiral of angst, but not in any form that I found endearing or empathetic. Final Thoughts It is a humorous and touching story, a game that can easily suck you into the drama of the characters. There are some shortcomings, such as the lack of variety and quality in the music and sound department, the occasional weakness in the writing, but these things are compensated for. It isn't the greatest visual novel out there, even amongst free ones, but there are signs of professionalism and care taken towards its creation. Do give it a play--it is free, after all.
  2. Before-Notes So. I've recently aqquired this game called Kamidori Alchemy Meister and I figured I'll do a review on it! I'll be splitting it up into different parts, seeing as how I'm still playing the game. I'll do a "first look" review, "half-time thoughts" review, and then the "final" review. I may end up going through it really quick, or this might take me a very long time, it really depends on my schedule. Anyway, without further ado, here we go! Kamidori Alchemy Meister - First Look Kamidori Alchemy Meister Kamidori Alchemy Meister is a Japanese Eroge, created by Eushully. It's an 'informal sequel to Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister', which I have never played before. In Kamidori Alchemy Meister there are three main heroines, and doing a little bit of research I have learnt that each have their own specific route.There is a loli heroine, a quiet-and-knightly kind of herione, and a motherly / big-sisterly heroine. I'll talk more about these later. The one thing I have noticed about Kamidory Alchemy Meister is that unlike most visual novels, there's a game-play element to it. I haven't even reached the 'eroge' bits yet, and I have to admit this game is actually pretty hard! If I had to compare it to another game, the battle system reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics, or maybe Fire Emblem, but with less characters to control. Though the game-play is simple, it requires you to keep thinking actively, or rather take care with each move you do. As a visual novel, it's very similar to Utawarerumono, but I'm enjoying it a lot more at the moment. (battle-system screenshots) When not in battle or dungeon, you're either in town, or in a cut scene. The town layout is quite simple as well, just click where you want to visit and you're there. The cut scenes are your typical Visual Novel cut scenes, which I personally enjoy but I know a lot of people find them a bit boring. (in-town screenshot) You play the character Wilfred Dion, a young man who lives in Yuidora, a city famous for it's alchemists. Due to personal reasons, Wilfred failed the Alchemist test last year and has chosen to retake it this year. I won't talk too much about the plot, simply because I just started this game and also that would be spoilers! But so far it seems like it's a coming-of-age story full of adventures, friendship and love! In other words, totally awesome! The music in this game aren't amazing, but I haven't hated a single track yet. Similarly the voice acting, there's none that I hate as of yet, or rather, I quite like the voice acting. The art on the other hand, I'm a bit iffy about. It's generally quite good but I think they could have done more with the in-dungeon sprites seeing as how that's what you're looking at for the bulk of the time. (The battle sprites look amazing though!) They have done quite a good job creating a consistent atmosphere though, so good job to them there. Finally, on to the characters. Emelita First up is Emelita the loli! Emelita is an enthusiastic young girl who, though good natured, is somewhat clumsy. She was the second heroine to run into Wil (Protagonist) in the story, and seemingly knows of him from somewhere. She's quite cute and the situations she gets herself in are quite amusing. She tries hard, and is rather talented when it comes to observing magic and alchemy. On the other hand, her social skills aren't quite up to par, and she doesn't know about a lot of 'common' things. In terms of battle-ability, she's a long-range caster. She has high magic damage, and good AOE (area of effect) spells, but is quite fragile and has low mobility. (I probably favor her the most in battles, I enjoy sniping people!) Serawi Second up is Serawi, the big-sisterly / motherly-type heroine. Serawi is an elf from a nearby village, and due to being an elf her longevity is much greater than a humans. She's a kind, good natured and well mannered girl whom's dream is to have humans and elves co-operate together on an intimate level. (they're kind of distant as it is) She is the third heroine to run into Wil, in the story, it was a brief first meeting. Serawi is the most mature one of the group, and has the deepest understanding of nature and mana. In battle, Serawi is a ranged archer / healer. She is quite well rounded with offense and defense, and also has some support spells. She's the most mobile on the team. (She's probably my favorite heroine out-of-battle. She's also a key supporter in-battle for me!) Yuella Third is Yuella, the quiet but knightly heroine. Yuella is from the foreign lands, Disnafrody. She was the first in the story to run into Wil, and due to circumstances they ended up sticking together. Yuella is a straight forward girl, who has a strong sense of duty. She's distant from the rest, keeping her burdens to herself. You don't know much about Yuella as of yet except that she's a foreigner, and she has requested to have the magic in her sword restored. She's strong and independent, but knows little of how to socialize, and the proper manners in Yuidora. Yuella is a front line solider in battle. She's got a decent amount of health and defense, though lacking a bit in magical defense. She has good movement and can get to places fast, and relatively safely. (She's probably my most used in terms of exploring dungeons. I use her as the front line to soak up damage and to pick off any weak monsters that get in her way.) First Look Ratings Gameplay: 8/10 The gameplay is quite simple, but at the same time challenging. If you take your time it should be no problem! It's quite enjoyable, though I would hope it gets a little more complicated later on. Sound: 7/10 The music is not bad and fits the game well. The sound effects are also above average. Maybe the music will get more epic later on, I'll have to wait and see. Art: 7.5/10 The art is good! I would have liked to have given it an 8 seeing as how the cut scenes and standard dialogue scenes are phenomenal, but the dungeon art didn't really cut the 8/10 mark for me though, but it's still good! Characters: 7.5/10 The characters have their own distinct personality to everyone else in the game. True, they're kind of generic personalities you can find in any anime/game, it's just the start and it would be strange if it started off with huge character developments. Voice Acting: 8/10 As I stated before, I quite liked the voice acting in this game. My biggest peeve when playing a visual novel is when I can't stand the voice of one of the characters, thankfully that's not here. They really did do quite a good job though. Overall: 8/10
  3. As the topic title says looking for some english visual novels for the psp for the wife.
  4. Gravity Rush This game is the reason I was going to buy a PSVita. Even after reading a bad review from a popular site, I decided I would buy it anyway, and this game is awesome. In Gravity Rush you play as Kat, a girl that fell from the sky and has no memories. With the power to control gravity with the help of her cat, Dusty, she must protect the city of Hekseville against the Nevi. Meeting all sorts of people and making friends along the way, all the elements are there for a "manga-ish" superhero origins story. The game was said to have a bande-dessiné (France/Belgium "comic-book" drawing style) look, but it looks to me like manga, and it is made in Japan, so I'm just going to say manga from now on. The cut-scenes are manga panels and some of them have animation. There is a little of voice acting, but the voices are in Japanese, most of the game is text, which could be a downer for some people. I think it works well with the art-style, I had the impression I was reading a superhero manga while still playing a game at the same time. The gameplay goes like this. You press "R" to go in no gravity mode, and then you aim where you want your gravity and press "R" again to fly (or fall) in that direction. When you hit a wall, it becomes your floor. I should say, there is no falling damage, that would be silly. The combat is kicking, if you are on the ground you kick your enemies, when you are flying, you do a flying kick. There are no big combos, but there are special attacks that come in later in the game, which I didn't use that much. When the bosses are weakened, thouch the blue circle in the screen and Kat does a finishing move. In another review, there was complaining about the gameplay, because the reviewer wasn't able to hit the enemies each time. I call that difficulty. Missing a kick is part of the game, maybe he just wanted to keep on reading, not playing. Kat's powers can be upgraded by spending Gems, which are spread in the world. They can also be obtained by completing challenges. Kat's reputation affects how much her powers can be upgraded. You can get reputation by doing the main story and side quests. Gravity Rush has a 10 hour story along with small side quests, challenges and some exploration. There are DLCs that will be coming, because the achievement Trophies are already installed. Since this is an origins story and how it ends, it makes me hope for a sequel. This may just be me talking, but I think this is a must-buy for every PSVita owner.
  5. So i just bought a PSP a few days ago. I really bought it for one reason and that was to play SMT Persona 1-3 (gonna buy a vita for Persona 4 soon as i have the money). now i have those game so i figure i should just expand my collection a little since i already spend the money on the console. So far I bought Corpse Party, SMT Persona 1-3 (Obviously), dissidia, kingdom hearts birth by sleep, lumines 2, Disgaea, FF 1+2, the 3rd birthday and hakuoki demon of the fleeting blossom. Any other games you guys liked and would recommend? I'm a huge gamer and pretty much play anything so if you really think its good, I'll probably like it.
  6. Well, to start, it's currently on sale, so you can pick it up for just over ten bucks on Steam. I picked it up because one of my friends wanted it and it was on sale, and I like being able to dress up my characters. Yes, good. I've played it obsessively enough to generate some opinions. General So you're a witch--you found this out when you were thirteen and you did some crazy Super Mario jump that made some people come up to you and asked you to make a Choice. You end up at a boarding school for magical people and from there the choice is yours. You find out you're a wildseed, a witch born of non-magical parents. The nice thing about the game is you don't really have to choose between your studies or having a social life. There are a few cutscenes that are only available when you go to the mall on Saturday instead of staying in and studying, but your romancing normally won't have any effect on your skill building. With one notable exception, which I'll cover later in a spoiler. Bits and pieces about your family are revealed through gameplay while all the other character's stories are revealed primarily through their romantic paths--as expected. None of these stories I found myself especially emotionally vested in--unlike Hatoful Boyfriend which almost had me in tears at one point--but they're interesting and compelling enough to warrant a playthrough or two. Some things I found interesting and worth mentioning: Your romantic options include POC and women. The diversity was refreshing and greatly appreciated. There's a class where you learn about pronoun usage. For those who aren't familiar with pronoun etiquette, there are people who have preferred pronouns when referring to them. It comes up in a discussion about magical beings whose species may not be characterised by sexual dimorphism or may switch between sexes or be without sex entirely. Your professor teaches you a set of agender pronouns to use when you aren't certain what pronouns are appropriate to use. This makes people excited. I don't know if this makes you guys excited. The same professor happily gives you lectures on sex education. The gist of it is you can do whatever you want as long as you give consent. There is no judgment for non-heterosexual relationships or even for non-monogamous relationships. It's mentioned in a line at the end of the year that people came to the May Day ball not only in pairs, but in threes and fours. It's a utopia people dream of. Age differences seem not to matter much--at least within the magical world and when both people are consenting. This is mostly explored when you're on Grabiner's path. Customisation To start, you can customise your little witch and give her an awesome magical name! Unfortunately, you can ONLY be a witch. The devs probably didn't want to have to deal with scripting the game to be played from a male perspective. Anyway. You have two body type options--one is the typical slender character and the other is slightly shorter and curvier. They're both cute body types, but nothing special. For skin tones, you have five options from fairly dark to pasty white. The darkest skintone isn't as dark as I would have liked, but you can't win them all! With regards to hair, you have twelve options of style ranging from some cute little dreads to shorter pixie cuts to some long flowing locks, and fifteen colours. For faces, you have four choices. They're all pretty cute and androgynous, so you can pair them with some of the shorter hairs and complete the look. If you're looking for some in-depth character creation where you can program their personality, adjust the bridge of her nose, you won't find that here. It is better than some other dating sims where you don't even get to adjust the appearance of your character as they never appear on screen. Overall, pretty decent customisation! Art Well, I think it's pretty and doesn't detract from gameplay. I prefer the heavier body type since it makes the faces look nicer, but that's just personal choice. If you're familiar with dating sims, you're probably used to the characters not really moving around that much. They have expressions, but it's a limited palette and almost all of the students make the same expressions. The teachers are more unique in that regard. Some attention was paid in representing heavier characters, but that seems to have only been limited to Ellen, your roommate. None of the male characters appear to be heavyset, although you do meet one with some sweet dog ears. The backgrounds are nicely done, though there's not many to see as your character doesn't go to very many locations outside of the school. She does go to the beach and mall, which has a few places within for your character to visit on Saturdays. The magic special effects aren't anything amazing, just an animated overlay on your screen. Of note--you get a gallery of your romantic conquests. Mine so far reflects two characters ending up with Damien, two with Donald, one with Ellen, one with Grabiner, and a kiss with Pastel. More on the romantic options later. Overall, the art is very nice, but not spectacular. Music/Sound I'm afraid my opinion here may not mean much because I listen to a lot of stuff and tolerate a lot of crap, but there is music and there are sound effects. Voice acting is absent, so whether you find a positive or negative is up to you. I personally like it because I ended up replaying the game about a thousand times and listening to the voices clip as I auto-skip scenes would annoy the ever-living hell out of me. The music is done well, however, and doesn't detract from game, so no weird, inappropriately happy songs during sad scenes! I don't think there were that many songs to the game, so you'll hear the same ones over and over again. The sound effects were limited to the magic. Nothing special there. Overall, the music and sound are done well, but aren't anything mind-blowing. Romance I'm going to touch on this section before heading to gameplay because this is a dating sim. You have a few options for romance. The most obvious one you encounter in gameplay is Damien, the boy your roommate Virginia tells you is a demon. He becomes your senior during initiation week and continues to interact and flirt with you shamelessly throughout the year--so long as you actually do initiation! His path was my first playthrough and I will say it was definitely interesting. See spoiler below for more on him. Throughout his path, he's incredibly flirty and dramatic. He's a troublesome character to date as it causes friction between you and your roommates, as well as the rest of the school. You get the feeling he's a bad boy with a soft side--he openly admits he's been with many people before your character, and you get to meet several of his exes through the school year. However, one day he sends you a letter asking to meet him in the gym one night and he tells you he's dying, that he's going to be gone by the end of the school year. You can offer your soul to him, but whether you do or don't, you still find out he's been lying to you the entire time. He is a demon and he wants your soul so he can ascend to princehood and establish his kingdom in the Otherworld. You have to agree to giving him your soul in order to get his good ending. Either way, he drains your magic and you end up with a "permanent" drop in your strength if you agree. You can build it up at the gym afterwards, but I don't think you have enough time to get it back to the way it was prior to the ceremony. Unlike some other characters who are represented as bad boys with hearts of gold, Damien is through and through a demon--not a single trace of gold. That's just what he is. The way the romance between your character and Damien unfolds after the ceremony is tenuous and emotional. He loves you, he hates you. He wants to kill you and have you by his side forever. I personally enjoyed his characterisation and find it interesting. Next up is Donald. He's Virginia's older brother, but he's in the same year as you. He's mischievous, spends every Saturday in detention, and is always playing pranks. I actually ended up on his path by accident when attempting to complete achievements (one is getting five detentions in a single year), so if you're curious how to get there, that's how! I found him to be very likable and interesting to date, considering the chemistry between him and your character. So far I think he's the best choice for your character, but that's just my interpretation. And then there's Virginia! She's William's (completely unattainable, just so you know) and Donald's little sister and your roommate and comes from a completely magical family. I haven't yet gotten on her romantic path (I was trying and then ended up on Ellen's???). She's incredibly athletic, a little hot-headed, has a great sense of humour, and loves her some sweets. Donald and Virginia don't get along together very well, but William is her self-proclaimed favourite brother. She's one of your main detractors when dating Damien and almost always confronts you about your romantic life at your final exam--she's a little awkward when you date Donald, but is cool with it. ETA: Okay, I finally did her path. It's interesting and adds a lot of depth to her character. Some of the other characters struggle with their identity (it seems to run in Virginia's family, at least), and Virginia's struggle with facets of her identity is worth taking her path to read about. Her story was cute and a little unconventional, but nothing outrageous or unrealistic. Interestingly, in the kiss photo with Virginia, your character is on "top", whereas in the other kiss photos, even with Ellen, your character is on the "bottom". It's an interesting contrast. And then there's Ellen. This little cutie is also your roommate. She's very studious, meticulous, and scientifically-minded. You find out the extent of her interest in science and magic on her path. Ellen is also pretty soft-spoken and friendly, which you see play out in several different ways depending on how you play the game. You can give her advice on her crush on William and see her bond with Donald, but that seems to be the extent of her romantic interests beyond you. There is a little hint of something with Pastel, but nothing significant. Speaking of Pastel. She flirts with everything. Literally everything. If you run for class president or treasurer and give free hugs, she does something moderately inappropriate with her hips when she hugs you. The only other interaction you really have with her besides seeing her in cutscenes interacting with other people is if you send her a romantic Valentine. She shows up at your room, blows some crazy pixie dust in your face, and tells you to kiss her. Depending on which path you're on (if you're on one to begin with), kissing her can be detrimental to your relationship. If you don't care or aren't on one and you kiss her, she then tells you to run away with her or something, but your character gets flustered and rejects her. She's interesting, but I can see why she's not a true romantic option for your character. She just kind of... wants everyone. Your last real romantic option is one of the professors, and it's not the fun pink one. No, it's the Snape-ish Professor Grabiner whom you bump into on your first day and immediately get into trouble with! Congratulations, he thinks you suck at life for being a wildseed. He turns out not to be a very bad dude and is just looking out for everyone, which is expected, really. To end up on his path, you have to do some silly heroics as the treasurer. More on him in the spoiler. You have to save him from a Manus to end up on his path--and it's not so much a path as it is being forced to marry him because the only way to keep you from getting eaten by the Manus is to be recognised as a member of his family. You then go through the school year trying to keep it a secret while your other professor tells you to go ahead and seduce the hell out of him because he hasn't been in love since he was younger. I took his path and made it through the good romantic end, which I found pretty sweet, Even with the age difference. These kinds of romances--teacher-student--seem to be typical for these kinds of games, though. He also doesn't flirt with you at all during the school year, so if these kinds of romances don't interest you, you're safe from any weird teacher creeping. Grabiner just wants to protect his students and prevent them from killing themselves through stupidity. He'll just spend the year terrorising you if you don't end up on his path. Gameplay Like other dating sim games, as you go through the story, you're often faced with decision windows that branch the narrative. Sometimes these decisions are binary, others offer you the chance to explore all of the options without having to backtrack, while others are dependent on your magical ability. Every week you get to choose what classes you take and build your magic, strength, or intelligence at your discretion. You can also choose to sleep, which relieves stress. As you progress through the classes, you learn new spells. These come into play throughout the story and in the exams. Every week you get an allowance of five dollars, which you can save up and occasionally gamble to gain more--you can buy some stat boosting items at the store and items through the school year to support social events. The exams--in my opinion--were the best part of the game. You're dropped into a dungeon and your objective is to get out without dying or being beat by opponents. Each exam can be completed several different ways using different magics, so even if you end up focussing more on one type than others, you may still be able to complete the exam. Failure isn't the end of the world as you generally only receive demerits--get too many, though, and you get kicked out. Opportunities to gain merits come up--more often if you're on Donald's path, of all things. Unfortunately, the exams are the same every single time and there's a limited number of them. The final exam is interesting because it's a group exam--your roommates take the test with you. The professor has a way of making you feel terrible when you fail that exam! Overall Well, if you're into magic and dating sims, I certainly recommend getting the game! The characters are decently written--some more than others, which is to be expected--and the plotlines you discover that connect across paths are interesting. The world built within the game is done well if limited, though that's primarily because your character is new to the world and things are revealed to her gradually--and only if it's appropriate for a freshman to know! You can draw similarities between this game and other entertainment based in a magical world, but it is its own unique thing and doesn't draw too heavily from any one source that it detracts from its own charm. I really enjoyed it and intend to continue playing it, if only to get me some achievements! Give it a try some time (there's a demo on Steam) and see if you like it. I think there has been talk of a sequel coming out, which I'll be sure to snatch up once it comes out. Sorry if you guys wanted numbers in the review--I don't find those kinds of ratings to be very useful for myself. Just because I'm really excited about POC and pronouns and chubby characters (even if there's only one and she's not even that chubby) doesn't mean other people are, so my ratings would seem inflated.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone knows about a gaming site much like myanimelist but for like...games in general(both retro and present).If any of you guys do.Can you share the site with me.Thanks.
  8. I've been playing lots of games, but I'm starting to get a bit bored. Could someone please recommend some games that I should go get?
  9. I m a pc gamer. Plz sugest me some action gamz Thnx
  10. I haven’t finished it yet, I am stuck on a mission, but so far I have enjoyed it immensely! Ezio is gorgeous as always, and familiar characters from the previous title worm their way into your heart once more. You also have the option of your own Assassin’s guild, which is mountains of fun. It also makes many of the missions quit a bit easier. I have a few complaints, mostly the stupid challenges that are required to achieve, “full synchronisation,” most of which are unrealistic for my level of competence in gaming. Timed challenges and not getting detected are not my forte. Which as you can guess, makes me a pretty crappy assassin. All the same, the random way to kill guards and mindless slaughter of the french was worth it! I give it 4 out of 5 triangles!
  11. So ive really gotta find a new free game... ive been playing LoL for awhile and it just pisses me off more than anything now... can anyone please help me and my friends out with this
  12. Here is a brief overview I put together of the Sonic Speedy Gonzales hack on the SNES. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za0pgliwlng
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